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NADAP E-Gram Feb2013


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NADAP E-Gram Feb2013

  1. 1. NADAP E-GRAM Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse PreventionNa v y I ncr ea s es Al c ohol E ducat i on,Aw ar ene ss Ef for tsBy U.S. Fleet Forces Command Public Affairs Gortney and Adm. Cecil Haney, commander of1/23/2013 U.S. Pacific Fleet, in a joint-message to commanders said the new program will IN THIS ISSUENORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -- The Navy complement current command efforts to educateannounced plans Jan. 23 to promote safety and service members on the responsible use of 1 NAVY INCREASESprovide education and awareness on the alcohol. ALCOHOL EDUCATION,dangers of irresponsible alcohol use and the AWARENESS EFFORTSnegative impact it has on mission The program also promotes standards of safety,accomplishment, by introducing the use of education and training, and awareness. 2-4 SOBER FACTS ONalcohol detection devices (ADD) across thefleet. According to the instruction, the objective of BREATH TESTS ADD is to promote safety and education on theAs part of the Secretary of the Navys effects of alcohol use decisions, and enhances 4 ADD RESOURCES(SECNAV) 21st Century Sailor and Marine leadership awareness and understanding of theirinitiative, SECNAV approved the use of ADDs units alcohol use culture. 5 5 MUST KNOWS FORas another tool available for commanders to SYNTHETIC TESTINGdeter irresponsible use of alcohol and assist in "Deterring irresponsible use of alcohol isidentifying service members who may require essential to the readiness of our fleet and 5 PROHIBITION ON THE USEsupport and assistance with alcohol use ensuring the health and safety of our service OF MARIJUANAdecisions. members and units," said Gortney. "Fleet Forces, in partnership with Pacific Fleet, will remainU.S. Fleet Forces conducted a "pilot test" on engaged in providing service members the tools 6 PENSACOLA TRAIN-THE-ADDs with 13 sea and shore commands during and resources to make these responsible choices. TRAINER (TTT) EVENTthe 100 days of summer from May 24 through The ADD is one of many tools commandersSept. 30, 2012. The data collected fleet-wide have to educate service members." 6 NEW YOUTHwas used to develop the processes and policy CURRICULUMfor how best to implement a program Navy- Focused on those in a duty status and duringwide. normal working hours, the device is not intended 7 DON’T RELY ON LUCK to test those in an authorized leave or libertyThe office of the Chief of Naval Operations THIS ST. PATRICK’S DAY status. Commanding officers may also use ADDapproved OPNAV Instruction 5350.8 Jan. 22, results as a basis to further evaluate a servicewhich established policies and procedures for members fitness for duty through use of a 8 OPERATION SUPPLEMENTthe use of the hand-held devices Navy-wide. Competence for Duty examination. SAFETY (OPSS)"Fleet feedback was instrumental in the The instruction applies to all active duty, reservedevelopment of this policy," said Adm. Bill and personnel from other services assigned toGortney, commander of U.S. Fleet Forces. Navy units in any capacity."The test verified that the majority of ourservice members, who choose to drink alcohol, Alcohol detection devices will begin arriving todo so responsibly. It also verified that our commands in February. Find us on Facebook.commanding officers need a flexible program https://www.facebook.that serves to increase the Navys awareness A copy of OPNAVINST 5350.8 is available atabout the impacts of alcohol." com/USN.NADAP February 2013 ● Page 1
  2. 2. Sober Facts on Breath Tests:Here’s What You Must Know to Blow Clean under New Alcohol PolicyNAVY TIMES 04 FEB 13By Mark D. Faram Here are 12 things you need to know about the newWhen the Sailors of Assault Craft Unit 4 program:in Little Creek, Va., discovered they 1. Why is the Navy doingwould be subject to Breathalyzer tests this?last summer, they bristled at the thought.The Navy was again invading their The stated purpose is tolives. curb irresponsible drinking in the fleet, somethingTheir unit had just been picked as one of that’s seemingly been a13 commands that would breath test problem since there’s beenSailors arriving on duty through use of a U.S. Navy. Alcohol abusewhat the Navy calls “alcohol detection is a major factor to “motordevices” or A-D-Ds. vehicle and safety mishaps, sexual assaults, self harm“There was a lot of initial resistance to and poor fitness,” wrotethis policy at the deckplate level, but chief of naval personnelthrough the conduct of the pilot Vice Adm. Scott