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Course activecomputech web development


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ActiveComputech, Hyderabad Provides online training in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization. Visit for more information or drop a mail to

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Course activecomputech web development

  1. 1. OffersCareer Oriented Professional Training Cell : +91 9030455365 Email :
  2. 2. PHP / MySQLIntroduction to PHP MySQL PHP Functionsî Intro to Dynamic Websites & Scripting î PHP Functionsî Introduction to PHP & MySQL î Creating & Modifying Arraysî Configuring and Testing software. î Processing Arrays with Loopsî XAMPP and WAMPP Installation î Group Form Selection with Array î Array Functions/ PHP FunctionsHTML Conceptsî Markup Languages î Processing User-Defined Functionsî Syntax of HTML & HTML Tags PHP Advanced Conceptsî HTML Forms and Form Elements î Reading & Write Data î Testing File AttributesPHP Programming Basics î Manage Session,Use Session Variableî Syntax of PHP î Create & Register Session Variablesî Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP î Destroying a Sessionî Using PHP Variables î Storing Data in Cookiesî Understanding Data Types & Operators î Set Cookies & Retrieving Cookie Dataî Writing Statements & Comments î Dealing with Dates and Timesî Use Conditional Statement & Loop î Executing External Programs.Introduction to DB - MySQL Databaseî Understanding an RDBMS Working with MySQL DB & Tablesî Introduction to MySQL Database î Creating MySQL Databasesî Understanding Table, Records, & Fields î Create Tables Specify Field Data Typesî Understanding Primary & Foreign Keys î Selecting Most Appropriate Data Typeî Understanding SQL and SQL Queries î Adding Field Modifiers and Keysî Understanding Database Normalization î Selecting a Table Type & Alter Tablesî Using MySQL Command-Line Client î Alter Table & Field Names & Properties î Altering Table TypesSQL and Performing Queries î Back Up & Restore Databases & Tablesî Insert Records Edit & Delete Records î Using PHPmyAdmin Toolî Performing Queriesî Use Operators, Filter/Sort Records Working with PHP & MySQLî Using Built-In Functions î Managing Database Connectionsî Grouping Records î Performing Queriesî Joining Tables Using Subqueries î Processing Result Setsî Using Table and Column Aliases î Queries Which Return Data î Queries That Alter Data î Trouble Shooting / Handling Errors Duration : 1 Month | Fees : Rs. 4000 î Using Ancillary Functions
  3. 3. Javascript / AJAXJava Script JavaScript Objectsî Introduction to Java Script î Creating & Specifying Objectsî Variables, operators, loops î Setting & Querying Objectsî Using Objects, Events î Miscellaneous Object Informationî Common java script functions JavaScript and the DOMî Java Script Validations î Understanding the DOMIntroduction to AJAX training î Client Side Document Object Hierarchyî What is AJAX? Using the Hidden Frames Techniqueî Why use AJAX? î Understanding iFrames î Updating iFramesDefining look and feel usingCascading Style Sheets (CSS) AJAX with XMLHttpRequestî CSS Basics î Using XMLHttpRequestî CSS Selectors î XMLHttpRequest Methodsî Pseudo Selectors î XMLHttpRequest Object Propertiesî CSS Styles & AJAX î Form Field Validation î AJAX Restrictions & LimitationsJavaScript Lexical Structureî Case Sensitivity î XMLHttpRequest Wrap-Upî Literals On-the-fly Field Validation with AJAXî Identifiers î Incremental Field Validationî The Assignment Operator î Implementing Incremental Validationî Reserved Wordsî Data Types Using JavaScript Object Notation î About JSONî Logical Operators î Using JSMX with JSONî The Switch Statement î A JSON/JSMX Exampleî The Function Statementî The return Statement Periodic Refresh with AJAXî More on Functions î Understanding Periodic Refreshî Function Assignment î Implementing Timeoutsî Function Arguments Incremental Page Loads î Why do Incremental Loads? î Implementing Incremental Loading Working with the XML DOM Duration : 1 Month | Fees : Rs. 6000 î The XML DOM
  4. 4. Joomla CMSIntroduction to CMS Menu Management in Joomlaî Introduction to CMS î Creating Menu in Joomlaî Structure of CMS î Menu types in Joomlaî Types of CMS (Files & Database) î Menu Parametersî Introduction to Joomla î Menu Trashî Advantages of using Joomla î Menu Modulesî Features of Joomla CMS Joomla Modulesî Joomla Versions (1.0 & 1.5) î Install and Uninstall ModulesJoomla Installation î Module Managerî Installation of XAMPP î Default Joomla Modulesî Joomla Installation Requirements î Module Positions & Parametersî Installing Joomla on Local System î Components and Pluginsî Installing Joomla on Windows î Using Componentsî Installing Joomla in Linux î Banners, Contact, News Feed Polls,î Troubleshooting Installation î Search and Web Links Plug-in ManagerJoomla Terminology and Concepts Joomla Template Designî Joomla Frontend and Backend î Introduction to Joomla Templatesî Menus, Articles, Sections, Categories îTemplate Manager Installing Joomlaî Extensions in Joomla îTemplates Customizing Joomla Template (Frontend & Backend) îUser positions in Joomla Custom Joomlaî Modules, Components & Plug-in îTemplate Adding Styles to JoomlaJoomla Admin Settings îTemplate Common Errors in Templatesî Global Configuration Settings Extensions in Joomlaî User Management in Joomla î Top 50 Extensions in Joomlaî Managing Media with Media Manager îEcommerce with Virtue MartJoomla Admin Settings îSEO Extensions in Joomlaî Section Manager îLanguage Manager (Multi Language Site)î Category Manager îSocial Networking Extensionsî Creating Articles in Joomla (Editors) îSecurity and Backup Extensionsî Article Parameters in Joomla îPremium Extensions in Joomlaî Archive Managerî Front Page Managerî Article Trash Duration : 1 Month | Fees : Rs. 5000
  5. 5. We are glad to inform our studentsthat they may enjoy learning all these courses from their offices / home / college online. The quality of sessions will remain intact as we offer all these course online with high speed internet connectivity. Happy e-Learning ! Please kindly add Rs. 1000 to the specified fee-structure to avail Online Course Cell : +91 9030455365 Email :
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