Empowered In-Plants: Tell All - Success Stories from the Field


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See the presentation top in-plant and corporate print centers gave at this first-ever in-plant track headliner panel session. Presenters include three IPMA members and were: Jimmy Friend, UNT; Phil Larson, Shepherd OK; Gene Voekler, Parkview Health; and Debbie Gallagher, State of Oregon. These in-plant operations combined employ almost 150 people and 192 million impressions.

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  • This is the headliner session of the in-plant track at Graph Expo 2012. It is a panel-style session of top in-plant printers voted onto the panel by in-plant and corporate print center peers.
  • In-plants not only chose who they would like to learn the success secrets from, they even submitted questions they wanted the panelists to answer in the session.
  • These are the successful in-plants and their leaders that in-plants chose to be on the tell-all panel session. Jimmy Friend of UNT, Debbie Gallagher of the State or Oregon, Gene Voelker of Parkview Health, and Phil Larson of Shepherd OK, and formerly with grafaccent and American Fidelity.
  • Jimmy Friend’s operation has won more awards than any other in-plant. An impressive turn around story, Jimmy is known far and wide in in-plant circles as a humble leader who gets great results. See this article to learn more about the UNT operation and the secrets of their success see: http://bit.ly/JimmyFriend
  • UNT uses a variety of hardware and software. See the short video highlighting UNT’s operation.
  • I’m Phil Larson, As Business Development VP of a large insurance in-plant in Oklahoma City, we addressed three adaptations I will mention in a moment that delivered our in-plant impressive results, some of which you see here on this slide.
  • And while you may have an interest in the technology and equipment we used to achieve these results, the real success story of our in-plant was our ability to make three adaptions that are essential to all in-plants today. You are all here today to learn how and why we have been successful. I would like to use my few minutes to share my philosophy for growth and change with you.
  • Great results have come from this process and using the tools and technology. Learn more about Phil Larson and the success of operations he has managed here: http://bit.ly/PhilPanel
  • Attend the Business Plan session this afternoon and the Product Expansion into Multi-Channel tomorrow where I will talk about how to put together your people, products and services, props, projects, and processes to get where you need to go. Thank you!
  • Gene Voelker has delivered impressive results for this healthcare in-plant operation that he turned around.
  • Parkview has leveraged it’s people, process and technology and growth has followed. See the short video about the Parkview Health operation and learn more here: http://bit.ly/GV_Panel
  • Debbie’s operation is the fourth largest government in-plant in the United States.
  • See the State of Oregon DAS philosophy and success secrets in this video and learn more in this article http://bit.ly/DG_panel
  • Watch rocsoft.com and the GASC channel for session video to see you the panelists answered these questions.
  • Watch rocsoft.com and the GASC channel for session video to see you the panelists answered these questions.
  • Watch rocsoft.com and the GASC channel for session video to see how the panelists answered these questions.
  • If you would like to learn from these successful in-plants and exchange ideas with other in-plants, visit the Linked in in-plant print professionals group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/InPlant-Print-Professionals-4547760/about . Request to join today!
  • Empowered In-Plants: Tell All - Success Stories from the Field