Vanprogram, that perception was Buskirk in a fleetwide message.overcome,” said Capt. Michael Ott, theunit’s commanding officer, in an Simply put, leaders believeinterview with reporters. that Sailors knowing they’ll possibly be tested when“It is now simply a tool to them, a tool they report to work could make themthat we [as leadership] can use to help Those reporting to work, whose liberty think twice about drinking is about to expire, do fall under it.shape behavior — shape acceptable excessively or too close to reportingbehavior — with regards to alcohol to duty. But the testing is just part of It doesn’t apply to Sailors assignedconsumption. I don’t want to say that their overall efforts to educate Sailors permanently to units of other services.the Sailors welcome it now, but it has about the dangers of alcohol use. Those Sailors would be subject to thatbecome a tool that the Sailors now service’s policies.respect and are ready for.” The rollout 2. Who does this affect?of the Breathalyzer policy begins Feb. 4 4. Who gets flagged? All active duty and drilling reservesand the handheld devices should be — both officer and enlisted — who The Navy’s threshold for a positiveNavy wide by May 24. are assigned to a Navy unit and blood alcohol test is 0.02 percent.Ott spoke to the media through a reporting for work are subject to the Anything below that is considered atelephone conference sponsored by Fleet tests. This not only includes Navy negative test.Forces Command on Jan. 23, a day after personnel, but any members of otherthe rollout was announced to services who are permanently Any result 0.02 percent or higher willcommanders, commanding officers, assigned to Navy units or assigned trigger a Sailor retest in 20 minutes toofficers in charge and command master under temporary duty, including ensure it wasn’t a false positive that could be triggered by use ofchiefs through fleet commanders Adm. attending Navy schools. mouthwash, breath mints, gum orBill Gortney and Adm. Cecil Haney. breath sprays. 3. Who isn’t affected?“We must educate service members on Once confirmed, a Sailor could bethe responsible use of alcohol and deter Sailors on authorized leave or in a referred to the command’s drug andalcohol abuse in the fleet, in home port liberty status do not fall under the alcohol program’s adviser.and on deployment,” Gortney and “intent” of his policy, according to aHaney wrote in their message. Navy press February 2013 ● Page 2
  3. 3. Sober Facts on Breath Tests ContinuedSailors above 0.04 are “presumed to  Special Warfare, Bureau of Medicine Commands do have the power to referbe not ready to safely perform duties,” and subordinate medical units, staff flagged Sailors for counseling andthe instruction states. Along with commands and all shore units. education programs.being referred to an adviser, the Sailorwill be “retained on board the  Any remaining units, to be fully But they are forbidden fromcommand in a safe and secure implemented by May 24. documenting it anywhere in a Sailor’senvironment until the ADD indicated record — that includes enlistedreading is not detectable.” 7. Is there CO discretion? evaluations and officer fitness reports as well as administrative remarks,5. What’s the device? Yes. Officials say commanders must formally known as a “page two have a testing program and there are entries” and now entered on aThe Navy is using two ADDs from ground rules for everyone to follow. ButNew Jersey based company AK NAVPERS 1070/613 in the electronic they allow commanders to have some service jacket.Global Tech Corp. Two models willbe employed — the “AlcoMate leeway.Premium” and the “AlcoMate Ott referred to Sailors avoiding Tests must be random, because the prosecution under the policy as a “freeAlcolyzer.” The Alcolyzer is the latesttechnology, and the Navy is the first intent is to catch those engaged in pass.” Still, he pointed out that thecustomer to use it, company general questionable behavior. No individual instruction doesn’t preventmanager Charles Lee said. can be given a “spot” test by himself, commanders from investigating Sailors unless he is late for work. they believe are intoxicated while onWhile the premium model can register duty.blood alcohol level variances of plus Some examples given in the instructionor minus 0.01, the Alcolyzer tends to — which officials say isn’t all inclusive: With a positive breath test of 0.04 orbe more “spot on,” Lee said. higher, COs have “probable cause” to  Commanders could sweep an entire order a competence for dutyDetection devices also tend to skew unit. examination, which can lead tohigher the drunker a test -taker is. But