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03 March 11, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 3 Verse 10


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03 March 11, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 3 Verse 10

  1. 1. PHILIPPIANSCHAPTER 3Verse 10March 11, 2012FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH JACKSON, MISSISSIPPIAnnouncements!GOING DEEPER with GOD CONFERENCEWhen: Sunday, March 25th and Monday, March 26thWhere: On Sunday, March 25th ALL ADULTS will meet in Fellowship Hall East. This will take the place of our Sunday School class on March 25 th at 9 am.Led by: Dr. Greg FrizzellGreg Frizzell said on page 73 of his book: How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life “thatin 1981, God led him to begin praying daily through all nine fruit of the Spirit. To thisday, he has never found anything that comes close to the power of daily prayingthese character words for his own spiritual growth.”"Praying For Our Jerusalem" Acts 1:8Praying For Our Jerusalem is a prayer effort by which we attempt to go into everyhome of our church family for the sole purpose of praying with the people in thathome. No gimmicks, no signing up for something, just to pray. Prayer Warriors will visitup to four homes and pray with our church family from April 1-30.If you know someone willing to serve as a Prayer Warrior, who will be going into 4homes during April 1-30 and pray with our church families, please call Trish Jenkins at(601) 949-1941 or e-mail her at: OF LIFEWhat: A Sunday School Class for those with a chronic cough.When: Sunday, April 15th @ 8 a.m.Where: At FBCJ in ROOM E423Thank You for ServingWhat: A banquet to honor waiters & waitresses.When: Monday, April 23rd from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.Where: The South, 627 East Silas Brown, Jackson, MS 39201
  2. 2. MARK THE DATE. . . FRIEND DAY SUNDAY, APRIL 29thSunday School Lesson!Commentaries Consulted:  The MacArthur New Testament Commentary, Copyright © Moody Press and John MacArthur, Jr., 1983-2007.  Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary  Barclays Daily Study Bible (NT)  J. Vernon McGees Thru The Bible  Wiersbe Expository OutlinesPhilippians 3:1010“that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of Hissufferings, being conformed to His death;” Philippians 3:10“that I may know Him”:  Personally (intimately)  Powerfully (resurrection)  Passionately (sufferings)!It is Christs resurrection power that sanctifies us to defeat temptation & trials, to lead aholy life, and to fruitfully proclaim the Gospel.Because we know Christ and have had His righteousness imputed on us, we havebeen given the Holy Spirit.  The same spiritual power that raised Jesus from the dead now enables us to accomplish the work God had sent us to do.  The resurrection was and is the greatest display of Christs power! (Rom 1:16)Romans 1:1616 “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation toeveryone who believes,” Romans 1:16Acts 1:88 “but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shallbe My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to theremotest part of the earth.” Acts 1:8
  3. 3. “that I may know Him”:  Personally (intimately)  Powerfully (resurrection)  Passionately (sufferings)!Philippians 3:10c“and the fellowship of His sufferings,” Philippians 3:10c(know Him passionately).The deepest moments of spiritual fellowship with the living Christ are at times ofintense suffering; suffering drives us to Him.Thomas à Kempis:“If thou art willing to suffer no adversity, how wilt thou be the friend of Christ?”Stefan Salmonsson:“Self pity comes when you lose the intimacy with Jesus.”Elisabeth Elliot: Elisabeth Elliots Website“Our vision is so limited we can hardly imagine a love that does not show itself inprotection from suffering.... The love of God did not protect His own Son....He will not necessarily protect us either - not from anything it takes to make us like HisSon. A lot of hammering and chiseling and purifying by fire will have to go into theprocess.”David Wilkerson: World Challenge, Inc. Online“Jesus didnt save you so you could cruise to heaven in a luxury liner. He wants you tobe useful in His kingdom! The moment you got saved, He enrolled you in His school -the school of suffering and affliction.”Paul Billheimer:“All born-again people are in training for rulership. Since the supreme law of thatfuture social order, called the kingdom of God, is agape love, therefore theirapprenticeship and training is for the learning of deep dimensions of this love. Butdeep dimensions of this love are only learned in the school of suffering. Purity is onething, and maturity is another. The latter comes only through years of suffering. If wesuffer, we shall also reign - because where there is little suffering, there is little love; nosuffering, no love; no love, no rulership.”2 Timothy 2:12 KJV“If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him” 2 Timothy 2:12 KJV
