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Call tracking comes of age


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Phone calls are more important, and valuable, today than ever before. But for many call-centric businesses, they’re a forgotten channel. In this ebook from Europe’s leading Call Intelligence platform, ResponseTap, discover:

- That despite the best efforts of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, human-to-human voice calls are only increasing
- How call tracking has evolved from purely being able to count calls, through to
outcome tracking
- That as the complexity of the customer journey increases, full end-to-end attribution is now a reality for call-centric businesses everywhere.

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Call tracking comes of age

  1. 1. Call tracking comes of age How to fill the gap in your analytics blind spot for 100% marketing attribution ResponseTap is a leading provider of Call Intelligence, attributing phone calls to online, offline and mobile marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and global agencies. From bases in New York and the UK, ResponseTap is shaping the future of call tracking, allowing customers to optimize campaigns and increase profitability. Test your music knowledge in this ebook Spot the phone-based songs in the titles on each page; if you can name every artist, Tweet us your answers @ResponseTap and we’ll send you a prize…
  2. 2. 2C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E It’s your call Why is call tracking forgotten by so many call-centric businesses? Call tracking in its most basic form has existed for decades. But the development of the technology has seemed to stagnate in recent years. Consider how digital marketing has changed beyond recognition in the past decade. Optimization techniques for digital campaigns are now on a level of sophistication that marketers couldn’t imagine 10 years ago. Tools like Optimizely, HotJar, Qubit and FullStory are being used to incrementally improve the chances of customers converting to a sale. But for 70% of businesses in the US where the phone call is a conversion point, for some reason the same level of scrutiny isn’t given to these calls. Why? Perhaps the low level of sophistication of call tracking products has prevented businesses from realizing its importance in the past. Well now call tracking has caught up. Call tracking has come of age In this ebook we explain: • That despite the best efforts of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, human-to-human voice calls are only increasing • How call tracking has evolved from purely being able to count calls, through to outcome tracking • And that as the complexity of the customer journey increases, full end-to-end attribution is now a reality for call-centric businesses everywhere.
  3. 3. 3C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Hello Fact-checking phoney fake news And, on the right, look at how much spending in the US is currently influenced by phone calls. $1 trillion. That’s an Apple and Amazon-sized blind spot in your reporting if these calls aren’t being tracked. But despite all this, the role of the phone is undoubtedly changing. So, to understand more about how phone calls and contact centers will evolve in the coming years, we commissioned some research to investigate. Despite naysayers warning that the end of the phone call is nigh, our research suggests quite the opposite. 162bn Calls to businesses from smartphones are projected to reach 162 billion by 2019 (BIA Kelsey) 69% Click to call is a key driver. 69% of search users are likely to call from within mobile search results (Google) x10 Calls convert up to 10 times higher than clicks (Hubspot)
  4. 4. 4C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Hotline Bling The importance of phone calls for businesses today The research comprised of interviews with contact center managers, prevalent futurists and Customer Experience experts. Our conclusions: 1. The holy grail of the contact center is anticipating customer needs The research found that big global businesses are actively investing in contact centers that focus on customer needs and preferences, so engagement can be more efficient and proactive. 2. The future role of the contact center agent is expected to be as a specialist consultant Customers still desire personalized experiences. A future where inbound calls can be routed to the best person for the call isn’t far away. 3. People - and human relationships - are not going away The human element of a phone call will, according to our research, always be important. In an age of review-site overload, verbal reassurance from a trusted human speaks volumes. From our findings, it’s clear that organizations recognize the need to ensure customers feel valued; voice remains the best way to do this. Why? • Voice gives organizations personalities, so they’re not faceless online services • Complicated queries, complaints or sales requests are the main opportunity for voice calls to address • Organisations also recognise customer preferences and feel a lot of customers still want to speak on the phone, especially in the previously mentioned situations • Voice adds immediacy in answering requests that isn’t always guaranteed from online methods, as well as professionalism and knowledgeability • Voice “enhances the experience” Our research set out to understand how businesses view phone call interactions today and how this will change in the near future. This was conducted by Mustard Research in November 2017.