punitive action if the CO deemsthe Alcolyzer will “hold its  Or, do random sampling of Sailors necessary.precision.” Lee said it’s too early to during the workday just as thesay exactly how many of each model service does for drug detection under In that case, the result of the breath testthe Navy is receiving. the urinalysis program. is considered along with “other6. What’s the rollout plan? evidence of intoxication, including but  Or, limit a sweep to entire not limited to, bloodshot eyes, slurred “subunits,” which could meanDelivery of the devices is underway speech, muscular movement, general detachments, divisions orand should be complete by April 26. appearance or behavior.” departments and even duty sectionsOfficials have outlined five phases of or personnel assigned to special unit 9. What if you refuse to blow?implementation, Exact dates, officials evolutions such as weaponssay, are subject to device availability, handling. This applies to active duty That would be very ill advised, thebut will happen in the following units and also reserve drill periods. Navy says.order: 8. Is it really non-punitive? The service considers a breath test an  Submarine Forces, Atlantic and inspection approved or directed by a Pacific and Navy Expeditionary Yes and no. The rules specifically state commanding officer and thus a lawful Combat Command. that a positive breath test alone can’t be order. used as evidence for any disciplinary  Naval Air Forces, both Atlantic proceedings or any adverse Refusing to take a test, the instruction and Pacific. administrative action, such as an says, is considered direct disobedience administrative discharge. By of that order and would subject the  Surface Forces, Atlantic and comparison, processing for discharge is Sailor to disciplinary or administrative Pacific, and Cyber Forces. mandatory for positive drug tests. action under existing February 2013 ● Page 3
  4. 4. Sober Facts on Breath Tests Continued 10. What do Sailors in Marine units 12. How much is too much? They also drop anywhere from 0.01 face? to 0.025 per hour of not drinking, Sailors who think they can sleep off a again depending on variables such The 7,895 Navy officers and enlistees few drinks and be below the limit as gender, weight and individual assigned to Marine Corps units will still before their shift may not have the metabolism. get breath tests, under the Marine math on their side, according to Corps’ policy announced Dec. 12 in statistics released in the Navy’s ADD Example 1: A 180-pound man has MARADMIN 709/12. A blood alcohol operating guide. eight drinks over a four hour period, level of only 0.01 — eight times less ending at midnight. That gives him than the legal driving limit in most While the figures are approximate and a 0.11 blood alcohol level at the end states — will trigger a positive test. can vary with an individual’s of the night (0.17 minus 0.06 for the Sailors and Marines who test positive tolerance, there is a basic blood time spent drinking). If he reports under the Marine Corps could be alcohol level that Sailors can expect to for duty at 6 a.m., his level could be referred for further testing or alcohol blow if they imbibe a given number of anywhere from 0.05 to zero — a abuse counseling. In severe cases, they drinks, based on their gender and risky range. also could face discipline from their weight (see chart at right). One drink commanders, although that’s not the raises the level anywhere from 0.02 to Example 2: A 140-pound woman stated purpose of the program adviser. 0.04 depending on those variables, has four drinks over the same according to the ADD guide. period, ending the night with a 0.05 11. What are the levels of level (0.13 minus 0.06 for time impairment? The levels drop about 0.01 for every spent drinking). If she reports for 40 minutes of drinking; if a 240-pound duty at 6 a.m., the alcohol should be The Navy has outlined some of the man spread out two beers over two out of her system entirely. Again, ways your body will react in the various hours, the alcohol would be nearly out individual tolerances may vary. stages of drunkenness. See Operating of his system by the time he finished. Guide. ADD RESOURCES ADD Webinar Schedule  ADD Webpage Date *Audience  ADD Help Desk E-Mail: 2/21/2013 (1700 CST) AIRLANT 2/22/2013 (1300 CST) AIRPAC  Non-evidentiary Alcohol Detection 3/21/2013 (1700 CST) SURFLANT SURFPAC Device (ADD) Operating Guide 3/22/2013 (1300 CST) CYBER Forces  OPNAV INSTRUCTION SPECWAR 5350.8:Use of Hand-Held Alcohol 4/15/2013 (1700 CST) BUMED Detection Devices 4/16/2013 (1300 CST) CNIC / Shore Commands  NAVADMIN 012/13 * ALL COMMANDS WELCOME TO JOIN  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Use of Non-Evidentiary Visit here to join webinar: Alcohol Detection Device (ADD)  ADD Phased Distribution Plan NOTE: ADDs and supplies have been ordered for your command and will ship based on this schedule YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ORDER. February 2013 ● Page 4
