NADAP E-GRAM                             Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse PreventionApril is Alcohol Awareness Month,How will y...
NADAP Announces the Launch of a New CampaignThis AprilWhen Sailors choose to drink           About the Campaignresponsibly...
UPC UniversityA series of subjects aimed at enhancing awareness of the Navy’s DrugTesting Program for Urinalysis Program C...
National Alcohol Screening Day"Since the start of the wars in Iraq   held in April as part of Alcoholand Afghanistan, alco...
Command Support Needed ForLocal DEFY ProgramsResults from “Substance Use            evidence-based preventionAmong Militar...
DEFY Completes Second                                                            DEFY GoesTrain-the-Trainer Event         ...
The Tools are There, How Will You Use Them?NADAP provides a variety of campaigns intended to promote substance abuse aware...
That Guy Launches New Mobile App Game The That Guy Campaign is excited to announce the launch of the That Guy             ...
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NADAP E-Gram March 2013


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NADAP E-Gram March 2013

  1. 1. NADAP E-GRAM Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse PreventionApril is Alcohol Awareness Month,How will you spread the Word?Alcohol Awareness Month,  Host National Alcohol Screening IN THIS ISSUErecognized every April, was founded day events at your command orin 1987 and is sponsored by National base to increase self-referrals. 1 APRIL IS ALCOHOLCouncil on Alcoholism and Drug Military Pathways provide AWARENESS MONTHDependence (NCADD) to increase screening kits, literature, waterpublic awareness and understanding to 2 NADAP ANNOUNCES bottles, etc. Go toreduce the stigma that too often THE LAUNCH OF A NEW (https://www.militarymentalhealth. CAMPAIGNprevents individuals and families from org/screening/default.aspx ) forseeking help. information. 3 UPC UNIVERSITYAlcohol misuse and abuse still have a  Host and attend guest speakers on 4 NATIONAL ALCOHOLtremendous impact on our country alcohol awareness/prevention SCREENING DAYtoday. As summer begins to unfold, topics.April is a key month in which to 5 COMMAND SUPPORThighlight the dangers of irresponsible  Organize/participate in fun-run or NEEDED FOR LOCAL DEFYdrinking, as well as increase public other community events to bring PROGRAMSawareness and understanding about awareness to reduce alcoholalcohol. incidents. 6 DEFY COMPLETES SECOND TRAIN-THE-  Use (NADAP issued) alcohol TRAINER EVENTHow will your command observeAlcohol Awareness Month? Here are a detection devices randomly to 7 THE TOOLS ARE THERE,few ideas to get things going: provide opportunities to link HOW WILL YOU USE THEM? members with resources before an Utilize Coalition of Sailors Against incident occurs. 8 THAT GUY LAUNCHES Destructive Decisions (CSADD) to NEW MOBILE APP GAME build momentum and interest in  Post free monthly “That Guy” activities. materials. Order materials at . Develop command Alcohol Free Weekend commitment letters and  Introduce your Drug and Alcohol have Sailors volunteer not to Program Advisor (DAPA) as a link Find us on Facebook. consume alcohol for the three days. to resources and referral, not a https://www.facebook. Have public affairs interview hammer or enabler com/USN.NADAP participating Sailors. March 2013 ● Page 1
  2. 2. NADAP Announces the Launch of a New CampaignThis AprilWhen Sailors choose to drink About the Campaignresponsibly, they not only protect The Keep What You’vetheir individual health and careers, Earned campaign wasthey help improve the Navy’s developed after months ofability to be mission-ready and in-depth research to determine Research Shows:maintain the level of performance Sailors’ attitudes and beliefs aboutexpected of service members. Over alcohol use within the Navy. Rather  Sailors primarily drinkthe past few years, rates of because of stress related to to suggest that Sailors should not the workplace, theiralcohol-related incidents (ARIs) drink at all, the campaign recognizes families, and life changes.and driving under the influence that Sailors are responsible,(DUI) have decreased within the  Repetitive messaging decision-making adults, and doesn’t resonate and isNavy, however, our work is not therefore, advises them to drink likely to be ignored.over. responsibly by planning for a safe ride home, only drinking with  Sailors respond better to“Keep What You’ve Earned”, the positive messaging because people they trust and knowing their they believe they are beingNavy’s flagship campaign for limit before they get there. treated like responsibleresponsible use of alcohol will be adults.launched during April. The The Keep What You’ve Earnedcampaign encourages responsible  Highlighting immediate campaign also acknowledges that career consequences (losingdrinking among Sailors by every Sailor has worked hard to get money, rank, or financialfocusing on what they have opportunities) resonate where they are in their careers andachieved in their navy careers. The more than severe long-term reminds them that one bad decisioncampaign