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SSNZ Auckland Newsletter September issue 22

  1. 1. Settlement Support New Zealand Auckland City – Tāmaki-makau-rau He tōtara wāhi rua he kai n ate toki (“a split tōtara is easy prey to the axe” – keep together, in division is defeat.) Mahuru (September)/Issue 22 2010 Haere Mai, Nau Mai, Haere Mai Kei te pēhea koutou? How are you all? Welcome to the twenty-second Settlement Support New Zealand—Auckland City Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with information about what Settlement Support – Auckland City does, and where you can find information about employment, education, health services and many other aspects of settling in New Zealand. This is also an opportunity to share with you the Bevan Chuang, services and activities available around Auckland City. Settlement Support Coordinator – Please feel free to pass on this newsletter onto friends, family and community Auckland City colleagues. Updates from Settlement Support New Zealand – Auckland City Presentations SSNZ Auckland City presented at Our Lady Sacred Heart School, a primary school located in Epsom. 6 classes of children aged 5 years old were asked to share their knowledge about new migrants and what they could do to help newcomers settled in the new country. It was interesting to see how diverse the classes were and how much the children know about new migrants. Korean Health & Wellbeing Forum The first Korean Health & Wellbeing Forum was held by Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Korean Society of Auckland Inc on the 7th August. The Forum was held to address the needs of the community to learn more about services available to assist them. You can read more about it on: Client and Service Providers Enquiries 252 people visited SSNZ Auckland City/ARMS Three Kings during August 2010. Close to 40% of the enquiries were related to finding employment in New Zealand, followed by cultural/community and financial assistance. Many of last month’s clients were from India (57) and China (38), followed by the Philippines (19), Fiji and Sri Lanka (each 15).Close to half (44%) of the clients seen in August were Permanent Residents while approximately 25% were New Zealand Citizens and Temporary Permit Holders (e.g. work permits). More than 40% of the clients have lived in New Zealand for less than 2 years. There were enquiries from four service providers, related to employment, translators and interpreters, housing and accommodation, and tertiary education providers. Permanent Long Term Arrival (PLT) to New Zealand – Statistics New Zealand Seasonally adjusted net PLT migration was 1,000 in July 2010, up from 100 in June 2010. Of the PLT arrivals, 30,000 were Australian or New Zealand Citizens. Of the 51,900 who required a permit, 19,500 arrived on work permits; 15,100 arrived on student permits; 13,000 arrived on residence permit, and 3,800 arrived on visitor permit. According to Statistics New Zealand, there were fewer arrivals on each of these permit types compared with July 2009 year, the biggest decrease being 3,600 fewer arrivals on work permits. Net migration to New Zealand was 15,200, compared to 14,500 in July 2009. Net inflow of migrants from United Kingdom was 6,800, down from 9,300 the previous years. Net inflows from India were 5,600 and China 3,500. For more information visit:
  2. 2. Updates from Department of Labour Check out VisaView This service allows New Zealand employers to access records held by Immigration New Zealand and to check whether a person who is not a New Zealand citizen is entitled to work in New Zealand. Under the Immigration Act 2009 (and the Immigration Act 1987), an employer must not employ a foreign national who is not entitled to work in New Zealand or entitled to work for that employer. This applies whether or not the employer knew that the foreign national was not entitled to work. The Department has developed an online service (VisaView) that will let an employer check a prospective employee’s entitlement to work in New Zealand for that employer. The Department has developed a guide to help employers check work entitlement and a work entitlement checklist. The Department’s Contact Centre (0508 WORK NZ) is also available to assist with queries. New Immigration Act commences 29 November 2010 As an employer, your obligations under the Immigration Act 2009 remain essentially the same as under the Immigration Act 1987: you must not employ a non-New Zealand citizen who is not entitled to work in New Zealand. The Immigration Act 2009 will come into effect on 29 November 2010. The key change for employers in the Immigration Act 2009 is that holding an IR 330 form will no longer be a “reasonable excuse” for employing a non-New Zealand citizen who is not entitled to work in New Zealand. Instead, you will have to show that you took “reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence” to check whether they are entitled to work in New Zealand. The Department of Labour wants to support you to meet your obligations, and is doing this in a number of ways. An online system which