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MHG Systems seminar_Anton Buravkov

  3. 3. Content1. Personal aims2. Introduction to sales3. What is a real success?4. Basic rules of sale success5. The phrase “AHA!” – as a sales formula6. How much do you have as a sales-person?7. Commercial Delivery Process8. Ways of making prospect sure to buy9. Words and phrases to avoid
  4. 4. Content 210. Sales signals of success11. The closing question or “Shut Up!”12. The concept of 7 “NO”13. The most common mistakes of a sales-person14. When your career is failed?15. Leadership as a basic characteristics16. Important models17. Executive conclusion
  5. 5. “Nothing happens in business until someone sells something” Jeffrey Gitomer
  6. 6. 1. Personal aims Understanding Giving a view on core Describing principlesprinciples of effective factors of success of communication selling with prospectsResearching of sales Learning ethical Understanding of a models norms and morals of right decision making a sales-person process
  7. 7. 2. Introduction to sales• What is it?Selling - it is the act of selling of products or services in return for money or other compensation.• Who?Seller - the provider of the goods or services, might be a person working for a provider.• How?By a selling process - this includes communications, advertizing, suggestion, and introduction.
  8. 8. 3. What is a real success? The golden rule of selling is that: “WITHOUT SUCCESS – PROFITABILITY IS IMPOSSIBLE” Success means: • A level of social status • Achievement of an objective or goal • The opposite of failure Handling all Choosing the the problems right productand difficulties when Deliveringcommunicating values
  9. 9. 4. Basic rules of sale success• It’s the relationship, not the price• Network more than you have ever networked• Spend more time figuring out solutions than whining about problems• Create a difference between you and anyone else• Study creativity• Learn the joy of rejection• Work while others sleep• Study attitude
  10. 10. 5. The phrase “AHA!” – as a sales formula Attitude --- Humor --- Acton• Attitude – is a driving force to success in every endeavor of your life. Positive attitude is a discipline and a commitment. It makes you feel good all the time on the inside, no matter what the circumstance is on the outside• Humor – is not just being funny. Humor is a perspective for effective living and a successful career in sales• Action – always walking your talk. It is a science of making the last call. Waking up in the morning with special goals
  11. 11. 6. How much do you have as a sales-person?• Knowledge of the • The habit of observation prospective buyer • The habit of rendering• Ability to close a sale more service than is expected/more value than• Self-control cost• Initiative • Profiting by failures and• Tolerance mistakes – doesn’t see failures as lost• Accurate thinking efforts, nothing learned nothing gained.• Persistence
  12. 12. 7. Commercial Delivery Process• Be brief• Be to the point• Be remembered• Be prepared• Have some questions and statements ready• Get the information you needed by probing first• Show how you solve problems• Pin the prospect down to the next action• Have fun• Time’s up
  13. 13. 8. Ways of making prospect sure to buy Be completely prepared Involve prospects early in the presentation Have something in writing Tell a story of how you helped to another customer Use a referral source if possible Drop names of larger customers or the buyer’s competitors
  14. 14. Have a printed list of satisfied customersHave a notebook of testimonial lettersDon’t bombard a prospectEmphasize service after the saleEmphasize long-term relationshipsSell to help, not for commissions
  15. 15. 9. Words and phrases to avoid To get the sale, you must use superior word crafting to avoid sound like an insincere salesperson:• Frankly• Quite frankly• Honestly• And I mean that• Are you prepared to order today?• How are you doing today?• Can I help you with something?
  16. 16. 10. Sales signals of success Any question asked by a prospect must be considered a buying signal:• Questions about availability or time• Questions about delivery• Specific questions about rates, price, or statements about affordability• Any questions or statements about money• Positive questions about your business• Wanting something repeated• Statements about problems with previous vendors• Questions about features and options
  17. 17. • Questions about quality• Questions about guarantee or warrantee• Questions about qualifications• Specific positive questions about the company• Specific product/service questions• Specific statements about ownership of your product or service• Questions to confirm unstated decisions or seeking support• Wanting to see a sample or demo again• Asking about other satisfied customers• Asking for a reference• Buying notes
  18. 18. Your ability to convert the signal into sale
  19. 19. 11. The closing question or “Shut Up!” There should be two steps when closing your sale:Ask the closing question Use the golden rule of sailing – Shut Up!Do not give possibility to The next who speaks say no loses
  20. 20. 12. The concept of 7 “NO”Most sales are made after the seventh NO. It’s overcoming!• Know your prospect’s hot button and push it in time• Present new information relative to the sale• Be creative in your style and presentation manner• Be sincere about your desire to help the customer first , and put your commission second• Be direct in your communication. Beating around the bush will only frustrate the prospect• Be friendly. People like to buy from friends• Use humor. Be funny. People love to laugh• When in doubt sell benefits
  21. 21. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale There is a good formula of success:new information + creative + sincere + direct+ friendly + humor =SALE
  22. 22. 13. The most common mistakes of a sales-person• Prejudging the prospect• Poor prospect qualification• Not listening• Condescension• Pressure to buy today• Not addressing needs• Telegraphing closes and hard selling• Making the buyer doubt your intentions• Lack of sincerity• Poor attitude
  23. 23. 14. When your career is failed?• You don’t believe in yourself• You don’t believe in your product• Failure to set and achieve goals. Failure to plan• You are lazy to make a sale• Failure to understand how to accept rejection• Failure to master the total knowledge of your product• Failure to know and execute the fundamental of sales• Failure to understand the customer and meet his or her needs• Failure to overcome objections
  24. 24. • Can’t cope with change• Can’t follow rules• Can’t get along with others• Too damn greedy• Failure to deliver what you promised• Failure to establish long-term relationships• Failure to understand that hard work makes luck• Blaming others when the failure is yours• Lack of persistence• Failure to establish a positive attitude
  25. 25. 15. Leadership as a basic characteristics You may ask yourself several questions:• If you want to lead, where to start?• Are leaders born or made?• What are the leadership skills you need to develop?• Are you tired of being a follower? The answer is nearby:
  26. 26. • Maintain a positive attitude• Embrace change• Deploy courage• Take a risk• Listen• Communicate• Delegate and empower• Understand others, yourself and situation• Commitment
  27. 27. 16. Important modelsHere are some model which might help you understand overall sales processes and concepts: SHOW ME MODELS
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  31. 31. 17. Executive conclusion Skills Success Communications SALESLeadership Ethics Management
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention ! Just let the prospects wallow in your legs…