actively engages alcohol consequences. with alcohol could cost them seriousabuse personnel, navy leaders, Source: Navy Alcohol and Drug consequences, including separationlocal communities and sailors Abuse Prevention (NADAP) Office, from the Navy. 2012themselves as advocates forresponsible drinking. What You Need to Know Additionally, a webinar will be During April, all units are held on 11 April, at 1300 encouraged to discuss the (Central daylight time) to help importance of drinking guide ADCOs and DAPAs responsibly. To facilitate these through implementation of the discussions, the following campaign resources and collect products will be available on informal feedback prior to the the Navy Alcohol and Drug campaign launch. Stay tuned for Abuse Prevention (NADAP) more details on the webinar later website, this month., For any questions regarding the after 1 April 2013: launch of the campaign, please  Leadership talking points reach out to Ms. Sara Geer, Navy  Posters Alcohol and Drug Abuse  Fact sheets Prevention (NADAP), COMM  Social media messages (901) 874 4237/ DSN 883 or via e-mail at . March 2013 ● Page 2
  3. 3. UPC UniversityA series of subjects aimed at enhancing awareness of the Navy’s DrugTesting Program for Urinalysis Program Coordinators.Topic 4: Packaging & Two double-sided copies of the When these steps are followed, itTransportation completed DD Form 2624 have to be would take a large conspiracy made. One copy will remain at the spread across multipleThe packaging and transportation command for reference, one will be organizations and levels ofphase of the urinalysis process included with the specimens inside command and with specificpresents another opportunity for a the shipping container in a knowledge and motivation tomember challenging a positive waterproof bag, and the original will successfully adulterate a singleresult to introduce doubt in the be affixed to the outside of the urine specimen without indicationvalidity of the testing process. shipping container in an envelope. of tampering that wouldn’t beAccurately completing The test register does not get noted at the laboratory. That said,documentation and strictly shipped to the laboratory. a positive sample result for aadhering to the packaging guidance member is certain to have comeprovided in the OPNAVINST The shipping container is completely from a sample provided by that5350.4 (series) will erase any sealed with paper mailing tape and member and accurately indicatesdoubt to the testing process. signed and dated across the tape on the metabolites found within the the top and bottom of the container, sample.After a specimen arrives at the whether the package is mailed orlaboratory, its movements are hand carried to the testing An illustrated demonstration ofstrictly controlled and documented laboratory. The seal should arrive the correct packaging andat every step of its testing. The DD intact or it will be noted on shipping process can be seen onForm 2624 must reflect who had accession. from the NADAP webpage:positive control and/or secure understorage of the specimens from the The sealed, signed shipping NDSP.time it was collected until container with the original DD-2624shipping. The laboratory receipt envelope attached to it are then wrapped inside of a second Navy Drug Screening Labswill note anything unusual in thepackage on arrival. waterproof pouch and sealed. This NDSL-San Diego complete package is labeled (and Commanding OfficerEach bottle cap must be checked marked as urine samples) and Navy Drug Screening Laboratoryfor tightness before shipping. If mailed, hand-carried or delivered to 34425 Farenholt Avenuedone before placing the tamper the correct NDSL. The urine Building 26 2-B, Suite 40 San Diego, CA 92134-7040proof seal, it reduces the risk of samples should be transported by PH: 619-532-7141breaking the seal. If the tamper either U.S. Mail (1st class), hand-proof seal is broken when checking carried to the laboratory, certified or NDSL-Great Lakesfor cap tightness, replace the seal registered mail, Federal Express, Commanding Officerand make an appropriate comment UPS, Air Mobility Command, Navy Drug Screening Laboratory 320B B Street, Building 38Hon the DD Form 2624 and on the commercial U.S. airline or Great Lakes, IL 60088-2815command ledger. commercial foreign airline (only PH: (847) 688-2045 when no other means is available).The specimens, dividers, filler NDSL Jacksonvillepaper (not shredded), and required First Class U.S. Mail is preferred Commanding Officeramount of liquid absorbent pads method of delivery. Using certified Navy Drug Screening Laboratorywill be placed inside of a plastic or registered mail slows the process P.O. Box 113, Bldg H-2033 Jacksonville, FL 32212-0113bag inside the shipping container and should only be considered as a PH: (904) 542-7755and sealed. last resort. March 2013 ● Page 3
