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Optimizing Software Technology: Changing Book Printing at Publishers' Graphics


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An informative look at how Publishers' Graphics has optimized their software and hardware technology to simplify, automate, and reduce costs and shorten turn around by an astounding 87%!

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Optimizing Software Technology: Changing Book Printing at Publishers' Graphics

  1. 1. Optimizing Software Technology:Changing Book Printing at Publishers’ GraphicsPresented byNick Lewis, Founder, Publisher’s GraphicsTony Leccese, Rochester Software Associates
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda Topic Introduction- Optimizing software and hardware to growefficiently and change book printing Speaker Introduction- Nick Lewis Publisher’s Graphics Overview Discussion: How we’re changing short–run book printing “onebook at a time” Conclusion and Questions
  3. 3. Publishers’GraphicsChallenges•Reduce costs and find ways to achieve best practices while supporting growth•Support volume current workflows couldn’t meet•Manual, error-prone, time-consuming process for job processingSolutions•RSA QDirect•RSA QDirect Make Ready integration moduleResults•87% reduction in turn around- 5-7 days VS 40•Jobs can be easily directed to any printer anywhere as needed, including ticketing•300-800 titles profitably produced daily•65% volume increase without adding staff“RSA’s QDirectenabled us tobring it alltogether. Itdoesn’t see anyboundaries. Thereare no barriers tokeep us fromconstantly movingforward.”Nick Lewis,President
  4. 4. A Dialogue with Publishers’Graphics Why Nick founded Publishers’ Graphics Who is Publishers’ Graphics? Why are you different? How are you changing short–run book printing “one book at atime”? What was the impetus to seek out new technology? What has this technology enabled? Lessons learned? Interactive Q&A
  5. 5. Who is Publishers’Graphics? One of the largest short-run book printers Focus on innovation, quality and customized services drive oursuccess 2009: Best year ever! 2010 even better “A Book of One” production facility Data stream distribution system (global) An electronic book repository An online bookstore Short run book production
  6. 6. Why found Publishers’Graphics?
  7. 7. Traditional ProcessCustomerOrders FromPublisherPublisherOrders FromPrinterPrinterProducesBooksPrinter SendsBooks toDistributorDistributor ShipsBooksBooks Delivered
  8. 8. New ProcessCustomerOrders FromPublisherPublisherOrders FromPrinterPrinterProducesBooksPrinter ShipsBooksBooks Delivered
  9. 9. Technologies
  10. 10. Key Technology QDirect Organizes large job volume-1,000-2,000 jobs/day Automate & route jobs to various printers (from differentmanufacturers) with automatic re-ticketing
  11. 11. Lessons Learned/Tips Need strong IT support staff Orchestrate through the complexity of a multi-tiermulti-vendor platform project
  12. 12. Summary We succeed because we: Listen to customers and identify unmet needs Understand, design, communicate, and develop systems and processesneeded to bring software and hardware together Innovate- Crafted a top-tier platform uniquely delivering the service The results can be astounding: Process efficiency- 87% decrease in turn around time, easily operatingin a multi-location multi-vendor environment Cost effectiveness- handling 65% volume increase without adding staff Profitably printing every book- 350-400 orders daily in multiplelocations
  13. 13. Questions & Contact InformationContact Info:Nick LewisPresident, Publishers’ GraphicsCarol Stream, ILnlewis@pubgraphics.com888.404.3769Rochester Software