will allow you to easily obtain information on a potential employee’s work entitlement has been introduced. The system is called ‘VisaView’ and will enable all New Zealand employers to enquire about the work entitlement of a job applicant who is a foreign national. You will simply need to provide information such as a passport number and the last name of the applicant. VisaView will check against the Department’s database and in most cases provide you with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, together with any specific work conditions that may apply. VisaView also maintains a history of your enquiries, which will be a useful way for you to demonstrate due diligence in relation to Immigration Act requirements. The Department has also developed ‘A guide to help employers check work entitlement’ and ‘Work entitlement checklist’’. These were put together in close consultation with employers from around New Zealand. Queries regarding employer obligations under the Immigration Act 2009 can be sent to Visit: New Publications Immigrant Selection and the Returns to Human Capital in New Zealand and Australia: and Transition to Permanent Residence - Job outcomes of work permit holders: Skill Shortage List Good news for skilled migrants! Long Term and Immediate Skill Shortage list has been updated and widen. Check it out on: (Long Term Skill Shortage) and (Immediate Skill Shortage)
  3. 3. Community Notices Reaching out to communities Auckland Disability Law ( is a free community legal service in the Auckland region. There are 26 Community Law Centres ( around New Zealand. Auckland Disability Law specializes in disability law and provides professional legal advice for the disabled community of Auckland. Auckland Disability Law works with disabled people, their families, disability groups and legal professionals. We are the newest Community Law Centre in New Zealand, and were set up in 2007 by the Legal Services Agency ( to assist with the unmet legal needs of the disabled people in the region. Having formally launched services in May 2008 we are the only Law Centre in the country that specializes in disability law. As a service provider we operate from the social model and this view is reflected by the following definition: Disability is not something individuals have. What individuals have are impairments. They may be physical, sensory, neurological, psychiatric, intellectual or other impairments. Disability is the process which happens when one group of people create barriers by designing a world only for their way of living, taking no account of the impairments other people have.” (Minister of Disability Issues, 2002, p. 7) So what is it that we actually do as a service? Our work involves providing access to legal information, advice and assistance. We host workshops on various legal issues such as the Mental Health Act, and Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act (PPPR). Auckland Disability Law also has a focus on law reform through bringing the disabled people together and encouraging people to have their say about the issues that affect our community. For more information on our work please visit our website: If you think Auckland Disability Law might be able to assist you please feel free to send us an email on; call (09) 257 5140 or text 027 457 5140. Taste of Japan 10:00am – 16:00pm 25th September 2010 Logan Campbell Centre, ASB Showgrounds Greenlane West Road, Auckland
  4. 4. Info: or Info: or Would you like the chance to give your opinions as a ‘New to Auckland Advisor’? ARMS is contacting you as someone who used settlement support services in the last 5 years. th On Saturday 11 September we are hosting an open forum for people to tell us about settlement services in Auckland and what they think about the information available to New Aucklanders. You have the experience of being a New Aucklander You are the Expert! We want to hear what you have to say! There will be 30 places in the ‘New to Auckland Advisors’ Forum, selected from around the whole of the Region. The places are open to New Aucklanders who have lived in New Zealand for 5 years or less. For the chance to be one of the selected Advisors, send us some information about yourself and give us answers to the following questions: Did you get the kind of settlement help and information you needed when you moved to Auckland? If Yes – what was most helpful? If not – what would have helped you settle in Auckland? What kinds of ideas and innovations in settlement services do you think would help New Aucklanders arriving now, and in the future? Your name Your contact phone number How long have you lived in New Zealand? Auckland? What is your visa or residential status? What was your original/home country? What is your first language? Are you a) working b) not working c) studying? What is your age? Are you male / female? Did you come to New Zealand as a migrant/refugee? th Please send your reply to Carolynn Day at by 8 September 2010. Thank you for taking part in this new initiative! We will let you know if you are selected to be a ‘New to Auckland Advisor’!
