03 March 11, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 3 Verse 10


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03 March 11, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 3 Verse 10

  2. 2. GOING DEEPER with GOD CONFERENCELed by Dr. Greg FrizzellSunday, March 25 &Monday, March 26
  3. 3. *On Sunday, March 25 ALLADULTS will meet inFellowship Hall East.*This will take the place ofour Sunday School class onMarch 25th at 9 am.
  4. 4. Greg Frizzell said on page 73of his book: How to Developa Powerful Prayer Life “thatin 1981, God led him tobegin praying daily throughall nine fruit of the Spirit.
  5. 5. To this day, he has neverfound anything that comesclose to the power of dailypraying these characterwords for his own spiritualgrowth.”
  6. 6. "Praying For Our Jerusalem" Acts 1:8Praying For Our Jerusalem isa prayer effort by which weattempt to go into everyhome of our church family
  7. 7. for the sole purpose ofpraying with the people inthat home.No gimmicks, no signing upfor something, just to pray.Prayer Warriors will visit in
  8. 8. four homes and pray withour church families fromApril 1-30.*If you know someonewilling to serve as a PrayerWarrior, who is willing to go
  9. 9. into 4 homes during April1-30 and pray with ourchurch families, pleasecall Trish Jenkins at (601) 949-1941or e-mail her at:
  11. 11. Thank You for Servingbanquet to honor waiters &waitresses at: The South, 627 East Silas Brown Jackson, MS 39201Monday, April 23rd 6-8 pm
  13. 13. The MacArthur NewTestament Commentary,Copyright © Moody Pressand John MacArthur, Jr.,1983-2007.
  14. 14. *Jamieson-Fausset-BrownBible Commentary*Barclays Daily Study Bible(NT)
  15. 15. *J. Vernon McGeesThru The BibleWiersbe Expository Outlines
  16. 16. Philippians 3:10
  17. 17. 10“that I may know Himand the power of Hisresurrection and thefellowship of His sufferings,being conformed to Hisdeath;” Philippians 3:10
  18. 18. “that I may know Him”:*Personally (intimately)*Powerfully (resurrection)*Passionately (sufferings)!
  19. 19. It is Christs resurrectionpower that sanctifies us todefeat temptation & trials,to lead a holy life, andto fruitfully proclaim theGospel.
  20. 20. Because we know Christ andhave had His righteousnessimputed on us, we havebeen given the Holy Spirit.*The same spiritual powerthat raised Jesus from the
  21. 21. dead now enables us toaccomplish the work Godhad sent us to do.*The resurrection was and isthe greatest display ofChrists power! (Rom 1:16)
  22. 22. Romans 1:1616 “ For I am not ashamedof the Gospel, for it is thepower of God for salvationto everyone who believes,”
  23. 23. Acts 1:88 “ but you will receivepower when the Holy Spirithas come upon you; and youshall be My witnesses bothin Jerusalem, and in all
  24. 24. Judea and Samaria, andeven to the remotest part ofthe earth.” Acts 1:8
  25. 25. “that I may know Him”:*Personally (intimately)*Powerfully (resurrection)*Passionately (sufferings)!
  26. 26. Philippians 3:10 c“and the fellowship of Hissufferings,”(know Him passionately).
  27. 27. The deepest moments ofspiritual fellowship with theliving Christ are at times ofintense suffering;suffering drives us to Him.
  28. 28. “If thou art willing to sufferno adversity, how wilt thoube the friend of Christ?” Thomas à Kempis
  29. 29. “Self pity comes when youlose the intimacy withJesus.” Stefan Salmonsson
  30. 30. Elisabeth Elliot:“Our vision is so limited wecan hardly imagine a lovethat does not show itself inprotection from suffering....The love of God did not
  31. 31. protect His own Son....He will not necessarilyprotect us either - not fromanything it takes to make uslike His Son.A lot of hammering and
  32. 32. chiseling and purifying byfire will have to go into theprocess.”Elisabeth ElliotElisabeth Elliots Website
  33. 33. David Wilkerson:“Jesus didnt save you soyou could cruise to heavenin a luxury liner.He wants you to be useful inHis kingdom!
  34. 34. The moment you got saved,He enrolled you in Hisschool - the school ofsuffering and affliction.”David WilkersonWorld Challenge,Inc. Online
  35. 35. Paul Billheimer:“All born-again people are intraining for rulership.Since the supreme law ofthat future social order,called the kingdom of God,
  36. 36. is agape love, thereforetheir apprenticeship andtraining is for the learning ofdeep dimensions of thislove.But deep dimensions of this
  37. 37. love are only learned in theschool of suffering.Purity is one thing, andmaturity is another.The latter comes onlythrough years of suffering.
