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[CAS4687] going mobile with a hybrid cloud and on premises architecture rrs


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Oracle Openworld 2016 session

Published in: Mobile
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[CAS4687] going mobile with a hybrid cloud and on premises architecture rrs

  1. 1. Going Mobile with a Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Architecture CAS4687 Rubén Rodríguez Santiago 19/09/2016
  2. 2. Introduction •About me: •ADF Technical Lead, Cloud Solution Specialist •Technical Article writer •Participate in OTN Community Forums •Blogger ( &
  3. 3. About avanttic 2015: +30%30+100 Offices Business lines Cloud Middleware Business Analytics Infraestructure & Platform Consultants Specialized Madrid & Barcelona
  4. 4. Agenda 1.Customer Information 2.Customer Problem 3.Challenges 4.Solution 5.Customer Benefits 6.Lessons Learned
  5. 5. 1 Customer information
  6. 6. Customer Information •Pharmaceutical and cosmetics Company founded in Spain in 1942. •International Group of 10 companies with a turnover greater that 100M€ and an annual growth rate of 15% •Presence in more that 80 countries with more tan 400 employees
  7. 7. Customer Information 57% 43% España Internacional
  8. 8. Customer Information •Research and Development •More than the 10% of the turnover is invested in R&D. •In 2015 invested around 4M€. •About 10 self-developed products are released each year.
  9. 9. Customer Information •Production •Pharmaceutical production plants in Madrid and Santanter. •Pharmaceutical ingredients production plant in Madrid. •Ingredients plant in Santander. •More tan 25M units produced last year.
  10. 10. Customer Information •Merchandising •More tan 450 different products sold in 80 countries. •44 International trademarks
  11. 11. Customer Information
  12. 12. 2 Customer problem
  13. 13. Customer Problem •Internet connection is required to work. •Delivery performance. •General application vs Specific application. •CRM application is not mobile friendly. •Catalog.
  14. 14. Customer Problem
  15. 15. 3 Challenges
  16. 16. Challenges •Provide an agile tool to the sales force so they can work with their corporate CRM (Oracle Siebel). •Implement a scalable, secure, and flexible platform. •Incorporate Oracle MCS at half-way of the project •Develop specific application for iOS/Android devices. •100% offline application. •Short development time needed.
  17. 17. Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Development •Cross platform support •Existing enterprise services aren’t built for mobile. •Push notifications •Offline data synchronization •Analytics •Security
  18. 18. 4 Solution
  19. 19. Solution MAF ADF
  20. 20. Solution: Oracle MCS •Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is Oracle's Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) and enables companies to create and deploy scalable, robust, and secure mobile applications quickly and easily.
  21. 21. Solution: Oracle MCS •Centralize mobile integration in the cloud. •Design mobile specific APIs. •Pre-built mobile services •Integrated Security •Analyze business impact •Built-in continuous delivery •Diagnostic and Logging •REST API and Client SDKs
  22. 22. Solution Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Oracle Cloud Cloud/Internet On-Premise Mobile Client SDKs Custom APIsMobile Backend Connectors REST APIs Diagnostics Analytics Lifecycle Node JavaScript SDK Oracle MAF & MAX Platform APIs Push Notifications User Services File Storage Relational Database Data Offline App Policies REST SOAP ICS Developer Location Services
  23. 23. Solution: Oracle MAF •Oracle Mobile Application Framework is a hybrid mobile framework that provides a visual and declarative development experience for the rapid development of multi-platform applications MAF
  24. 24. Solution: Oracle MAF Oracle Mobile App Framework
  25. 25. Solution: Oracle MAF •Simplified development •Choice of development tools •Declarative application flow •Security •Full access to native device features •Local database
  26. 26. Solution: Oracle ADF •Oracle Application Development Framework is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience ADF
  27. 27. Solution: Oracle ADF
  28. 28. Solution: Oracle Alta UI •Oracle Alta UI is a new user interface design system that enables developers to create modern, visually pleasing, consistent, and engaging interfaces that can be easily distributed across all delivery channels.
  29. 29. Solution: Oracle Alta UI •Simplified component structure and more open space keep focus on data. •Less chrome means faster loading of critical content. •Browser and mobile technology support. •New icon system complements clean page design. •Mobile-friendly, with larger touch targets and flexible page widths.
  30. 30. Solution: Team Team avanttic IFC Project Owner Project Director Project Manager Mobility Architect Oracle MAF Consultant Oracle WebCenter Content Consultant Oracle ADF Consultant
  31. 31. Solution: Planning •Notes of expenses •Improvement of some processes
  32. 32. Solution: Phase 1
  33. 33. Solution: Phase 2
  34. 34. Solution: Next Steps
  35. 35. Solution: Workflow
  36. 36. Solution: Demo
  37. 37. Solution: Document Management
  38. 38. Solution: Document Management
  39. 39. Solution: Document Management
  40. 40. 5 Customer benefits
  41. 41. Customer Benefits Efficiency Sales Increase ROI
  42. 42. 6 Lessons learned
  43. 43. Lessons Learned •Oracle Mobile Cloud Service enables us to: •Easily integrate any external system using Connectors. •Make use of Platform APIs to solve common Mobile problems. •Parallel development. •Easy integration with any Mobile Frameworks. •Oracle Mobile Application Framework provides a declarative development experience to build multi-platform mobile applications. •Thanks to Oracle Application Development Framework we can declaratively build a secured and robust web application with a great look and feel.
  44. 44. Questions