  5. 5. What’s Coming Up? Workshops *All free and conducted in English unless otherwise stated. Job Search Workshop 7th and 21st September, 9.30am—3.00pm Workshop to assist with your job search. Held in conjunction with Career Services and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and other agencies. Legal Clinics Fridays, 9.30am—12.00pm Heval Hylan, Principal of Hylan Law Barrister & Solicitor, will be providing free 10-minutes legal advice on immigration, family law, contract, trusts and other areas of law in general. Financial Advice Fridays, 10.00am – 12.00pm Tina Chen, founder of TC Financial Planning Ltd, will be providing free 10-minutes financial and budgeting advice, in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. Inland Revenue’s online services Saturday 11th September 2010, 9.00am – 12.30pm All about Inland Revenue’s websites. Online help for businesses – ―Tools for Business‖. Easy navigational links, demonstration links for online filing of Income Tax, GST, PAYE and other returns. The various calculators available. Advantages for registering for online services. How to create your own personalised due dates calendar. Easy navigation to all forms and guides of the Inland Revenue. Other smart tools available. Treaty Workshop Saturday 25th September 2010, 9.00am – 4.00pm Learn more about the history of NZ and what the Treaty means for you as a new New Zealander. Learn how to respond to questions about the Treaty in job interviews. For more information or to register contact ARMS on 09 625 2440 or Have you been forwarded this newsletter? If you would like to change your subscription details or unsubscribe email If you've been forwarded this newsletter and you wish to subscribe email Have you got any suggestions or feedback about the newsletter? Please email The next Local Settlement Network Meeting for Settlement Support NZ will be especially for newcomers to learn all about the new Auckland Council and to have the chance to meet the elected Council members and newly appointed officials. The meeting will be held on Saturday 30th October 2010. This will be a lively and interactive network meeting! Mark this in your diary and check out our website for up-to-date information.
  13. 13. Welcome Auckland Heritage Festival 2010 – Auckland’s founding history along the then coastline to Opou first regatta. In 1842, the regatta Our historic landscape The settlement of Auckland was (Cox’s Bay), and inland from was moved to late January and it founded on 18 September 1840, both points to the summit of is still celebrated today as Auckland City Council’s Auckland Heritage Maungawhau-Mt Eden. This land Auckland Anniversary Day. Festival is a celebration of our city’s heritage, and many events that occurred on that day hold the key to why makes up the modern-day CBD and Over the next eight months, involving a programme of more than 100 inner suburbs of Auckland. and how we celebrate our heritage preparing Auckland as a exciting, diverse and interactive events. today. Just after noon on 18 September, government settlement involved The festival encourages people of all ages sailors and officials joined the intense labour and the Maori to celebrate, embrace and learn about Te Kawau, the paramount chief of Ngati Whatua ki Tamaki, invited Ngati Whatua chiefs and 100 contribution was immense. In Auckland city’s unique natural, social and of their supporters in beautiful addition to land, Maori provided built heritage. Governor Hobson and the Crown to share their land soon after weather on a small headland, soon labour, food, raw materials, This year’s theme is Auckland’s historic to be named Point Britomart. The lodgings and provisions for officials, the first signing of The Treaty of landscape – celebrating the layers and fabric point no longer exists, but it would government mechanics and private Waitangi. of Auckland’s historic environment. have been located somewhere near settlers. Maori quickly became Te Kawau believed that by having Emily Place. skilled stonemasons, woodworkers All festival activities link to the unique the most powerful European in and international traders. elements of our city, including the diversity Once the deed was signed, the the country and his government of our communities, landscape and history. British flagstaff was raised to the The heritage of this great city is living on the Waitemata, he There is no other festival in Auckland