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Machine Learning use cases in Telecom - Cognitive Computing Meetup


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Describes Machine learning and predictive analytics applied to telecom use cases. Maps cognitive computing concepts to machine learning.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Machine Learning use cases in Telecom - Cognitive Computing Meetup

  1. 1. 1 Machine Learning use cases in Telecom ~~~ Sai Devulapalli, Dir. of Data Analytics Market Development Ericsson Inc. July 21 6:30 PM to 8PM Call: 605-475-5950 Code: # Remote Page Login: Physical Meeting... Improving Enterprises 16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 110 Addison, TX 75001, Addison, TX
  2. 2. Cognition in Telecom  Memory – Store results and outcomes  Learning – Supervised and unsupervised  Judgment – Cost functions  Perception – Behavioral Signature detection  Multi-modal – Social networks to Radio networks  Reasoning – Decision trees and rules © 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 2IBM ResearchAlmadenChinaAustinTokyoHaifaZurichIndiaDublinMelbourneBra zilWatsonKenya
  3. 3. Machine Learning in Telecom  Predictions about….  Customers – Behavior, Experience, Churn  Devices – Uptake, Performance, Failure  Networks – Performance, Failure  Campaigns – Uptake, Network Impact  Services – Uptake, Performance, Failure, Network Impact  Customer Segmentation and recommendations Machine vs. Management Machine as tursted advisor to Management
  4. 4. Data Sources and Use-cases Mobile Device Agent Data CDR/Billing Data CRM Data Network Performance Data Social Media Data Service Experience Data Network Asset Data (Inventory, NFV Assets, etc.) M2M Data DataAnalyticsFramework Data Sources CostFocusedRevenueFocused Predictive Network Operations Customer Experience Management Proactive Care Self Care Single Pane of Glass Centralized SON M2M Analytics Retention Analytics Customer Segmentation/Upsell External Data Monetization Predictive Inventory/Logistics Use Cases Customer Centric Network Ops