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SMW+ 1.5.3 - New Features presented at the SemTech 2011.

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Smw+ semantic enterprise wiki en_153

  1. 1. SMW+ - Semantic Enterprise WikiSemTech 2011hansch@ontoprise.de © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 1
  2. 2. About ontoprise GmbHontoprise GmbH is a leading company in industry proven semantic infrastructure andsolutions worldwide. ontoprise solutions provide fast contextual access to enterpriseknowledge thus enabling better decisions. They help to increase the technical andoperational efficiency of companies.Founded: 1999Team: 75 employeesLocation: Germany, KarlsruheFocus: - Integrated semantic platform © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 2
  3. 3. ontoprise solution portfolio Service Resolution Management Semantics for SharePoint Semantic Enterprise Wiki Efficient information exchange with experts Optimized organization of knowledge for Agile collaborative knowledge management. for interactive fault diagnosis. collaborative processes in MS SharePoint. Product Products: SMW + Products: SemanticMiner for SP SemanticGuide SemanticWiki for SP References: References: References: Siemens AVL DiTEST Deutsche Telekom Unesco GE Energy Sulzer Metco Vulcan Inc. Heidelberger Druck Voith Hydro SMA Solar Technology Semantic Infrastructure Products: OntoBroker & OntoStudio Semantic Information Integration Content Discovery Unlock and aggregate data from multiple Discover hidden knowledge in structured sources and deliver it in terms your and unstructured data. business users want and understand. Products Semantic Content Analytics Products: SemanticXpress Semantic Integrator SemanticMiner References: References: Audi Roche Partners HealthCare Service-BW Johnson & Johnson Swisscom Vector Informatik © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 3
  4. 4. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Features of SMW+ Related Products Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 4
  5. 5. SMW+ in a nutshell SMW+ is a Semantic Enterprise Wiki for agile collaboration on rich text and data It is a Wiki: Platform for web-based collaboration and quick authoring and provision of content. It is a database: Users embed data in text that can be retrieved with powerful data query mechanisms. It is a data integration tool: Users access data from external databases, web services or the Semantic Web from within the Wiki. It is enterprise-ready: Installs in 15 minutes and comes with business- critical features. Extendible and scalable. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 5
  6. 6. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Precise and powerful querying Aggregate, visualize and explore data Integrate and align data Build situational applications Features of SMW+ Related Products Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 6
  7. 7. Precise and powerful querying Semantics allow you to query the wiki like a database Answer queries such as What are the 10 largest capitals located in the European Union? All German universities where a Nobel prize winner lectures? What Porsche vehicles have an acceleration (0-60) in 7 seconds? All events at a certain venue within the next 3 months? All employees having worked abroad for at least 2 years and having web development skills? All projects having work packages and tasks that are over-due? And further complex queries… Reasoning engine generates new knowledge © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 7
  8. 8. Aggregate, visualize and explore data Semantics allows aggregating and visualizing data Aggregated data is kept up-to-date and can be explored interactively © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 8
  9. 9. Integrate and align data Semantic technology allows to integrate data from different sources and to align it in one single place A semantic wiki can act as socially curated information hub Applications Enterprise systems, legacy DBs © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 9
  10. 10. Build situational applications SMW+ focuses on specific and evolving needs of a work group End-users adapt SMW+ while they work with it by: Extending the data and data-schema Extending the layout of articles Attaching data sources Implementing small programs in wikitext Typical use cases: Semantic enterprise content management (e.g. self service portals) Business intelligence 2.0 (e.g. integration of texts with BI-reports) Integrated collaborative environments (e.g. project management) Enterprise systems, legacy DBs © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 10
  11. 11. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Features of SMW+ Authoring and editing Querying and searching Organizing and curating Integrating and exchanging Related Products Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 11
  12. 12. SMW+ 1.5.3 – WYSIWYG EditorEasily format rich text, create tables and embed images andtemplates © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 12
  13. 13. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Semantic ToolbarEasily inspect, create and alter the semantic annotations of a wikiarticle. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 13
  14. 14. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Automatic Semantic FormsData entry forms are created on the fly from the ontologyand always kept up-to-date. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 14
  15. 15. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Faceted BrowserFaceted Search: Drill down along modeldimensions © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 15
  16. 16. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Query Interfacecompose semantic queries easily via a GUIinstant preview and layout of results via different result formatsvarious result printers:vCard, iCalendar, pie and bar charts,basic math functions,timeline, maps, exhibit,rss, csv © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 16
  17. 17. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Tabular FormsChange values directly in result tables generated by inlinequeries plus easy adding of further data to the table © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 17
  18. 18. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Ontology Browser gives an overview of the wikis ontology and knowledge base users can navigate through the category and property hierarchy and inspect instances and their properties administrators can change the ontology, e.g. by adding and renaming categories or deleting instances © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 18
  19. 19. SMW+ 1.5.3 – Administration ToolInstall new extensions, upgrade or de-install in theAdministration Tool. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 19
  20. 20. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Features of SMW+ Related products SMW+ Extension Suite Semantic Data Integration with TripleStore prof. TripleStore basic Microsoft Connectors Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 20
  21. 21. SMW+ Extension SuiteStarts small - grows with use: SMW+ installations are easily extendedby special purpose extensions. Usability: extensions for the efficient usage of Wiki- and semantic features Retrieval: extensions to retrieve fulltext and data Data Processing: extensions for formulating relationships in the Wiki Re-use and Consistency: extensions to embed legacy and web service data Security: fine grained access rights to semantic data and content. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 21