    1. 1. Empowered In-PlantsTell All - Success Stories from the FieldModerated by Elisha KasinskasMarketing DirectorRochester Software Associates
    2. 2. Agenda Session Welcome Panelist Introductions In-Plant Overviews Panel Questions Q&A Session Close
    3. 3. Panel Voted to Speak Higher Ed Government Healthcare InsuranceJimmy Friend, Debbie Gallagher, Gene Voelker, Phil Larson,University of North Texas State of Oregon Parkview Health Shepherd OK
    4. 4. Jimmy FriendDirector of Print and Distribution Solutions, University of North Texas Stats  40 employees in 3 locations  29,000 square feet of operating space at main facility  300+ customers from 3 campus and other state agencies  $5 million annual budget  95% of all print projects are digitally produced
    5. 5. Jimmy FriendDirector of Print and Distribution Solutions, University of North Texas Equipment & Software  Multiple printers, folders, cutters, a coater, booklet making & binding equipment, laminators, a CD burner, an inserter  Software for Print MIS, imposition, mailing, & mail processing
    6. 6. Phil LarsonPresident, Shepherd Consulting OKFormer Director, AFPress and grafaccent at American Fidelity InsuranceStats 2 million pages/month of on-demand color 2-3 million pages/month of on-demand black 50% of work delivered within the shift ordered 100-400 orders/day Orders tracked via bar code Customized online ordering catalog Customer system and production system are the same
    7. 7. Phil LarsonPresident, Shepherd Consulting OKFormer Director, AFPress and grafaccent at American Fidelity InsuranceEquipment & Software Digital black & white, color & wide format printers & presses Digital & variable short run envelope press & digital MICR printers Programmable bindery equipment Xerox Free Flow Process Manager & MakeReady, EFI Fiery Color, WebCRD, WebCRD Dynamics, QDirect, MIS Print, Adobe Creative Suite, EasyPurl, Zoho CRM
    8. 8. Ingenuity: 3 Essential Adaptions Adapt staff Adapt products and services Adapt communications
    9. 9. Adapt Staff Raise up others Replace yourself Reinforce service
    10. 10. Adapt Products & Services Expand collateral services Engage customization Expect challenges
    11. 11. Adapt Communications MARKET:  C-Suite  Influencers  Customers  Staff/team
    12. 12. Our Results Double customer base in and out of performing organization From 120,000 to 34 million custom pages 100% online catalogue and ordering customized by branch location and integrated into full production Growth leadership in multi-channel Financial support
    13. 13. Developing Your In-plant Two additional Graph Expo sessions to help you develop your in-plant:  This afternoon from 2-3:30 pm Session R24: Building your company inside another  Tomorrow 10:30 - Noon R33 In-Plant Biz Development 101: „How-To‟ Build Variable & Multi-Channel offerings
    14. 14. Gene VoelkerManager, Supply Chain Business Services, Parkview HealthStats 13.5 Full-time equivalents  Printing Services 7.1 FTE  Postal 3.4 FTE  Records Retention 3.0 FTE 25+ million impressions per year 1,800+ customers Over 27,000 jobs annually Online catalogue of 8,000 print items 99% of work is on-demand, 1% is inventory Value added services are approximately 50% of business
    15. 15. Gene VoelkerManager, Supply Chain Business Services, Parkview HealthServices Services include bindery work, lamination, inserting, variable data printing, mailing operations, typesetting & design, consultingEquipment & Software Digital black & white & color printers, a duplicator, an envelope press Bindery equipment, including cutters, drills, folders, shrink wrappers EFI Digital StoreFront, InDesign, Illustrator, FusionPro, Fiery Central, numbering software, Photoshop, Crystal Reports
    16. 16. Debbie GallagherSenior Operations Analyst, State of Oregon Department of AdministrativeServices Publishing & DistributionStats 86 employees - 3 locations 70,000 square feet secured facility 1,500+ customers $15 million annual budget 7 + million impressions per month 2.3 million mail pieces – $239,000.00 postage saving / per month 12 delivery vehicles - 550 stops daily
    17. 17. Debbie GallagherSenior Operations Analyst, State of Oregon Department of AdministrativeServices Publishing & Distribution ProgramEquipment & Software Digital printers -16, black on white and color, perfect binder, collator, folders, cutters, shrink wrappers, booklet makers Continuous and cut-sheet mail inserters, piece tracking cameras, mail pre-sorter, move update/forward on the fly, ink-jet addresser, meters Software - On-line print ordering & tracking, variable data, address cleansing & updates, graphic design and editing, pre-flighting, scanning, imposition, data stream transformation, output process management, package tracking
    18. 18. Panel Questions What is your biggest secret to success? What contributes most to it? Include how you define success. What was a “light bulb” moment for you that had the greatest impact on the success of your operation? What have you tried that did not work and how did you move forward?
    19. 19. Panel Questions How are demonstrating strategic value to your organization so closing you is not an option? What is your biggest issue/challenge? What is the number one change you plan for next year?
    20. 20. Panel Questions What do‟s and don‟ts do you see in an ever tightening budget/reorganizations? If you could give just one piece of advice to other in- plants for how they can be successful, what would it be?
    21. 21. Questions & Answers
    22. 22. Closing Keep the conversation going- join the Linked in In- Plant Print Professionals Group Watch for in-plant leader online and audio sessions