that would gain a powerful military cheers of bystanders and a round long, complex and connects with offers such a rich array of events. From ally, secure access to markets for of salutes was fired from the many people. This includes the volcanoes and islands to machines, animals Ngati Whatua to produce for, and ships Anna Watson and Platina arrival of Governor Hobson on and buildings, the stories of Auckland will gain literacy and medicine for anchored nearby. This signalled 1 March 1840, the subsequent amaze and astound locals and visitors alike. introduced diseases. Auckland as the new capital of signing at Britomart Point on 18 Auckland City Council is once again proud New Zealand, named after the September 1840 and agreement Ngati Whatua agreed to transfer first Earl of Auckland, George between the Crown and Tamaki to be able to offer people the chance to land-use rights of over 3500 acres discover, experience and celebrate our Eden, who was a patron and friend Makaurau, Ngati Whatua o Orakei. to Hobson for a township to be of Sir William Hobson. This is our proud heritage and a wonderful heritage. established. The boundaries of the The afternoon’s festivities took the partnership we should not forget. The Auckland Heritage Festival is just block of land were Mataharehare one of more than 60 free events Auckland (Hobson Bay) in the east, west form of a waka race and Auckland’s City Council produces each year. Visit to find out what other events are coming up. GST increases - 1 October. Please note that entry fees may be subject to increases when GST increases on 1 October 2010. Image courtesy Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries (NZ): (435-B5-157B) | 1
  14. 14. 125 years at North Head 1.05pm, 3.40pm Aotea Square reopening •    o confirm your place, tickets  T The Department of Conservation •    educed fares: adults $18,  R It has been two years since work must be collected 15 minutes invites you to celebrate the children $11.25 began to redevelop Aotea Square prior to the tour from the 125th anniversary of the summit •   i in the city centre. Join us as gallery information desk barracks building at North Head. we celebrate the reopening of •    07 4540  3 We will have a variety of activities Auckland’s premier open space, throughout the day, including A Baker’s Dozen the largest roof garden in New guided walks, a children’s discovery Zealand. Auckland Art Gallery Epsom and Eden District Historical Auckland Art Gallery trail and displays. The Royal New Society’s 10th anniversary. Attend •    ri 1 Oct: dawn blessing – 6am F Toi o Ta ¯maki Zealand Artillery will play from the launch of a book of Auckland •    at 2 Oct: family activities from  S Toi o Ta ¯maki Allan Matson: Heritage Behind the scenes – paper 2pm to 3pm, with the grand finale memories by well-known Epsom noon On show during Auckland conservation being Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. resident Jack Baker. Matters •    FREE Heritage Festival 2010 Allan Matson is a heritage Camilla Baskcomb and Ute The firing of North Head’s famous •    un 19 Sep S •    otea Square, Queen St, A Goldie & Lindauer: Approaching consultant and board member of Larsen, conservators of works disappearing gun takes place at •    pm 2 city centre Portraiture ( FREE entry) on paper, present a talk in the 2.50pm. If it rains, the event will Civic Trust Auckland and the New •    ate charge of $6 or $4 for  G •    79 2020  3 Local Revolutionaries: Art and gallery’s paper conservation proceed, but with limited activities. Zealand Historic Places Trust. See seniors. No gate charge for Change 1965-1986 ( FREE entry) laboratory. This is a unique this presentation about his efforts •    un 19 Sep  S EEHDS members at 10th to identify and protect Auckland’s opportunity to go behind the •    ctivities and guided walks A anniversary lunch architectural heritage, and hear his Art Deco Society – Decades Auckland Art Gallery scenes and find out how to look from noon to 4pm •    loom Café, Eden Garden, B Toi o Ta ¯maki after your watercolours, prints outlook for heritage protection in of Bling (20s, 30s, 40s) •    orth Head Historic Reserve, N 24 Omana Ave, Epsom the new Auckland Council. Behind the scenes – painting and drawings. All that glitters is not gold; it is 18 Takarunga Rd, Devonport •    27 297 0995  0 •    on 20, Wed 22, Fri 24, Sat 25,  M and object conservation •    at 25 Sep S costume