  4. 4. National Alcohol Screening Day"Since the start of the wars in Iraq held in April as part of Alcoholand Afghanistan, alcohol abuse Awareness Month, has helpedamong returning military per- military installations worldwidesonnel has spiked. In 2008, nearly address problem drinking throughhalf of active duty service anonymous alcohol self-members reported binge assessments.drinking," states a 2012 report onSubstance Use Disorders in the By registering for NASD, youU.S. Armed Forces by the Institute can receive a free kit ofof Medicine. educational materials that include brochures, take-homeTo help you address problem items such as magnet anddrinking on your installation or in wallet cards, our popular You can incorporate the programyour community, Military Drinking IQ water bottles and into another planned event suchPathways, a DoD funded detailed instructions about as a health fair, family day orinitiative, is offering a free hosting a screening event. Or, deployment briefing. We canprogram designed to raise you can order an NASD even send a qualified facilitator toawareness about the dangers of at- promotional kit that includes your installation at no cost torisk drinking, and promote healthy only the Drinking IQ water assist with implementation.attitudes and behaviors around bottles and posters.alcohol use. For more information or to order Although NASD is April 11, your free materials, visitFor more than 10 years, National 2013, the materials can be used and clickAlcohol Screening Day (NASD), anytime throughout the year. on the "Order Materials" tab.NADAP Webinars WEBINAR SCHEDULEAll webinars begin at 1300-1400 DATE SUBJECT(CST). An additional webinar isavailable at 1700 (CST) 14 MAR ADMITS Overview 3/21/2013 (1700 CST) Alcohol DetectionHow to join meeting: Click the URL 3/22/2013 (1300 CST) Devicesbelow to join meeting. Once the Prevention Campaigns &window is loaded, login in with your 11 APR How to OrderDCO information or type your nameto enter the meeting as a "Guest". 4/15/2013 (1700 CST) Alcohol DetectionPlease give the screen a few 4/16/2013 (1300 CST) Devicesminutes to load. 9 MAY DAPA ResponsibilitiesTo setup a DCO account, visit and 6 JUN ADCO Responsibilitiesselect "register" at the top left hand 27 JUN UPC Responsibilitiescorner of the page. Visit here to join webinar: March 2013 ● Page 4
  5. 5. Command Support Needed ForLocal DEFY ProgramsResults from “Substance Use evidence-based preventionAmong Military-Connected Youth principles, and the use of positiveThe California Healthy Kids adult role models as mentors.Survey” indicate a strong How can local commandcorrelation between the number of leadership teams help? Sponsoring LOOKING FORdeployments and substance abuserates among military-connected a local DEFY program is the first DEFY step. Once a local program hasyouth: “an increase in the number been established, command GRADUATESof deployments was associated leadership teams are asked towith a higher likelihood of lifetime If you or someone sponsor and provide visible andand recent [substance] use.” The you know is a DEFY active support of local DEFYstudy concludes that these “results programs. DEFY is no “vacation” graduate, we areindicate that experiences as any of the local volunteers who looking for positiveassociated with deployment of a work hard as mentors and staff of testimonials andfamily member may increase thelikelihood of substance use.” local programs can tell you. As reflections on the(Gilreath, T., et. al. (2013 Feb). local programs begin planning and DEFY experience. gearing up for Phase I thisSubstance use among military- summer, staff will need the support Please email to Mr.connected youth: the california from command leadership to Timm Bentley athealthy kids survey. American support volunteers, programJournal of Preventive Medicine, requirements, and occasionally to44(2), 150-3. doi: 10.1016) ). Input run interference. The success of a will be used toDEFY helps reduce the possibility local DEFY program is largely the result of active and visible support celebrate theof substance abuse among by command leadership. Thank successes of themilitary-connected children you to all who are currently DEFY Program.through its science-basedcurriculum, incorporation of providing this March 2013 ● Page 5
  6. 6. DEFY Completes Second DEFY GoesTrain-the-Trainer Event NKOMembers of the DEFY Program DEFY now has aOffice recently completed the community page onsecond of three train-the-trainer Navy Knowledge(TTT) events at Naval Air Station Online. The main publicNorth Island in San Diego, page provides basic DEFY ProgramCalifornia. Twenty-six individuals information as well asrepresenting DEFY programs from links to preventionthe Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, resources for parentsand non-DoD programs from and teens. A sub-across the globe attended the event. community page, LocalAttendance at the TTT events is DEFY Programs, is aparticularly critical this year as A major addition to the restricted access pagesignificant changes to the program program resources this year is for personnel operatingare being implemented this year. a local staff training local DEFY programs.Among those changes is an curriculum. This resource is This page provides localupdated youth curriculum designed designed to provide program staff access toto eliminate cultural references that standardized volunteer training program