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Wiki seamax m 22


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seamax m22 - blog enrico picciotto

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Wiki seamax m 22

  1. 1. Enrico de Picciotto - Blog Enrico Piccciotto Vendas entre em contato aqui: SeaMax From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SeaMax M-22 Air Max Sea Max M22 N139LS Lakeland SeaMax M-22 Role Light amphibious light-sport aircraft and FAI microlight National origin Brazil Manufacturer Seamax Construções Aeronáuticas Designer Miguel Rosario Status In production Unit cost US$150,000 (2012) The SeaMax is a Brazilian single-engine, amphibious light sport aircraft and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight manufactured by Seamax Construções Aeronáuticas.[1] SeaMax in Linnasalmi, Hämeenlinna Design and development The SeaMax was designed in 1999. A prototype was flown in 2000 and the first production aircraft left the factory in 2001. The SeaMax is constructed using composite materials and metal components. It has a two-seat, side-by-side configuration cabin with a bubble canopy which is hydraulically raised for access. The high-wing is strut-braced and the tail is a cruciform tail. The aircraft's tricycle landing gear is retractable for landing on water. It is powered by a 100 hp (75 kW) Rotax 912ULS pusher configuration engine mounted above the wing to avoid water ingestion.[1] Specifications Data from Bayerl General characteristics Crew: one Capacity: one passenger Wingspan: 8.75 m (28 ft 8 in) Wing area: 12.24 m2 (131.8 sq ft) Empty weight: 300 kg (661 lb) Gross weight: 520 kg (1,146 lb) Fuel capacity: 96 litres (21 imp gal; 25 US gal) Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 912ULS four cylinder, liquid and air-cooled, four stroke, 75 kW (101 hp) Performance Maximum speed: 210 km/h (130 mph; 113 kn) Cruising speed: 195 km/h (121 mph; 105 kn) Stall speed: 58 km/h (36 mph; 31 kn) Rate of climb: 5 m/s (980 ft/min) References Bayerl, Robby; Martin Berkemeier; et al: World Directory of Leisure Aviation 2011-12, page 23. WDLA UK, Lancaster UK, 2011. ISSN 1368-485X Fonte: wikipédia Enrico de Picciotto - Blog Enrico Piccciotto