  5. 5. 5 Must KNOWs for Synthetic Testing 1. Updated Synthetic Drug Testing Operating Guide is a /docs/toxguidelines.pdf . must read! It is available at These samples do NOT . require markings on the outer packaging. 2. Utilize the correct mailing address for shipping samples for 4. Request Bath Salts testing. The new mailing address testing of any sample is: by including a signed letter with the DD Armed Forces Medical 2624. Examiner System (AFMES) Special Forensic Toxicology 5. Samples will be Drug Testing Laboratory rejected by the lab if 115 Purple Heart Drive you do NOT document Dover Air Force Base, DE 19902 and package your samples in accordance with the operating Direct any questions regarding the 3. Investigative cases submitted to AFMES Forensic Toxicology guide, to include Navy’s Synthetic Drug Testing Laboratory (not NADAP premise codes and Program to testing) must have an missing authorization MILL_SDTESTREQ@NAVY.MIL or investigative case number and number provided by contact us at (901) 874-4232 (DSN comply with requirements OPNAV. 882). found at: Prohibition on the Use of Marijuana On February 4, the Office of the Military personnel are subject to DoD Civilian Federal employees Assistant Secretary of Defense persecution and administrative are subject to restrictions released the following action for marijuana use, governing drug use contained in memorandum regarding the possession or distribution under DoD Instruction 1010.09 and Prohibition on the Use of Article 112a of the Uniform applicable Department of Health Marijuana by Military Service Code of Military Justice and Human Services, Substance Members and Department of (UCMJ). Federal Law Abuse and Mental Health Defense Civilian Employees. supersedes the legislative Services Administration initiatives of the State, District Guidelines. “This memorandum reaffirms the or Territories of the United Federal prohibitions on the use of States. Legislative initiatives of For additional information, marijuana by military personnel at States, Districts, or Territories please contact CAPT Kevin all locations in accordance with are not binding on the military Klette at “. Article 5, Uniform Code of in the administration of military Justice (UCMJ). The provisions of justice under Chapter 47 of title the UCMJ apply regardless of 10, United States Code. State, District or Territorial Legislation permitting the use of marijuana, to include medical February 2013 ● Page 5
  6. 6. Pensacola Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Event The first of three DEFY TTT Regional TTT events are planned Events was held conducted on for San Diego (February 20 and January 29 and 30, 2013 at Naval 21) and Norfolk (March 19 and Air Station Pensacola. Thirty- 20). DEFY personnel from five individuals from DEFY programs west of the Mississippi Programs across the region and the Pacific are scheduled to received training on the DEFY attend the San Diego TTT; program, roll out of a new youth programs from the rest of the curriculum and local staff continental U.S. and Europe are training curriculum. The two- scheduled to attend the Norfolk day TTT also included training TTT. Local DEFY programs and information on the state of within commuting distance to the the DEFY program, staff roles TTT locations are authorized to and responsibilities, fitness, send up to eight individuals to nutrition, and child abuse attend the TTT. For information prevention and reporting within on registration or the TTT event the DEFY program. TTT events itself, call (901) 874-3300 or provide training to key local email Mr. Dave Vanneste program staff to enable them to ( ). better train local volunteers and to operate an effective local DEFY program. New Youth Curriculum The new youth curriculum is a Videos produced by the Topics include communication, product of a years work with a contractor are shorter and are discipline, child abuse prevent contractor, who revised, updated, incorporated into the lessons to and reporting, and mentoring. and added new material to make facilitate better discussion among Local Program Coordinators now the curriculum current and the participants and will have an off-the-shelf product to relevant. Changes included a eliminate the need to purchase use in local staff training, which more