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luke and corey

  1. 1. Palm Oil By: Luke Canes Corey Walters 1
  2. 2. Our Big Question What does palm oil collecting do and what are the consequences? 2
  3. 3. The Oil Palm Tree The Oil Palm Tree is the main source of Palm Oil. 3
  4. 4. The Oil Palm Fruit Orangutan eating some Oil Palm Fruits Oil Palm Fruit Kernel Food 4
  5. 5. Malaysia The Deforestation Of Palm Oil Collecting in Malaysia Production Investments Malaysian Flag 5
  6. 6. Products that uses palm oil Nestles Kit-Kat Dove products 6
  7. 7. Impact of Palm Oil Collecting The Destruction An Orangutan was darted while Of Palm Oil Collecting Looking For Food Deforestation Endangering species 7
  8. 8. People trying to protect them GreenPeace 8
  9. 9. End.