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Web Designing


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We\'ve also earned a reputation for combining commercial and environmental graphics expertise with technological leadership and a passion.

OUR PASSION IS TO BE VISUALLY CREATIVE ... Hyderabad Web Design Printing & Web Design in Hyderabad. Featured in the National Corporate Identity Graphic Design.

The short answer is high quality, lower prices, and great service.

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Web Designing

  1. 1. rai ning nli ne T OSITE LAYOUT DEVELOPMENT IN PHOTOSHOPOrganizing is a vital part of your work process, especially when developing Web sites.PREPARING IMAGES FOR THE WEBMany designers use Photoshop or Illustrator to prepare their images for the Web. You can use image slicingto create the page and insert each slice into Dreamweaver. Additionally, you can create the design inPhotoshop, slice the important images, and use the background color of the page to fill in the solid colorspaces. For some designs, you may want to change the background color of the page to match a color inthe image. You can check the hexadecimal number for the color in Photoshop’s Color Picker, and use it inDreamweaver to match the page background color to your image. The use of graphics on the Web involvesdifferent considerations than more traditional printed media. Print media requires high-resolution images toproduce quality color printed material. Web sites, on the other hand, require graphics that are as small in filesize as possible yet still retain an acceptable appearance. The file size of the HTML document and imagesin the page must be as small as possible to optimize file download time. Let’s explore ways to minimizegraphics.INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL STYLE SHEETSCascading style sheets (CSS) are becoming the new standard for Web design. CSS allow Web developersthe ability to control the layout of the entire Web site with less effort, by making global changes in a Web sitemuch more quickly and efficiently.WEB SITE DEVELOPMENTOnce you have optimized your images, you will begin to insert them in to your Web pages usingDreamweaver.TESTING AND UPLOADING YOUR WEBSITETest the site on different platforms, and use various browsers within the requirements to be sure the sitefunctions and appears as planned. Take notes on any differences your site may experience when opened indifferent browsers. | mail : | Cell : +919030455365