  5. 5. 5C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E The importance of phone calls for businesses today “There was a shift away from voice and now there’s a shift back to voice because people want to be treated as individuals. Despite what the press is throwing out there of the millennial generation not wanting to talk to people, that’s not necessarily true. I think millennials more than anyone else value customer centricity, they want to be treated as an individual.” CX expert, UK “Without phone calls, the risk is your organisation becomes faceless. You just get an email from a shared mailbox or a text from a group, a number that doesn’t even exist that you can’t get back to. A lot of people don’t like that.” IT expert, UK
  6. 6. 6C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Choose from one of six default attribution models, to fully understand which campaigns influenced a sale Understand and connect every touchpoint leading up to a call We maintain our cookies for 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about longer sales cycles Only useful for short sales cycles The phone number will only remain active for that session Last click attribution If the customer leaves your website and returns, you’ll lose this tracking information No attribution Doesn’t take into account the customer’s full journey and suggests the source was direct Call Intelligence At ResponseTap, we offer visitor level call tracking, which tells you precisely which campaigns, channels and keywords are making customers pick up the phone. Session level call tracking Session level call tracking gives each individual visitor to your website their own phone number, known as ‘dynamic number insertion’. Campaign level call tracking Businesses using campaign level call tracking will buy a pool of phone numbers and assign each ‘static’ number to a specific campaign to discover the ads that are driving calls. Hanging on the Telephone The evolution of call tracking technology
  7. 7. 7C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Call me How ResponseTap works Discover how much your keywords are really worth Back to website direct Dial the unique number Review site PPC Email Organic With ResponseTap, as soon as someone lands on your website you can trace all subsequent visits and calls back to that initial visit; you can see the whole customer journey. First click, right through to last click and every click in between. So, if someone clicks through to your website from a PPC ad, leaves, comes back two days later via a social campaign and then calls from the number uniquely displayed to them on your website, the call will be attributed to both the PPC ad as the first click and the social campaign as the last click. If they visited numerous times in between, those visits would also be tracked. In fact, with ResponseTap, because we pass our call data into Google Analytics and other 3rd party platforms such as bid management tools, it’s still possible to attribute calls to specific keywords and manage those bids accordingly. And we maintain our cookies for 12 months. This means you don’t have to worry about longer sales cycles and customer journeys; we capture it all. And now you can track call outcomes too, with Smart Match.
  8. 8. 8C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Hung up Meet Smart Match When you activate Smart Match in ResponseTap, you can add call outcomes to your reports and easily discover which marketing sources are driving your highest value phone sales. This means you can optimize campaigns based on revenue or profit generated from each campaign and report an accurate ROI. All you need to do is upload a csv or Excel sales report. Then our Smart Match algorithm matches your report outcomes to the call, showing which marketing activity has driven revenue, or resulted in other customizable outcomes, such as appointments booked or enquiries received. Now you can easily link which marketing activity drives the most valuable calls How it works “Being able to track the lead source and then assign a revenue and margin value has been a major breakthrough for us” Simon Hoe, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Cruise1st Upload Sale Data Data Mapping Review Results
  9. 9. 9C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E Call on me Don’t just take our word for it “ResponseTap provides granular data across our marketing channels which enables us to optimize marketing spend, performance and return.” “Being able to track every phone call, attribute spend and optimize accordingly is crucial to our business.” “The visitor touchpoints report is incredibly powerful as it enables us to see how users interact with our site and understand trigger points for phone calls.” “ResponseTap has been fundamental to our marketing success over the past 2 years. The visibility we have of how patients find and engage with us has changed the way we market and significantly improved our overall marketing performance.”
  10. 10. C A L L T R A C K I N G C O M E S O F A G E © R E S P O N S E TA P 2 0 1 8 ResponseTap Inc. 79 Madison Avenue New York NY 10016 +1 646-933-4376 Get in touch for a demo and see for yourself how the next generation in call tracking could supercharge your marketing campaigns.