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@JobAdviceSA Twitter Roundup: Finding work, CV's & Interviews


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A Twitter roundup of the best job advice tweets from @JobAdviceSA. Covering frequently asked questions related to finding work, cv's(resumes) & interviews.

Published in: Career
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@JobAdviceSA Twitter Roundup: Finding work, CV's & Interviews

  1. 1. @JOBADVICESA TWITTER ROUNDUP Covering: How to find work, CV’s and Interviews Compiled by
  2. 2. HOW TO SEARCH FOR WORK Here are some tips on the best ways to find work. 2
  3. 3. HOW CAN ONE SEARCH FOR JOBS ONLINE? @JOBLifeZA A3: Use LinkedIn. A lot. Spending as much time as you can on LinkedIn. Reach out to personal contacts on social media platforms. Be clear on what type of job you're looking for. Job boards and job listing websites. #JobAdviceSA @Van_Raath I have had good success searching for jobs online on @LinkedIn They have some good things on offer, worldwide #JobAdviceSA @TheDylanGraham A3)Via the many well known/trusted job sites - Jobvine,Career24,Ind eed,Career Portal.LinkedIn of course has plenty of jobs posted that one can browse through.Its always best to search sites that are well known and don't ask for any sort of fee to join #JobAdviceSA 3
  4. 4. HOW DOES ONE PREVENT GETTING SCAMMED THROUGH FAKE JOB POSTS? @TBS_Corp A. 2 First you need to check the company's website and online (social media) posts to see if there is anyone there. Also visit your Linked In to see if there is anyone from that company who is on it. H. R and Finance or interns should be there #JobAdviceSA 4
  5. 5. WHAT SHOULD ONE DO BEFORE SEARCHING FOR JOBS? @JOBlifeZA A2: Update your CV, update and clean up all social media accounts. Narrow your search in line with your career path, i.e. don't apply for every job under the sun. #JobAdviceSA @Van_Raath I always get people to check that their LinekdIn accounts match their CVs... This is very important! #JobAdviceSA 5
  6. 6. ABOUT YOUR CV How to whip your CV into tip top shape. 6
  7. 7. ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR CV, WHAT SHOULD YOUR NEXT STEPS BE? @kakesBaloyi A3: Spell check, grammar check. Have a list of companies that you would like to apply to and forward them your CV. Make sure you have a cover letter. Do not forget to register your CV on career platforms. #JobAdviceSA @JOBlifeZa A3: Don't just send out your CV blindly and hope for a miracle. Do your research, create a focused strategy to find the most suitable job, build a network, nurture relationships, strive to stand out above all the other CVs in the pile. #JobAdviceSA 7
  8. 8. SHOULD YOU INCLUDE A PHOTO ON YOUR CV AND WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF THIS? @kakesBaloyi A2: #JobAdviceSA some clients believe that if a candidate is well presented, well spoken and beautiful; the candidate will be able to attract clients. Some companies will request that the Recruitment agency only look for beautiful people even if they do not meet the job criteria. @JOBlifeZa A2: There's no problem in including a photograph, but only do so if it is professional and well- shot. No cropped photographs from birthday parties. A bad photo can ruin your chances of even being considered. #JobAdviceSA 8 @SciStaff_SA There is a stigma around concerning looks I agree with you, however, the well- respected companies do know that only a pretty face might get you through the door but it is the skills and knowledge that makes the sale BUT being well presented is a major deal #JobAdviceSA
  9. 9. WHAT ARE THE KEY THINGS YOUR CV MUST HAVE TO GUARANTEE YOU STAND OUT? @JOBlifeZa A1: As simple as it may sound: no spelling and grammar errors. Also: clear personal, education, and work history. Make sure that anyone can read your CV and clearly understand your skills and qualifications, without having to decipher confusion in your CV. #JobAdviceSA @kakesBaloyi A1: #JobAdviceSA it depends on the industry. If you are in the creative industry, the candidates CV should stand out and they should illustrate their profile. In other industries, the CV should be neatly structured not more than 5pages. 9 @YConnect_biz #JobAdviceSA Question 1 1. Your summary profile: why should they hire you, what is your Unique selling point? 2. Your job history: what have you done, and what key achievements do you have per position. 3. A Skills index -what skills can you demonstrate. Give them the high-level.
