Visible light communication (vlc) a potential


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Visible light communication (vlc) a potential

  1. 1. announces, The Latest market research report is available inits vast collection:Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution tothe Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage’s new report, “Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution tothe Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage”, provides the key information and analysison Visible Light Communication technology and market. Visible LightCommunication or VLC is a method by which Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are usedto transmit data using visible light as a transmitting medium. With the increasingusage of data over mobile phones and other wireless devices, spectrum shortageappears to be a real problem for which VLC can be offered as a potential solution.This solution is explained in detail in the report.VLC technology can be used in a number of applications or end user segments likewireless networking, intelligent traffic management systems, home networkingsystem, powerline communication and underwater communication.Scope- In-depth explanation of the solution from Visible Light Communication for thepotential problem of wireless spectrum shortage.- Key VLC market segments such as PowerLine Communication, UnderwaterCommunication, Visible Light ID system, Optical Communication, UbiquitousNetworking and Intelligent Traffic Management Systems have been covered.- Market Size for different component types used in VLC based devices in terms of
  2. 2. sales revenue. Forecast forward until 2015Table of contents:1.1 List of Tables 61.2 List of Figures 72 Introduction 82.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 83 Visible Light Communication - Overview 93.1 VLC - Technology Overview 93.1.1 Next Generation Wireless Technology 103.1.2 Complementor to RF and IR-Based Communications 103.1.3 Cost Savings on Installation 103.1.4 Development of Biologically Friendly Technology 103.2 VLC as a Potential Solution to the Spectrum Crunch 113.2.1 Overview of the Problem 113.2.2 Offloading as a Solution to Manage Data Traffic Growth 153.3 VLC Technology Standards 163.3.1 VLCC 163.3.2 JEITA 163.3.3 IEEE 183.4 VLC Patents Scenario 183.5 Technology Comparison 193.5.1 RONJA 193.5.2 Infrared Communications 193.5.3 Radiofrequency Communications 203.6 VLC Development Timeline 213.7 VLC Working Process Flow 224 VLC Technology - Market Dynamics 244.1 Market Drivers 244.1.1 Last Mile Connectivity 244.1.2 Reduced Power Consumption and Energy Savings 244.1.3 Increased R&D funding 254.2 Market Restraints 254.2.1 Rise of Wi-Fi Smart and Bluetooth 4.0 254.2.2 Higher Costs for VLC Based Devices 254.3 Market Challenges 26
  3. 3. 4.3.1 Increasing Data Rates 26List of FiguresList of Tables are also include.For more DISCOUNT related Reports Plz follow The link:Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices Market to 2017 - Technological Innovations,Regulatory Approvals and Increasing Disease Prevalence Present GrowthOpportunitiesCardiac Assist Device Market to 2017 – Increasing Uptake of Ventricular AssistDevices and Total Artificial Heart to Drive GrowthGeneric Growth Strategies - Manufacturers to Increase Focus on Super Generics andBiosimilars to Drive RevenuesRx-to-OTC Switching Strategies - New Switching Opportunities in WeightManagement and Smoking Cessation, but Encouraging the Uptake of Self-MedicationRemains a ChallengeAntifungals Market to 2017 - Generic Erosion of Major Polyenes, Azoles, Allylaminesand Echinocandins to Slow Value GrowthPaint Additives Market to 2016 - Rheology Modifiers and Biocides to Drive theMarketVisible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution to the Global WirelessSpectrum ShortageE-Waste Management Market to 2020 - Emerging Economies Poised to Capitalize on
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