familiar facilitator guide commercial videos. will ease the administrative format; contractor-produced burden of implementing local videos; Powerpoint slides to New Local Staff programs. Standardized volunteer training is a best enhance lesson delivery; and new Training Curriculum topics to cover youth and practice for evidence-based finances, living a drug-free life, The DEFY Program Office staff prevention programs. and a resistance skills refresher. developed a new local staff The additions will add to the life training curriculum designed to skills already included in the standardize the training of local curriculum, which include study DEFY volunteers. This new skills, relationship skills, conflict curriculum provides 12 topics resolution skills, team building, vital to the effectiveness of and goal setting. volunteers and is intended to be delivered over three days (24 total hours) February 2013 ● Page 6
  7. 7. Don’t Rely on Luck this St. Patrick’s DayFor many Americans, St. Patrick’s Day (celebratedthis year from 6 p.m., March 16, to 5:59 a.m.,March 18) has become a popular opportunity tocelebrate with friends and family. Unfortunately,due to drunk drivers, the festivities have alsobecome very dangerous.Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safetyshow that over 700 people were killed nationwidein crashes involving drunk drivers during the St.Patrick’s Day holiday during the period from 2006to 2010. There were 129 lives lost in 2010 alone.These tragic statistics demand a sober solution.Whether you are meeting a few friends at the localpub after work or attending a party, if you plan ondrinking alcohol, don’t drive.Following these easy steps, drivers will bereminded to enjoy a safe and festive holidaywithout jeopardizing their lives and the lives ofothers who may be on the road. Coordinate with local bars to display “Domino Strategy” posters on the back of stall doors. Coordinate with alcohol retailers (liquor stores, convenience stores) to display “Domino Strategy” posters on windows, cooler doors, etc. Work with local law enforcement and emergency medical staff to stage a mock car crash, draft signs displaying St. Patrick’s Day fatality numbers. Invite media and local schools to attend. If your community has a St. Patrick’s Day parade, enter a themed float emblazoned with a “Domino Strategy” banner. Partner with local organizations to distribute That Guy coasters, playing cards, T-shirts, etc. at bars/St. Patrick’s Day parades. That Guy items can be ordered at Work with CSADD Chapter and recruit volunteers to dress as leprechauns and distribute “That Guy” limerick flyers at bars/parades. Promote your Command Safe Ride Home  P February 2013 ● Page 7 l a n
  8. 8. Operation Supplement 2012 - 2013 Safety (OPSS) STATISTICS Dietary supplement use is prevalent in the military and consumption occurs for a variety of reasons: ARIs & DUIs to improve performance, to lose weight, to gain muscle mass and/or to improve health. FEB 322 99 Unfortunately, use of some supplements has MAR 373 123 resulted in adverse events which compromised performance and health rather than improve it. As a result of adverse events across DOD, the assistant APR 402 107 Secretary Of Defense For Health Affairs, ASD(HA), directed a dietary MAY 345 87 supplement educational campaign to address these issues, resulting in Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS). JUN 336 76 OPSS is a joint initiative between the Human Performance Research Center JUL 323 76 and the DOD to educate service members, retirees, families, leaders, healthcare AUG 284 87 providers, and DOD civilians about dietary supplements and how to choose them wisely. SEP 295 110 OCT 345 83 OPSS aims to affect behavioral change of dietary supplement use through an educational campaign. This knowledge will help Sailors decide whether to take NOV 218 66 supplements and if they decide to do so, which ones represent the wisest and DEC 200 68 safest choices. The overarching goal of the campaign is to provide tools which assist marines to be smart supplement users. JAN 69 25 Visit the OPSS website at MEM POS & supplements/OPSS TOTAL TESTED Help promote the OPSS dietary FEB 88 97,630 supplements education for the MAR 118 100,629 military campaign with print materials such as posters, APR 115 98,095 brochures, table tents and giveaways for use at your MAY 126 95,822 installation and in your JUN 120 93,820 publications. JUL 126 96,309 Get your materials here: AUG 115 91,855 supplements/opss/operation- SEP 164 103,396 supplement-safety-OPSS/opss- campaign-press-kit OCT 170 97,513 NOV 173 92,621 DEC 242 81,949 JAN 137 52, February 2013 ● Page 8