  10. 10. IF YOU HAVE NO WORK EXPERIENCE, WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD YOU INCLUDE ON YOUR CV? @TimJBarry A3. Have you volunteered for any organisation, are you a member of a church group, sports team or other social organisation? Put these on your CV as they may show experience and skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for #JobAdviceSA @SurenOUTSura nce A3: Learning Styles for learning new tasks, personal interests & hobbies, community & volunteer work etc. In an SA context family context (eg helped raise my younger siblings while single parent worked) academic & sports awards & achievements #JobAdviceSA 10 @JOBlifeZa A3: Include information about where you have studied - even a non- certified short course. Include your volunteer work. Be creative and tell a compelling story. #JobAdviceSA
  11. 11. WHO SHOULD YOU USE AS A REFERENCE IF YOU HAVE NEVER WORKED? CAN ONE USE A RELATIVE? @kakesBaloyi A1: #JobAdviceSA candidates can include a mentor, lecturer or educator, someone you have volunteered with. I personal would not include in family members that I have worked for. @JOBlifeZa A1: Good references are people who can vouch for your expertise and work ethic - even in a volunteer and internship capacity. Steer clear of family references unless there is a clear professional relationship - like a weekend job at your uncle's store. #JobAdviceSA 11
  12. 12. THE INTERVIEW Let’s calm those nerves, shall we? 12
  13. 13. HOW SHOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN AN INTERVIEW? @Van_Raath I think it is also good to describe yourself as a 'constant student of the world' - you can explain this as you being someone who is curious about the world around us and always waiting to keep up with industry trends #JobAdviceSA @kakesBaloyi A1: #JobAdviceSA Practice your response but make sure it comes naturally. I would describe who I am; for example: my qualities as an individual; my personalitie; leadership skills; charity work. 13 @JOBlifeZa A1: Talk about yourself in ways that relate to work in general, the job at hand, your experiences, and your ambitions. Every question in an interview, even personal ones, are designed to understand how to stand out from other candidates.
  14. 14. WHAT QUALITIES WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT IN AN INTERVIEW? @Van_Raath A person who starts with a firm handshake and looks me i the eye is off to a great start in an interview! #JobAdviceSA @kakesBaloyi A3: #JobAdviceSA Confidence - make eye contact while you answer; don’t be afraid to smile while talking. Express how happy you are to be considered for the position. Point out - how your skills would benefit the company. 14 @auqmy The handshake is a winner. #JobAdviceSA
  15. 15. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW OR ASSESSMENT? @kakesBaloyi A:4 #JobAdviceSA Identify the skills, interests and experiences that the organisation is looking. Find out about the people who'll interview you. Research the issues, trends and opportunities affecting the organisation. Prepare answers to common interview questions. @YConnect_biz A4: Look at the job profile and see what skills are needed. Would they be able to make you write a test to check those levels, or do a role-play? Some companies even want you to set appointments, send calendar invites or write a program or sell something. #JobAdviceSA 15 @Van_Raath Always make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before so you are fresh and clear minded #JobAdviceSA
  16. 16. ALWAYS HAVE QUESTIONS READY FOR THE INTERVIEW. WHAT QUESTIONS CAN YOU ASK? @TheDylanGraha m You could ask about the company culture,the type of environment or atmosphere in which you could potentially be employed in,but as above don't ask about benefits or salaries it doesn't really give off a good 1st impression #JobadviceSA @JOBlifeZa A4: Smart questions: What will be required of me on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. How will my performance be measured? What scope is there for learning and development in my role? Is there a career roadmap available? #JobAdviceSA 16 @Van_Raath I would not ask about slary or benefits or if you can work from home!! Try and find this all out before the interview from the Recruiter or from people who you know work at the company #JobAdviceSA
  17. 17. THANKS! Any questions? Find us at: @joblifeza 17
  18. 18. CREDITS Special thanks to all those that contributed their knowledge: ▹ @JobAdviceSA ▹ @Van_Raath ▹ @kakesBaloyi ▹ @auqmy ▹ @YConnect_biz ▹ @SurenOutSurance ▹ @TimJBarry ▹ @SciStaff_SA ▹ @TBS_Corp ▹ @TheDylanGraham 18