  4. 4. Lee Strobel:"The universe is a soul making machine, and part of that process is learning, maturing,and growing through difficult and challenging and painful experiences. The point ofour lives in this world isnt comfort, but training and preparation for eternity."Joy is not the absence of suffering.It is the presence of God.Joni Eareckson Tada: Joni and Friends"Programs, systems and methods sit well in the ivory towers of monasteries or in thewooden arms of icons. Head knowledge comes from the pages of a theology text.But the invitation to know God - truly know Him - is always an invitation to suffer. Not tosuffer alone, but to suffer with Him."Joni Eareckson Tada: Joni and Friends“Even though I have rough moments in my wheelchair, for the most part I considermy paralysis a gift. Just as Jesus exchanged the meaning of the Cross from a symbolof torture to one of hope and salvation, He gives me the grace to do the same withmy wheelchair. If a cross can become a blessing, so can a wheelchair. Thewheelchair, in a sense, is behind me now. The despair is over. There are now othercrosses to bear, other "wheelchairs" in my life to be exchanged into gifts.”Rev. John Howe:"God loves you enough , trusts you enough, to let affliction come into your life to seewhether you will exercise the muscles of faith while your physical muscles begin toatrophy."Vance Havner said that we need:“to comfort the afflicted & to afflict the comfortable.”Spurgeon:"There are no crown bearers in heaven that were not cross bearers on earth."C. S. Lewis:“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks inour conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”Unknown:Our problems are opportunities to discover God’s solutions.Corrie Ten Boom:“You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.”
  5. 5. Sadhu Sundar Singh: Short Biography“Should pain and suffering, sorrow, and grief, rise up like clouds and overshadow for atime the Sun of Righteousness and hide Him from your view, do not be dismayed, forin the end this cloud of woe will descend as showers of blessing on your head, andthe Sun of Righteousness rise upon you to set no more for ever.” Malachi 4:2C. S. Lewis:“The great thing with unhappy times is to take them bit by bit, hour by hour, like anillness. It is seldom the present, the exact present, that is unbearable.”Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest“God never gives strength for tomorrow, or for the next hour, but only for the strain ofthe minute.”Walter A. Maier:“This is the purpose of pain for the redeemed: it is one of your Fathers ways ofspeaking to you; it is the evidence of His limitless love, by which He would draw youfarther from evil and closer to Him, the divine remedy which can cure you of prideand help you lean more trustingly on the Lord.”Peter Marshall:“It is a fact of Christian experience that life is a series of troughs and peaks. In Hisefforts to get permanent possession of a soul, God relies on the troughs more than thepeaks. And some of his special favourites have gone through longer and deepertroughs than anyone else.”Sadhu Sundar Singh:“During an earthquake it sometimes happens that fresh springs break out in dryplaces with water which quickens the land so that plants can grow. In the same waythe shattering experiences of suffering can cause the living water to well up in ahuman heart.”Brother Lawrence:“The sorest afflictions never appear intolerable, except when we see them in thewrong light: when we see them in the hand of God, Who dispenses them; whenwe know that it is our loving Father Who abases and distresses us; our sufferings willlose their bitterness and become even a matter of consolation.”Billy Graham: Billy Graham Organization“Even if we may not always understand why God allows certain things to happen tous, we can know He is able to bring good out of evil, and triumph out of suffering.”Peter Kreeft: Website“The greatest Christians in history seem to say that their sufferings ended up bringingthem the closest to God - so this is the best thing that could happen, not the worst.”