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Pp As Big As A Pig


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Pp As Big As A Pig

  1. 1. _a Ikiliea Busby H
  2. 2. Little Níousc looked in the mirror one (lay. "~~'rl`lv, ~' 21111 I so snlall? " he said.
  3. 3. "“'hy can't I he as big as a pig, rolling in the mud? " said . Vlouse.
  4. 4. .Wknrhy C * bc ds u ; í/E". . fàt as a e' * eeping / / - i on the floor? " said hiíouse.
  5. 5. .I "Or asgitégllg. as a gilette? Wh~`rfáa1~i1lL ~ as: ... : so sãjnráçilíxi' i I
  6. 6. "You're 110t so 31112111," said a little voice.
  7. 7. “I thinh you're Very tall, and 10n g, and fat, and round, " said Ladytbird. "“'11y«' ean`t 1 be as big as you? "