  22. 22. Semantic Data Integration with TripleStore professional 1.5.3 SMW+ gives access to integrated data from heterogeneous data sourcesBenefits:Consolidated view on data: The wiki provides an integrated view on the data using a common ontology. Semantic queries enable dynamic, customized views.Flexible handling of data and Legacy data can be complemented with socially curated data inmodels: the wiki. Data models of the integrated data can be extended easily in the wiki as needed.Support for collaboration Legacy data, views on legacy data and socially curated data can be embedded into wiki articles. This helps teams to collaborate, discuss and built consensus on it.Flexible workflows: The wiki is an emergent tool that can be easily adjusted to situational requirements with respect to capturing, displaying and processing data.Generate new knowledge: Implicit knowledge can be exploited with logical rules gaining new insights. The wiki can handle and display inferenced knowledge. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 22
  23. 23. Semantic Data Integration with TripleStore professional 1.5.3 TripleStore Professional High-end wiki ontology curation and Semantic Data Integration Integration of heterogeneous data silos and inferencing on this data High-end ontology engineering tools provided by OntoStudio Visual editing of complex rules and federated semantic queries © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 23
  24. 24. TripleStore basic 1.5.3 TripleStore Basic Storing and retrieving of RDF data using SMW+ with Jena Advanced querying – query semantic data within the wiki using SPARQL Advanced inferencing – process user defined rules GUI support (Rule Knowledge extension) pre-defined rules (inverse, symmetric and transitive) user-defined rules (e.g. calculation-, property chaining- and definition-rules) © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 24
  25. 25. Microsoft Connectors Microsoft Project Connector Import project data from the Wiki in MS Project. Microsoft Excel Connector Import arbitrary data from the Wiki in MS Excel. Microsoft Office Connector Import data into MS Word and MS Outlook. © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 25
  26. 26. Microsoft Project Connector Synchronize projects, tasks and assigned resources in SMW+ and MS Project © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 26
  27. 27. Microsoft Excel Connector query the semantic data in SMW+ and import the results in Excel spreadsheets © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 27
  28. 28. Microsoft Office Connector leverages SmartTags to bring semantic wiki content into MS Office applications (Outlook, Word and Excel) on demand recognizes smartly relevant keywords or phrases provides context specific information and actions © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 28
  29. 29. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Features of SMW+ Related Products Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 29
  30. 30. Customers and use cases Some users1 of SMW+:more at: Reference users of SMW + or the Halo extensions © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 30
  31. 31. Use Case: Unesco/IOC online encyclopedia and training center about marine data and oceanic knowledge authors create teaching materials in private sections, and get them reviewed by editors before they are published target-appropriated presentation of learning contents based on semantic metadata © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 31
  32. 32. Use Case: Siemens SMW+ as knowledge platform for Communities of Practice captures structured knowledge about projects, persons, topics, organizations etc. discover experts and related resources for a certain topic flexible navigation, semantic search and multiple entrance points dynamic aggregations (e.g. lists of projects) © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 32
  33. 33. Use Case: Siemens © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 33
  34. 34. Use Case: Fortune 100 pharma company Internal self service portal for R&D staff Integration of DBs via OntoBroker (mapped into one ontology) containing information about production lots, ingredients of individual products, results from tolerance tests, etc. ability to track the genealogy of each brand generate reports for R&D via querying integrated databases usage of rules for inferring knowledge © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 34
  35. 35. Use Case: PNNL wiki for storing, retrieving, reviewing and annotating documents collaborative environment for sharing and discussing these materials with team members integrated techniques to discover new, related information for social and traditional media integration with an NLP framework to automatically annotate contents © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 35
  36. 36. Use Case: 3M wiki for facilitating collaboration among users and developers of health care terminologies crowd-sourcing of curating medical terminologies and ontologies formal representation of medical terminologies for re- use in other healthcare IT systems © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 36
  37. 37. Use Case: Pfizer internal self service portal for R&D staff to monitor own patents and patents from competitors integration of external sources containing patent-relevant information relevant patents are detected by queries © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 37
  38. 38. Use Case: Banca Romagna Cooperativa Business Process Reengineering project involving task surveys, analysis and process consolidation Conducting task surveys in SMW+ for collecting data and descriptions on tasks Tasks were described with properties (e.g. owner, duration, risk level) for selecting the most critical processes in a business impact analysis Dashboards providing dynamic views on the collected data based on semantic queries Further insights were gained by exporting and processing the data in MS Excel and MS Access for advanced statistical analysis (like clustering) Standardized procedures of the tasks were developed collaboratively in the wiki © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 38
  39. 39. Use Case: Banca Romagna Cooperativa © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 39
  40. 40. Overview SMW+ in a nutshell Why are semantic Wikis better? Features of SMW+ Related Products Customers and use cases Where to get SMW+? © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 40
  41. 41. Where to get SMW+ get your copy of SMW+ within 5 minutes! Product home page: Daniel Hansch Email: Web: © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 41
  42. 42. Thank you for your attention!For further questions pleasevisit our webpage or contact us: Daniel Hansch Max Mustermann Email: Email: Web: Web: © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 42
  43. 43. Backupmore Features of SMW+ © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 43
  44. 44. Features: Access Control protect individual pages, pages within categories and namespaces, and property values restrict access for single users or entire groups every user can easily protect his own articles GUI for convenient administering of rights attach external LDAP system for re-using users and groups © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 44
  45. 45. Features: Data Import import data from external data sources (e.g. existing vocabularies or terms) integrate live data via web services (e.g. connecting legacy systems or web applications) GUI for easily creating web service calls © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 45
  46. 46. Features: Rule Knowledge and SPARQL infer implicit knowledge via transitive, inverse, symmetric properties and user-defined rules (with a connected triple store) create user-defined rules via a graphical rule editor supports calculation, definition and property chaining rules powerful SPARQL queries in the wiki (with a connected triple store) © 2011 ontoprise GmbH Slide 46