jewellery to behold. •    REE (gold coin donation  F Mon 27, Wed 29 Sep, Fri 1 Oct Come and admire this small but Sarah Hillary, Ingrid Ford and •    1am, 1pm 1 appreciated for guided tours) •    2.30pm-1.30pm  1 fascinating display of art deco Annette McKone •    uckland Art Gallery, New  A •    45 9142  4 Alberton exhibition: Royal •    ue 21, Thu 23, Tue 28,  T jewels from yesteryear. Enjoy a rare opportunity to Gallery, cnr Wellesley and Albert at Alberton Thu 30 Sep •    at 18 Sep-Sat 2 Oct S go behind the scenes into the Lorne streets, city centre It is Royal Albert China’s 100th •    pm-7pm 6 •    on-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am- M gallery’s painting and temporary •  FREE (bookings essential) 360 Discovery – 25% off anniversary. Ten beautiful •    llen Melville Hall, E 4pm, Sun library closed objects conservation laboratory. •    o confirm your place, tickets  T Motuihe Island fares commemorative tea sets will be Freyberg Place, city centre •    eys Institute Community  L Principal conservator Sarah must be collected 15 minutes on display in the historic setting Library, 20 St Marys Rd, Hillary, painting conservator prior to the tour from the Cruise to Motuihe with 360 and •    FREE Ingrid Ford and objects at Alberton (1863). Also on display Ponsonby gallery information desk discover this island paradise right •    77 1509  3 conservator Annette McKone will on Auckland’s doorstep, complete will be more than 50 Royal Albert •    FREE •    07 4540  3 show and discuss the work of with white sandy beaches, great tea sets from the 1920s to 1990s. •    21 754 950  0 the conservation team. They will bush walks and a fascinating You will be able to purchase stock also answer questions about the history. Don’t forget to ask for the as well. care, storage and display of your Auckland Heritage Festival fare at •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct S art at home. the Pier 4, 360 ticket office. •    0.30am-4pm 1 •    at 18 Sep S •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct S •    lberton, 100 Mt Albert Rd, Mt  A •    0.30am, noon, 1.30pm 1 •    eparts Downtown 10am D Albert and noon •    uckland Art Gallery, New  A •    dults $5, children FREE A Gallery, cnr Wellesley and •    ier 4, Downtown Ferry Terminal  P •    46 7367  8 Lorne streets, city centre (Quay St, city centre) •  FREE (bookings essential) •    eparts Motuihe 11.05am,  D 2 | Auckland Heritage Festival 10 | 3
  15. 15. They will be able to advise Auckland Artisan Markets – Auckland Domain – on what treatment might be Heritage Craft Fair Architecture heritage walk necessary to prevent you losing Craft market selling heritage Learn about the architectural a piece of family heritage handmade craft items. history and view the range of forever. •    at 18 Sep S statues and buildings in this •    on 20 Sep M •    am-1pm 9 magnificent public park. This walk •    0am-3pm 1 is proudly brought to you by •    FREE Parnell Trust. •    uckland Art Gallery, New  A •    t Mark’s Church, 95 Remuera Rd S Auckland Art Gallery Gallery, cnr Wellesley and •    at 18 Sep S Toi o Ta ¯maki •    21 044 7689  0 Lorne streets, city centre •    pm-4pm 2 aucklandartisanmarkets@ Auckland Art Gallery David Wong – a tour through •    FREE (please note: no •    eet at bottom entrance  M Toi o Ta ¯maki early Chinatown valuations will be given) steps, Auckland War Memorial Catherine Hammond Join David Wong and Lisa • w Museum, Domain Dr, Parnell Auckland City Libraries – and Caroline McBride – Truttman in an easy, leisurely •    dults $5, children FREE  A Symonds Street (bookings essential) Whakamiharo Lindauer Online paced walking tour around the Auckland Art Gallery – Faces seen, memories stirred 19th century sites of Auckland’s cemetery tours •    79 2095 ext 9704  3 Toi o Ta ¯maki city markets and Chinatown. Join local historian David Verran Catherine Hammond and Patrick Reynolds, Jeremy The tour route includes Queen, from the Central City Library as Caroline McBride from Auckland Salmond - Villa: from heritage Rutland and Wellesley streets he leads an intriguing and popular Auckland Domain – Art Gallery’s E.H. McCormick to contemporary living Auckland Art Gallery tour through this prominent and Greys Ave. Research Library present an Photographer Patrick Reynolds Toi o Ta ¯maki Auckland cemetery. Heritage walk illustrated talk on a fascinating •    un 3 Oct S and architect Jeremy Salmond