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How to get web design freelance work


Published on Put most of your effort into developing your own site.
Meet business people in your local area.
And a lot more advice. :)

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How to get web design freelance work

  1. 1. Getting work
  2. 2. Getting work Getting clients and work for your web design company will, of course, mean the difference between success and failure for the business. Put most of your effort into developing your own site Building and maintaining websites is a time-consuming business, but at least the time and effort put into your own site will benefit you and you alone.
  3. 3. But why would potential clients contact you from your website? Because you have a great looking portfolio? Possibly. But you also need to write quality content on there about what you do. You should write about everything you can possibly think of about your particular area of expertise – generally and specifically. Even take the time to research into related areas you don’t know much about now but hope to in the future. There is nothing quite so educational as writing a tutorial. People will start to arrive at your site from search engines, see you know what you’re talking about and hire you. Remember – it’s far better to have clients going to you than to go cap in hand to potential clients.
  4. 4. • Put your USPs, skills and services on your business stationery and emails • Never turn down a job if it’s a good client. Elance and oDesk are good. • The best clients are the ones you already have • Form partnerships and alliances with other web designers Designers are very keen on Twitter and there are some excellent LinkedIn groups. Plus, I find forums very helpful, for example Estetica Design Forum,, Designer’s Talk, there’s Digital Point and Sitepoint for more code/technical queries, the WordPress forum is excellent and there’s Warrior Forum for internet marketing issues. And blogs!
  5. 5. Also, there is no substitute for meeting potential clients face-to-face. See if there are any business groups or mastermind meetings in your area – especially with marketers as well as with designers (marketers always need designers!) Try or BNI to find them. How to Set Up and Organize a MeetUp group
  6. 6. Your website Everything starts and finishes with your website. You should be working on it and looking to improve it almost everyday. I would usually use WordPress to power a website because it comes with pretty good SEO straight out of the box. There are some essential SEO actions you need to perform on a WordPress installation. These are basic things like putting your keywords in your site title, headings and URLs, creating a sitemap and registering it with Google Webmaster Tools, writing meta descriptions and alt tags from images and following web standards. You should also follow some basic rules to optimize your pages for keywords.
  7. 7. You can choose your keywords according to your specializations however the obvious keywords to target would be “web designer blank” with “blank” being the city or area you live in. Try to get links with “web designer blank” and other phrases as the anchor text pointing towards your home page. Be careful: do not have more than 20% of links pointing to any page with the same anchor text – if the anchor text is something other than the name or URL of the page. I can not overstate the importance of blogging. Blog as much as you can, writing relevant quality articles of at least 500 words as often as possible. And don’t forget to put the keywords in the titles of the posts.
  8. 8. Your portfolio – less is more Obviously, your portfolio and website will require constant care and attention. You should present your work samples in the best and fastest way to the visitor imaginable. Always choose less work samples rather than more. It’s better to see only 5 fantastic websites rather than 55 ordinary ones. Most potential clients will actually only spend an average of six seconds on your portfolio page so make the first six seconds count.
  9. 9. Stand out from the crowd Above all, be creative and break the mold. Always try to offer something different from everybody else. To do this your design and developing skills need to be top notch. • • Planet Photoshop • • W3 Schools The internet is your friend. A web designer only needs to look on the web for inspiration and great teaching – usually for free!
  10. 10. If you’re just starting out Whether you’ve been working as a designer for years or you’ve just left college, you can enter the freelance world with zero risk! There is nothing to stop you being a freelance web designer as you can work in your spare time. You can start by creating and improving your own website and writing valuable content that is indexed by search engines. But do this in your spare time. Don’t leave your steady job to go freelancing with no clients!