SSNZ - Auckland Newsletter/Panui March issue 27


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SSNZ - Auckland Newsletter/Panui March issue 27

  1. 1. Settlement Support New Zealand Auckland City – Tāmaki-makau-rau Poutu te rangi (March) 2011/Issue 27 Haere Mai, Nau Mai, Haere Mai Kei te pēhea koutou? How are you all? Welcome to the twenty-seventh Settlement Support New Zealand—Auckland City Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with information about what Settlement Support – Auckland City does, and where you can find information about employment, education, health services and many other aspects of settling in New Zealand. This is also an opportunity to share with you the services and activities available around Auckland City. Bevan Chuang, Settlement Please feel free to pass on this newsletter onto friends, family and community Support Coordinator – Auckland City colleagues.Updates from Settlement Support New Zealand – Auckland City Client and Service Providers Enquiries 177 people visited SSNZ Auckland City/ARMS Three Kings during February 2011 Of these figures, 133 were first time clients. Nearly 40% of the clients contacted SSNZ Auckland about finding employment; 10% wanted information about cultural/community and Learning English, and around 6% wanted information about Employment Rights and Daily Life. The majority of our clients in February were from China (23%), India (17%), Philippines (8%), Sri Lanka (6%) and Japan, New Zealand, and USA around 2 – 3%. Many of them have permanent residence in New Zealand, 20% were family members of skilled migrants, 21% were skilled migrants, 7% with work-to-residentspermits. 19% had work permits, 12% with student permits, 4% on visitor permits and 3% from overseas.Almost 52% of the clients had been in New Zealand less than 2 years, with 13% having been here longer than 2 years and 27%more than 5 years.There were 8 service providers to service providers’ referrals from 5 service providers, related to financial assistant,interpreters/translators, rental/temporary accommodation.Christchurch Earthquake Support in AucklandTogether with Ivan Yeo from Mental Health Foundation, Jessica Phuang from Settling In, Ministry of Social Development, SSNZAuckland and ARMS had coordinated a meeting looking at Canterbury Earthquake Support here in Auckland. After theearthquake, an estimated 70,000 people have evacuated from Christchurch and approximately 1/3 of evacuees will end up inAuckland ( There are currently three reception centres in Auckland, at Auckland airport, Lambie Drive inManukau Road, and Whenuapai, and at least 2,000 have registered at the centres.The purpose of the meeting is to coordinate all services that have the capacities and abilities to provide services to evacuees andhelpers of migrants and refugees background. The first meeting attracted more than 25 attendees from NGOs, health, religiousorganisations, central and local government agencies. Some of the issues raised included cultural appropriateness,accommodation matching, post-traumatic assistance, exhaustion, etc.A weekly meeting have been scheduled. If you would like further information or be involved, please contact Bevan Chuang or (09) 625 3093.History of Immigration in New ZealandA new current affairs show by TVNZ7 called Hindsight, which looks at current issues through the lens of history, examined thehistory of immigration in New Zealand in the recent episode. You can check it out on:
  2. 2. NewsFAQs for people affected by the EarthquakeEarthquake Government HelplineGovernment Helpin: 0800 77 999 7Child Youth and Family: 0508 326 459Immigration MattersPlease contact the contact centre on 0508 55 88 55. It’s open between 7am and 7pm seven days a week. You can visit for further information.Settlement Support for newcomers  SSNZ Auckland on 09 625 3093  SSNZ Manukau on 09 262 5983  SSNZ North Shore on 09 480 9625  SSNZ Waitakere on 09 837 4273Missing Persons InformationPlease call 0800 733 276Embassies/High Commissions and ConsulatesYou can visit the website for a full list of consular contacts and services.Interpreting Services  Interpreting New Zealand: 0508 468 377  Refugees As Survivors: 0800 472 769 (Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic or Burmese)  CAB Language Link: 0800 78 88 77  Language Line: 0800 5656 656Counselling Services  Lifeline: 0800 543 354  Chinese Lifeline: 0800 888 880 or 09 522 2088  Asian Family Hotline (by Problem Gambling Foundation): 0800 862 342  Chinese New Settlers Services Trust: 09 570 1188 or  Affinity Services: 09 526 0320  Relationship Services: 0800 735 283  Auckland Regional Migrant Services: 09 625 2440Volunteers  Auckland Regional Migrant Services are looking for volunteers to assist with post-quake response. Please contact 09 625 2440.  Volunteering Auckland is also looking for volunteers to assist organisations such as Red Cross and Salvation Army. Please contact 09 377 7887.International Students  National Tertiary Education Consortium (NTEC) would like to assist schools and students affected by offering places in their existing course and classes.  Drop-in Services available at the Auckland Central Library. Contact Jessica Phuang, Project Manager, International Students, Ministry of Social Development at 09 632 9425 or 027 478 2155.For further and up-to-date information, please visit our website
  3. 3. What’s Coming Up? Workshops *All free and conducted in English unless otherwise stated. Job Search Workshop 1st and 14th February, 9.30am—3.00pm Workshop to assist with your job search. Held in conjunction with Career Services and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and other agencies. Legal Clinics Fridays, 9.30am—12.00pm Heval Hylan, Principal of Hylan Law Barrister & Solicitor, will be providing free 10-minutes legal advice on immigration, family law, contract, trusts and other areas of law in general. Free Counselling Services to support newcomers to New Zealand Fridays, 9.30am – 12.30pm Making a new life in a foreign country can sometimes be difficult to cope with and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Talking with someone who understands may help you to make sense of what’s happening and assist you to move forward with confidence and hope. Bookings Essential Free English Advisory Clinics Tuesdays, 10.30am – 12.30pm Do you have questions about your English skills? Do you require referral to suitable providers and course? Our English language Advisor can provide you with a 20 minutes consultation and referrals to suitable providers and courses. Note: For individual consultation and assessment, please contact ARMS Reception for further information. Banking and Finance Workshop Wednesday 23rd March, 9.00am – 3.00pm Learn about New Zealand’s CV styles, and what Banking & Finance interview is like. Gain knowledge on NZ Employers perspectives on banking and finance related skills. Learn on tips & practical information on job searching in banking and finance industries. Gain knowledge on the expectation of recruitment agencies. Treaty of Waitangi Workshop Saturday, 26th March, 9.00am – 3.00pm Learn more about the history of New Zealand. Find out what the Treaty of Waitangi means for you as a new New Zealander. Learn how to respond to questions about the Treaty in job interviews. Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. HR Seminar Thursday, 31st March, 9.00am – 3.00pm Learn about New Zealand Human Resources, Human Resources interview tips, New Zealand employment legislation, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.For more information or to register contact ARMS on 09 625 2440 or Have you been forwarded this newsletter? If you would like to change your subscription details or unsubscribe email If youve been forwarded this newsletter and you wish to subscribe email Have you got any suggestions or feedback about the newsletter? Please email
  4. 4. Auckland Fact SheetAuckland Welfare Advisory Group 2 March 2011Where to find help in AucklandIf you have just arrived in Auckland from Christchurch there are many agencies that can help you, yourfamily and whānau following the earthquake. Here’s a brief outline of the services and support available inAuckland.Emergency assistance  Call the Earthquake Government Helpline on 0800 779 997 for information and emergency financial support. Its open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If you arrive at Auckland Airport, you can get emergency assistance at the Auckland reception centre, located at Faith City Church, 13 Lambie Drive, Manukau. There is a shuttle from the airport to this reception centre.  If you arrive at Whenuapai Airport, you can get immediate assistance at the Whenuapai Reception Centre when you get off the plane.  The reception centres are staffed by a range of agencies who can provide immediate support. These include the Auckland Council, Red Cross, Victim Support and the Ministry of Social Development.Help finding accommodationAuckland Council is providing assistance to people affected by the Christchurch earthquake. You willreceive help with emergency temporary accommodation for up to three days and may also be linked withother agencies. To access this assistance visit one of the three reception centres that are located atAuckland Airport, Whenuapai Airport and the Faith City Church, 13, Lambie Drive, Manukau. They areopen from 8.30am-10pm daily with extended opening hours for later flights.Housing New Zealand can help you find emergency temporary accommodation and longer-termaccommodation. Contact them on 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700). Auckland property owners orhouseholds with accommodation to offer can also call this number. For more information go towww.housinghelp.govt.nzCivil Defence paymentsYou may be eligible for Civil Defence payments, which are available for a range of circumstances. Forexample, if you’ve had to leave your home as a result of the quake then Civil Defence payments can helpyou with accommodation costs. They can assist with the purchase of essential and emergency items, andare also available for those who have suffered a loss of income.To find out about payments, call the Government Helpline on 0800 779 997.Other financial assistanceYou can contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009. All locations are open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to5:00 pm, Wednesday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, unless listed otherwise. To see a list of where these offices arelocated go to the web site
  5. 5. Medical and pharmaceutical servicesIf you are unwell or need a prescription, please go to the general medical centre closest to the place youare currently staying. They will be able to assist with general health needs. If you’re staying with friends orfamily, please use their GP.For repeat prescriptions, please go directly to a community pharmacy. Take your medication in pharmacylabelled packaging, or documentation concerning your prescribed medication and current identification.If you are pregnant, please contact the maternity department of the nearest District Health Board.For any health inquiries please contact Health Line on 0800 611 116, 24 hours.Support and counselling servicesIf you, your family or someone you know needs someone to talk to, we can put you in touch with a range ofsupport and counselling services for free. For someone to talk to call 0800 777 846.Alternatively, you can go to the Family Services Directory, an online database of family support servicesat www.familyservices.govt.nzAdditional Auckland support and counselling providers are listed below:The Red Cross is based at the Auckland reception centres at Lambie Drive, Manukau, and WhenuapaiAirport or you can go to Support provides support and counselling 24 hours a day on 0800 Victim (842 846) or you can goto Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provides free information, advice, support and advocacy. Telephone0800 367 222 for a CAB near you or go to You can also call the CAB Language Link on0800 78 88 77 (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm) if you need help with a language other than English.SchoolingThe Ministry of Education’s website is the best source for up-to-date information about schools and earlychildhood centres, go to Students are able to attend the school in the zone of theiraccommodation. Schools should be informed of any special education requirements so suitable supportcan be arranged.If you have any education related enquiries you can also contact the Ministry of Education on 0800 225580 or emailāori support servicesAll enquiries for Iwi and Māori support, please contact Te Puni Kōkiri on 0800 875 839 or go SupportFor migrants and refugees there is support available. Language Line is available on the GovernmentHelpline or you can call the settlement support helpline 0800 776 948. Settlement Support New Zealandprovides support, advice and links to the services that new migrants need.