Illustrated tour of the Art Gallery •    ue 21 Sep and Tue 28 Sep  T Come and explore the geological, project to establish a website on •    0am-11am 1 Maori and European histories of give an illustrated talk on that redevelopment project the Maori portraits of Gottfried •    our departs from Auckland  T •    1am-12.30pm  1 New Zealand’s oldest park. Proudly iconic New Zealand house – the A unique opportunity Lindauer. The website explores Art Gallery, New Gallery foyer. •    hu 23 Sep and Thu 30 Sep  T brought to you by Parnell Trust. villa. The talk is based on the to hear from experts at the intriguing history behind Entry is from cnr Wellesley •    pm-3.30pm 2 extensive research conducted Hawkins Construction •    ue 21 Sep  T the portraits and includes the and Lorne streets, or upper and photographs taken for their about the impressive $121  •    eet at Pigeon Park, cnr  M •    pm-4pm 2 rediscovered Maori Visitors Khartoum Pl (off Kitchener St) recent publication on the house million Auckland Art Gallery Karangahape Rd and Book now translated by Te •    hu 30 Sep  T •    FREE (limited spaces, bookings style. Their book will be on sale redevelopment project. Weather Symonds St, city centre Taura Whiri I Te Reo Maori / The •    0am-noon 1 advised. Bookings open 10am- on the day and both Patrick permitting, this talk will be •  FREE (bookings essential) Maori Language Commission. •    eet at bottom entrance  M 5pm daily) and Jeremy will be available for followed by a walk around the •    79 1350  3 A key element of the site is the steps, Auckland War Memorial •    07 4540  3 signings. construction site perimeter for contributed stories of today’s Museum, Domain Dr, Parnell users, which appear alongside •    un 3 Oct S those interested in viewing the whatson/heritagefestival •    pm 3 development project close up. •    dults $5, children FREE  A the historic responses to the You can also enjoy this heritage Auckland Art Gallery (bookings essential) portraits. •    uckland Art Gallery, A •    un 19 Sep  S walk at your leisure. Go to Toi o Ta ¯maki New Gallery, cnr Wellesley •    79 2095 ext 9704  3 •    un 3 Oct S •    pm 1 and Lorne streets, city centre •    pm 1 So what’s the damage? •    FREE and simply download David’s •    uckland Art Gallery, A Bring along your art works on •    FREE •    uckland Art Gallery Art  A commentary as an audio file. New Gallery, cnr Wellesley paper to have their condition •  w Lounge, and Lorne streets, city centre assessed by our paper cnr Wellesley and Lorne streets •    FREE conservators, Camilla Baskcomb •    07 4540  3 and Ute Larsen, at no cost. •    07 4540  3 4 | Auckland Heritage Festival 10 | 5
  16. 16. Auckland Embroiderers’ Auckland heritage Straight, short, tall, black, white Auckland Museum – Guild – display of pub tour and everything in between – Museum guided tour discover the best of coffee this embroidery Learn the history of Auckland’s spring. Welcome to the Auckland War Display of members’ recent drinking establishments on a Memorial Museum, where commentated bus tour. The tour •    un 19 Sep  S exciting stories of the Pacific, work, including a special display of heirloom and vintage starts at The Drake, stops at The •    0am-7pm 1 New Zealand’s people and the embroidery. Also, see work from Horse & Trap and concludes •    uckland Museum, Events  A flora, fauna and landforms of our our junior stitchers, The Little at The Bluestone Room. Hear Centre, Auckland Domain, unique islands are told within Sew and Sews, and from the about the history of each pub Parnell a memorial dedicated to those Be in Stitches group, which is a and others along the way. Enjoy •    dults $10, children under 15  A who sacrificed their lives for short course offering tuition to a taste of Monteith’s heritage in years old FREE to the festival Auckland Museum – their country. new embroiderers. Held at the each bar. •    09 0443  3 Kai to Pie: Auckland •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct  S heritage building, Selwyn Library, •    ed 22 Sep W  on a Plate •    0.30am and 2pm 1 Parnell. •    pm-10pm 7 Kai to Pie: Auckland on a Plate •    uckland Museum, A •    at 18-Mon 27 Sep  S •    eet at The Drake, M is an exhibition and events Auckland Domain, Parnell •    0am-4pm  1 2 Drake St, Freemans Bay Auckland Museum – programme that celebrates •    10 per guided tour $ •    FREE •    our includes a classic ale T Dangerous Museum