documents, throughout the program, a manuals, and othercould become outdated, which will critical component of materials as well asincrease the new curriculum’s shelf evidence-based prevention other importantlife. curriculum’s shelf life. programs. This addition will information on program operations. To obtain also eliminate the burden on access to this sub- LPCs to develop local staff community page, you training. must be part of a local DEFY program. Click Three programs were this link to access the recognized for continuous public DEFY community DEFY programs: Navy page: Information Operations Command, San Diego, CA (three year award); and Pacific mil/portal/drugeducati Command, Pearl Harbor, HI, onforyouthdefyprogram and Naval Munitions /home Command CWD Det, Fallon, NV (on behalf of NAS Fallon),Representatives from NIOC San Diego received recognition forreceive the command’s 10-year Length of operating a local DEFYService Award Program plaque. (Left to program for 10 years. Theright: IT1 Alfred DeJesus (NIOC SD), Timm third of three TTT events isBentley (DEFY Program Manager), CTTC tentatively scheduled for 19-20Sammy Thomas) March in Norfolk. March 2013 ● Page 6
  7. 7. The Tools are There, How Will You Use Them?NADAP provides a variety of campaigns intended to promote substance abuse awareness. To make it easy, themajority of campaign materials are now available through the Navy Logistics Library (NLL) at no cost to all Navycommands. Supply personnel must order them via (for NMCI computers) or (if NMCI is not available). Follow the instructions below to locate each item inthe Navy Logistics Library. While placing your order, you have the option to view the item. Campaign Message Materials How to Order 1. Supply personnel must A substance abuse prevention campaign Who Will Stand designed to educate Sailors of the negative  Pamphlets order them via  Posters Your Watch? impact substance abuse can have on a Sailors  PSAs 2. In the Keyword field family, shipmates, and career. search: NADAP  Pamphlets 1. Supply personnel must The Domino A social marketing campaign that encourages Strategy on Sailors to pay attention to the size, content and  Posters order them via  Banners How to Drink amount of alcohol they consume each time they  Table Tents 2. In the Keyword field Responsibly drink.  PSAs search: Domino That Guy is a research‐based behavior change  Posters campaign that employs a humorous approach  Coasters Visit: That Guy and focuses on social disapproval to help reduce  Playing binge drinking among the junior enlisted across Cards all branches of service.  And more 1. Supply personnel must Sailor’s Guide Pocket-sized guides address substance abuse in order them via for Substance the Navy and provide tips, strategies, and Pocket Guide Abuse resources to increase your awareness, 2. In the Keyword field Prevention understanding and control of substance abuse. search: NADAP Banners: 1. Supply personnel must Awareness banners are intended to promote  3D Month order them via Prevention various prevention topics. They can be placed at  Red Ribbon Banners gate entrances, building entrances and events Week  101 Days of 2. In the Keyword field around base. Summer search: March 2013 ● Page 7
  8. 8. That Guy Launches New Mobile App Game The That Guy Campaign is excited to announce the launch of the That Guy 2012 - 2013 Buzzed Mobile Game. STATISTICS That Guy Buzzed is a FREE action-style game developed for mobile devices and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The game aims to educate the ARIs & DUIs junior enlisted about the consequences of binge drinking by using an entertaining, engaging approach. MAR 384 125 That Guy Buzzed emphasizes the concept APR 425 111 of personal control when it comes to drinking alcohol. MAY 358 94 JUN 359 80 Game players start by selecting a male or female character that begins the night JUL 327 80 sober but might become That Guy or That Girl if he or she consumes too many AUG 306 90 drinks throughout the night. SEP 305 117 The mission of the game is to make it to OCT 368 87 the concert by navigating through four maze-like levels including a Dive Bar, NOV 249 78 House Party, Street Festival, and Concert DEC 274 89 while dodging alcoholic drinks, obnoxious drunks and other slippery JAN 182 46 situations…all while racing against the clock! FEB 73 23 One too many drinks and the player’s character will get too drunk, lose control, MEM POS & and won’t be able to beat each level of the game. TOTAL TESTED MAR 116 100,654 All materials and assets to help promote the game are available on the POC APR 112 98,131 Resource site. Visit: MAY 125 95,934 promotion JUN 118 93,966 Order Mobile Game App Promotion JUL 124 96,322 Posters and hang them in the dining halls, computer centers, MWR facilities, and AUG 117 91,890 anywhere else that the target audience SEP 157 103,499 keeps their smart phones handy for a quick, easy, and FREE download from OCT 163 97,622 Apple App and Google Play stores. Also NOV 160 93,199 promote the app through Faceook, on website with web banners, and with the DEC 206 84,645 game trailer video. JAN 349 121,364 FEB 77 32, March 2013 ● Page 8