Whats New in FME Desktop 2010


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This presentation outlines the key new features and enhancements in FME Desktop 2010.

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Whats New in FME Desktop 2010

  1. 1. Introducing FME 2010
  2. 2. Dataset and Workspaces for this Presentation To download the data and FME workspaces used for this session, please visit: www.safe.com/aboutus/events/2010-An-FME- Odyssey/downloads/NewDesktop2010.zip
  3. 3. 2010: An FME Odyssey
  4. 4. Missing Coordinate Systems
  5. 5. Introducing FME 2010 … Is The Answer
  6. 6. Introducing FME 2010 FME 2010 Move Data Faster
  7. 7. Introducing FME 2010 FME 2010 Move Data Faster Faster Running Faster Learning Faster Authoring
  8. 8. Faster Running FME 2010 is faster than FME 2009: 8% faster overall Raster 5% faster while using about ½ as much memory 20% performance faster on multi-core Windows machines Large workspaces open 20% faster
  9. 9. Faster Learning Startup screen gives up- to-date tips on how to learn and use FME Automatic Transformer Help Direct connect to resources on fmepedia
  10. 10. Faster Authoring Quick Add Transformers To Workspaces Workbench Search Improved Workbench layout Check for Updates
  11. 11. Faster Authoring Via Dynamics Before
  12. 12. Faster Authoring Via Dynamics After
  13. 13. The Dynamic Duo Part I - Merge Feature Types Reader option to merge all features into 1 data flow.
  14. 14. The Dynamic Duo Part II - Dynamic Schema Writer option to generate output schema at run-time.
  15. 15. The Dynamic Duo Easily Generate Workspaces Independent of Data Model
  16. 16. Generics Format Independent Workspaces Reader and/or writer format determined at runtime.
  17. 17. All Together Now… Generic Technology Workspaces can be independent of format! Dynamic Technology Workspaces can be independent of schema! Use Together Workspaces can be independent of format and schema
  18. 18. Generics And Dynamics Format Data Model 18
  19. 19. Attain Greater Productivity Generic and Dynamics Remember that all 3 concepts can be used independently or combined!
  20. 20. More Data at your Fingertips FME 2010 now enables you to work with 250 different formats ! 3D greatly expanded in terms of # of formats and capabilities. Many enhancements to existing formats Working with XML/GML data easier than ever before.
  21. 21. Types of Data Supported Translate from one format to another Transform into the data model you need Integrate different data types at once Deliver data to users in the structure & format they desire Presentation Title 21 Safe Overview 21
  22. 22. Formats By Release 250 250 225 210 200 191 182 162 150 154 136137 123 112 100 94 93 99 63 67 57 50 46 29 33 17 9 0
  23. 23. New Formats Bathymetric Attributed Grid OS VectorMap Local (BAG) R Statistical Data (RDATA) Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 R Statistical Data (RDATA) Raster COLLADA SAS (Statistical Analysis ESRI Mapping Specification System) for CAD (MSC) IBM PASW (SPSS) .sav File Copy Schema (Any Format) ESRI Geodatabase Raster Dataset Google SketchUp Generic Reader SQLite Spatial (FDO) Teradata Spatial Version 12 NGDC Hydrographic Surveys Data Exchange (HYD93) Space Delimited XYZ Presagis .flt (OPENFLIGHT)
  24. 24. Statistics Formats Added Leverage Power of statistics packages Statistics formats SPSS R SAS
  25. 25. Data Model is King Interoperability requires solving *both* the format problem and the data model problem Semantic data translation is key! 25
  26. 26. Attain Greater Productivity More powerful transformers New and enhanced transformers to make your job easier Based on customer feedback Demo: New TestFilter New tester family New filter family New styling family
  27. 27. New Transformers (I) AngularityCalculator FMEServerWorkspace MRF2DConflator Runner AppearanceAdder MRF2DDangleRemover FilenamePartExtractor AppearanceExtractor MRF2DDuplicateRemover GeometryNameExtractor AppearanceRemover MRF2DExtender GeometryNameRemover AppearanceStyler MRF2DGeneralizer GeometryNameSetter AttributeRangeFilter MRF2DIntersector IndividualGeometriesFilter AttributeRangeMapper MRF2DJoiner IndividualGeometriesSetter AttributeValueMapper MRF2DShortGeometry KMLPropertySetter Remover ConvexityFilter KMLRegionSetter MeasureRemover DensityCalculator KMLTimeSetter MinimumAreaForcer DirectTweeter KMLTourBuilder Displacer KMLViewSetter FMEServerJobSubmitter LeftRightSpatialCalculator FMEServerJobWaiter
  28. 28. New Transformers (II) NetworkCostCalculator StreamOrderCalculator NetworkFlowOrientor StreamPriorityCalculator NetworkTopologyBuilder StringConcatenator PDFStyler SurfaceReverser PlanarityFilter TestFilter ProxixGeocoder TextureCoordinateSetter RasterBandNameSetter TweetSearcher RasterBandNodataRemover Tweeter RasterCellValueCalculator TwitterStatusFetcher RasterExtentsCoercer URLDecoder RasterPaletteAdder URLEncoder RasterPaletteExtractor WebMapTiler RasterSingularCellValueCalculator WhiteStarLeaseBuilder ShortestPathFinder XMLTemplater Snipper
  29. 29. Writing Complex XML XMLTemplater transformer
  30. 30. 3D Taken to New Heights Access Data in more 3D Formats Autodesk 3ds Google Sketchup COLLADA Presagis OpenFlight
  31. 31. The Importance of Textures
  32. 32. The Importance of Textures
  33. 33. 3D Taken to New Heights Easier to work with 3D data! Develop more realistic visualizations in a fraction of the time Deliver more valuable insights to decision makers
  34. 34. Take This… Safe Software 34
  35. 35. …And Make This
  36. 36. ..Or Something Like This… 36
  37. 37. Make Data More Accessible Make spatial data available to more people Enhanced support for popular data sharing formats KML enhancements PDF enhancements XML enhancements Share data with more non-GIS users
  38. 38. Coordinate Systems FME 2010 has enhanced coordinate system support 1,850+ more coordinate systems FME now supports 5,300+ coordinate systems
  39. 39. Deploy where you need to Choose your platform for deploying FME technology: Windows 32 bit / 64* bit Linux 32 bit / 64 bit Solaris Remove the restrictions to interoperability across your chosen platforms *Support for Windows 64 bit is a technology preview in FME 2010
  40. 40. Thank You!