for Auckland’s extraordinary •    09 0443  3 •    elwyn Library, Neligan House,  S with matching finger food Boys and Girls wealth of cultures and its fertile Auckland Museum –  at each bar abundance of land, sun and sea, Maori cultural 12 St Stephens Ave, Parnell Take an all-new dangerous trail all through the lens of food. •    18 5055  8 •    39 per person $ around the museum to discover performance and From an exploration of the  (bookings essential) heroic adventures. Journey to the guided tour Auckland Museum – sumptuous and extraordinary • heart of an Auckland volcano, 1844 Remuera feast – which You will enjoy a warm, vibrant Origins gallery Auckland heritage pub unlock the secrets of the eel- boasted a menu of 9,000 sharks and entertaining glimpse of Origins tells the story of our quiz night maze, come face to face with a and 11,000 baskets of potatoes Maori culture, culminating in geological origins – how New Auckland Museum – giant moa and more. There’s no A night of fun and trivia – to picnics under a chorus call a high-energy, spine-tingling Zealand split from Gondwana Coffee Festival better way for brave boys and version of our most celebrated with giveaways, bar vouchers of cicadas, and from the White – and the origins of our unique The first coffee house in England girls (and mums and dads) to Lady pie cart to conversations dance, the world-famous haka. animal and plant life. The and merchandise to be won. was set up in 1650 and the drink spend the school holidays during about the future of food, Kai to Your Maori cultural experience journey through time, from Topics include Auckland’s arrived in New Zealand with Auckland Heritage Festival. Pie reveals and revels in what it includes the opportunity to dinosaurs to today, explores why historic landscape, NZ sporting the earliest European colonists. •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct  S means to be an Aucklander. meet, talk and take photos with some birds and insects grew to achievements, famous However, it wasn’t until the •    0am-5pm 1 our very friendly performers. such an enormous size and why personalities, Monteith’s •    at 18 Sept-Sun 3 Oct  S influx of American soldiers during •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct  S so many birds were flightless. heritage, popular icons and 50 •    uckland Museum, Auckland  A •    0am-5pm 1 World War II that Aucklanders years of television in NZ. Domain, Parnell •    uckland Museum, Auckland  A •    1am-noon, 1.30pm-2.30pm 1 •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct  S truly began to embrace coffee. •    ed 29 Sep W Auckland Museum’s Coffee •    5 per Dangerous Museum  $ Domain, Parnell •    uckland Museum, A •    0am-5pm 1 •    pm 7 Festival showcases the glorious Pack •    useum admission fees apply M Auckland Domain, Parnell •    uckland Museum, Auckland  A •    he Drake, Monteith’s Craft  T history of coffee in Auckland. •    09 0443  3 •    dults $10, children under  A •    dult $35, children 6-15 years  A Domain, Parnell Bar, 2 Drake St, Freemans Bay Indulge your coffee obsession  15 years old FREE to the old $17.50, children under •    REE for Aucklanders (with  F •    20 per team (payable on the  $ with coffee ceremonies, barista exhibition 5 years old FREE proof of address), $10  night) competitions, talks and coffee •    09 0443 3 •    09 0443 3 donation requested for visitors sampling.  •    09 0443 3 •    07 3220  3 6 | Auckland Heritage Festival 10 = Museums of Auckland listings = Museums of Auckland listings | 7
  17. 17. •    at 18, Sun 19 Sep  S and exhibitors (Jane Sanders, Sue Maxwell Memorial Cemetery, with Auckland Museum – Crockford, Anna Miles and Linda Avondale Community dramatic presentations from some •    ue 21, Tue 28 Sep T •    1am  1 Volcanoes exhibition Tyler – The Art of the City) explain Library – 150 years of of Avondale’s pioneers. •    0am-2pm 1 •    FREE The Volcanoes Gallery is a rare the dynamic between their galleries St Ninian’s •    at 18 Sep S •    FREE look at our turbulent geological •    tart at either Maungawhau S •    rmanasco House on the  A and the art displayed within. Local historian Lisa Truttman •    pm-9pm 7 home, an up close and personal (Mt Eden) summit or VAANA Village Green, Blockhouse Bay mural, cnr Karangahape and As you stroll between the will give a talk about the 150th examination of the scientific •    FREE Rd, next to the library Ponsonby roads