  38. 38. If we suffer, we shall alsoreign - because where thereis little suffering, there islittle love; no suffering, nolove; no love, no rulership.” Paul Billheimer
  39. 39. “If we suffer, we shall alsoreign with Him” 2 Timothy 2:12 KJV
  40. 40. Lee Strobel:"The universe is a soulmaking machine, and partof that process is learning,maturing, and growingthrough difficult and
  41. 41. challenging and painfulexperiences.The point of our lives in thisworld isnt comfort, buttraining and preparation foreternity." Lee Strobel
  42. 42. Joy is not the absence ofsuffering.It is the presence of God.
  43. 43. Joni Eareckson Tada"Programs, systems andmethods sit well in the ivorytowers of monasteries or inthe wooden arms of icons.Head knowledge comes
  44. 44. from the pages of atheology text. But theinvitation to know God -truly know Him - is alwaysan invitation to suffer.Not to suffer alone, but to
  45. 45. suffer with Him." Joni Eareckson Tada
  46. 46. Joni Eareckson Tada:“Even though I have roughmoments in my wheelchair,for the most part I considermy paralysis a gift.Just as Jesus exchanged the
  47. 47. meaning of the Cross from asymbol of torture to one ofhope and salvation, He givesme the grace to do the samewith my wheelchair.If a cross can become a
  48. 48. blessing, so can awheelchair.The wheelchair, in a sense,is behind me now.The despair is over.There are now other crosses
  49. 49. to bear, other "wheelchairs"in my life to be exchangedinto gifts.”Joni Eareckson TadaJoni and Friends
  50. 50. "God loves you enough , trustsyou enough, to let afflictioncome into your life to seewhether you will exercise themuscles of faith while yourphysical muscles begin toatrophy." Rev. John Howe
  51. 51. Vance Havner said that weneed:“to comfort the afflicted & to afflict the comfortable.”
  52. 52. "There are no crown bearersin heaven that were notcross bearers on earth." Spurgeon
  53. 53. C. S. Lewis:“Pain insists upon beingattended to.God whispers to us in ourpleasures, speaks in ourconscience, but shouts in
  54. 54. our pains: it is Hismegaphone to rouse a deafworld.” C. S. Lewis
  55. 55. Our problems areopportunities to discoverGod’s solutions.Unknown
  56. 56. “You may never know thatJesus is all you need, untilJesus is all you have.” Corrie Ten Boom
  57. 57. Sadhu Sundar Singh:“Should pain and suffering,sorrow, and grief, rise uplike clouds and overshadowfor a time the Sun ofRighteousness and hide Him
  58. 58. from your view, do not bedismayed, for in the end thiscloud of woe will descend asshowers of blessing on yourhead, and the Sun ofRighteousness rise upon you
  59. 59. to set no more for ever.”Sadhu Sundar SinghShort BiographyMalachi 4:2
  60. 60. C. S. Lewis:“The great thing withunhappy times is to takethem bit by bit, hour byhour, like an illness.It is seldom the present, the
  61. 61. exact present, that isunbearable.” C. S. Lewis
  62. 62. “God never gives strengthfor tomorrow, or for thenext hour, but only for thestrain of the minute.”Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for His Highest
  63. 63. Walter A. Maier:“This is the purpose of painfor the redeemed: it is oneof your Fathers ways ofspeaking to you; it is theevidence of His limitless
  64. 64. love, by which He woulddraw you farther from eviland closer to Him, the divineremedy which can cure youof pride and help you leanmore trustingly on the
  65. 65. Lord.” Walter A. Maier
  66. 66. Peter Marshall:“It is a fact of Christianexperience that life is aseries of troughs and peaks.In His efforts to getpermanent possession of a
  67. 67. soul, God relies on thetroughs more than thepeaks. And some of hisspecial favourites have gonethrough longer and deepertroughs than anyone else.”
  68. 68. Sadhu Sundar Singh:“During an earthquake itsometimes happens thatfresh springs break out indry places with water whichquickens the land so that
  69. 69. plants can grow. In the sameway the shatteringexperiences of suffering cancause the living water towell up in a human heart.” Sadhu Sundar Singh
  70. 70. Brother Lawrence:“The sorest afflictions neverappear intolerable, exceptwhen we see them in thewrong light: when we seethem in the hand of God,
  71. 71. Who dispenses them; whenwe know that it is our lovingFather Who abases anddistresses us; our sufferingswill lose their bitterness andbecome even a matter of
  72. 72. consolation.” Brother Lawrence
  73. 73. Billy Graham:“Even if we may not alwaysunderstand why God allowscertain things to happen tous, we can know He is ableto bring good out of evil,
  74. 74. and triumph out ofsuffering.”Billy GrahamBilly Graham Organization
  75. 75. Peter Kreeft:“The greatest Christians inhistory seem to say thattheir sufferings ended upbringing them the closest toGod - so this is the best
  76. 76. thing that could happen, notthe worst.” Peter Kreeft Website