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Legodo Birt - The Benefits of PowerDocs


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Published in: Technology
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Legodo Birt - The Benefits of PowerDocs

  1. 1. BIRT PowerDocs I Benefits The Benefits of PowerDocs BIRT PowerDocs provides a bunch of benefits which we will summarize in the following categories. Fast Implementation Whether you want to use BIRT PowerDocs with Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, or some other system, it will only take a few minutes for us to set up a new instance and integrate your managed package (or custom button call). After that, you’re ready to create new data-driven correspondence directly from your CRM or ERP. To map custom objects or fields, simply select them from the pick lists in BIRT PowerDocs. No programming is required. Superior Data Retrieval BIRT PowerDocs features out-of-the-box integration with popular business systems such as Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Siebel, SAP, Sugar CRM, SQL databases, and any system with web service interface. BIRT PowerDocs also accepts file formats such as xml, csv, or txt as data. Unique among correspondence solutions, BIRT PowerDocs is able to retrieve, manipulate, and populate data from objects that are linked via a plurality of relations. You can quickly set up these relations within our intuitive point-and-click interface. Again, no programming is required. Sophisticated Rule Engine The BIRT PowerDocs rule engine gives you the power of flexibility. By embedding conditional statements in your correspondence templates, you have the ability to link document structure and content selection to the data that BIRT PowerDocs retrieves from the source system. In other words, BIRT PowerDocs can dynamically adapt each piece of correspondence according to individual customer information and produce highly personalized content. Whenever a user initiates a new piece of correspondence, BIRT PowerDocs executes the applicable template rules. The rules often require the user to enter additional information via dropdown menus or text fields before dispatching the completed document. We call this final information gathering process Interview Mode. Easy Document Editing Sometimes you may need to manually edit correspondence that you’ve generated from an BIRT PowerDocs template. If only light editing is required, you can open the BIRT PowerDocs editor in a browser window and use it to quickly make the changes. Our editor employs HTML5 technology so you can access it from any device (e.g., laptop, tablet, mobile). No local installation is required. If you need to make extensive changes to a piece of correspondence, we recommend using Microsoft Word, the de facto world standard for word processing..
  2. 2. BIRT PowerDocs I Benefits supported by: hosted by: powered by: +49 (0) 721 66 592-0 Contact & Support Multi Channel Delivery BIRT PowerDocs gives you the ability to dispatch correspondence to multiple customer channels simultaneously: email, print, text message, fax, ftp-file- server, CMIS-enabled content management systems, and more. One of our customers even uses BIRT PowerDocs to generate written messages for television broadcasts. Output document formats and channel selection can be left to the users’ discretion or made conditional on customer data — it’s all up to you. You set the rules for how correspondence is dispatched.. Enterprise-grade Batch Processing BIRT PowerDocs harnesses the power of the cloud to produce correspondence in virtually any quantity. Whether you’re creating several hundred documents or several million, there will always be sufficient computing resources available to quickly complete the job. Workflows and Process Integration BIRT PowerDocs can map workflows and approval processes, as well as all CRUD operations in the Salesforce system. By the Way If you need dynamically created charts based on the passed data or a legal electronic signature in your approval processes. It’s built in BIRT PowerDocs as well. Conclusion BIRT PowerDocs grew up in the enterprise software environment and now we brought this high class piece of software into the cloud. With all it’s features and functions it’s the only enterprise class software available in the cloud at an affordable price. Bottom-Line Benefits ■■ Salesforce1 Ready ■■ Lower Costs ■■ Control Over Where Data is Hosted ■■ Faster Communication ■■ Higher Efficiency ■■ Better Customer Service Try it for free! 30 days free trial.