buildings, your guide will talk to anniversary of St Ninian’s and human stories of Auckland’s Presbyterian Church in Avondale. •    eorge Maxwell Memorial  G •    27 4416 6 you about the history of Auckland. volcanoes. •    68 1516 3 Cemetery, cnr Rosebank Rd and www.blockhousebayhistorical •    at 18, Wed 22, Sat 25, Wed 29  S •    ed 22 Sep  W Orchard St, Avondale •    at 18 Sep-Sun 3 Oct  S Sept, Sat 2 Oct •    0am 1 •    28 8494  8 •    0am-5pm 1 •    pm-3pm 1 •    FREE •    uckland Museum, Auckland  A Braemar heritage home – Auckland Town Hall – •    eet at Pier 1, Downtown Ferry  M •    3 Rosebank Rd, Avondale  9 Domain, Parnell Tour and afternoon tea Civic collection display Terminal, Quay St, city centre •    74 1310 3 •    REE for Aucklanders (with  F A tour of Official Bay followed by Explore the legacy that Auckland •    FREE (bookings essential) www aucklandcitylibraries. Avondale Parish of St a tour of Braemar heritage home proof of address), $10  com/whatson/heritagefestival donation requested for visitors City Council leaves behind. This •    800 300 100 0 Jude’s Church – Then in Parliament St and afternoon tea. tour will showcase a selection of  and now: a sequel Tour guides: landscape historian, •    09 0443 3  civic items in the Auckland Town Avondale Community A photographic display John Adam and broadcaster and Hall. Explore the Council Chamber, Library – Living heritage of Avondale life past to local resident, John Sweetman. view the mayoral robes and Auckland Walks – competition: a month in present, incorporating verbal •    at 18, Tue 21, Thu 23, Sat 25,  S chains of Auckland city and past City heritage walk reminiscences by local identities. Tue 28, Thu 30 Sep, Sat 2 Oct boroughs, some sister-city gifts the life of Avondale An entertaining discovery Film footage also to be shown. •    pm-4pm  2 and the mayoral gallery of photos. Photographs that capture a experience exploring the city moment in time in the Avondale •    at 18, Sun 19 Sep S •    dults $20, children A •    at 25, Sun 26 Sep S centre’s heritage and culture. •    0am-4pm 1 under 12 years old free (bookings area will be on display in the •    oon-3pm N There are rich encounters with library and online for public voting. •    FREE , refreshments available essential) •    uckland Town Hall, 301 Queen  A the city’s origins and almost 1000 Visit www.aucklandcitylibraries. for sale •     Parliament St, city centre  7 St, entry under the clock tower years of human history. This tour com for more information. All •    t Jude’s Church, S •    77 5463  3 •    FREE is unfortunately not suitable for photos will later become part of 25 St Jude St, Avondale www.aucklandbedandbreakfast. young children or those requiring the local history collection. •    79 2020  3 •    26 5381 6 com mobility aids. •    on1-Thu 30 Sep  M whatson/events/heritage •    un 19, Sun 26 Sep, Sun 3 Oct S •    on-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat  M Britomart precinct – •    0am-12.30pm 1 10am-4pm Blockhouse Bay Historical Walking tour Auckland Walks – •    eet at Pier 1, Downtown Ferry  M •    FREE Terminal, Quay St, city centre Society – Historical Join us on a walking tour of The Art of the City •    3 Rosebank Rd, Avondale  9 Auckland Peace •    FREE (bookings essential) photographic display the Britomart precinct in the A unique event, exploring four •    74 1310 3 city centre, and learn about the Heritage Walk outstanding heritage buildings •    800 300 100 0 Photographs depicting the 150th anniversary of construction completed and planned restoration Walk, run or cycle all or part of and the exemplary working spaces  whatson/heritagefestival of 17 heritage buildings in the area. devised within. of Te Whau Blockhouse, and the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk •    on 20, Tue 21 Sep  M photographs reflecting the and view the heritage sites on the Visit the Endeans and Blackett Avondale Parish of history of Blockhouse Bay •    0am, 2pm 1 route. End with a human peace sign buildings, 47 High St and the at QEII Square. St Jude’s – A night with area displayed in 120-year-old •    FREE (bookings essential) Gus Fisher Gallery, where four Armanasco House. of the city’s leading art dealers Avondale’s pioneers •    00 3682 3 A guided tour through Avondale’s tania.kent@cooperandcompany. oldest cemetery, the George org | 8 | Auckland Heritage Festival 10 = Museums of Auckland listings | 9