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5 reasons to change your kitchen


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Here are a few reasons why people are often inspired to update their kitchens, from making more space to wanting to introduce more technology into the room. Why would you change your kitchen?

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5 reasons to change your kitchen

  1. 1. 5 REASONS TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN Alaris Kitchens
  2. 2. 5 COMMON REASONS At Alaris, we’ve been designing and installing kitchens for many years. Throughout this time, we’ve pinpointed five common reasons why people feel it’s time for a change.
  3. 3. MOVING HOME 1.
  4. 4. Nessie the Soup Ladle Right at the top of the list is a house move. Many people purchase their dream home, only to discover that it doesn’t feature their dream kitchen. A new kitchen is often the first job people tackle when they want to make their new space their own.
  5. 5. EXTENDING 2.
  6. 6. Closely related to the above, a home extension often includes changes to the kitchen space. After all, it is the heart of the home. In recent years, Alaris has noticed significant changes in the way we use our kitchens. Comfortable seating, flat screen TVs, breakfast bars and island units all make the kitchen a multifunctional space. Unsurprisingly, the majority of homeowners want to make the most of it.
  8. 8. Kitchen fashions aren’t quite as fickle as in other industries. However, styles certainly change over time. At Alaris, we reckon it takes around 7 years for a particular look to become mainstream, by which time the next big thing is usually on its way. Futuristic kitchens feature sleek lines and concealed handles. Traditional kitchens have their own trends too, with painted finishes currently triumphing over wood. Regardless of personal taste, there’s something for everyone.
  10. 10. Busy lifestyles, coupled with the popularity of cooking and home baking, mean that the modern kitchen is a real workhorse. Deep reinforced drawers carry heavier loads than ever before. Space-saving solutions, including tilting and sliding units, ensure that each ingredient, utensil and casserole dish are within easy reach. Which budding chef wouldn’t want a piece of that action?
  12. 12. Oven? Check. Microwave? Check. Dishwasher? Check. Fridge freezer? Check. Today’s kitchen appliances are energy-efficient, quiet and designed to complement, rather than compromise, your kitchen’s look and feel. Changes in technology often drive a change to the wider kitchen itself - particularly for those of us who can’ t resist a gadget. Boiling water tap, anyone?
  13. 13. Visit Alaris Kitchens for quality fitted kitchens.