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Assessment of the Molecular Diagnostic Market for Factor V Leiden NA Tests in Spain


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This is the most comprehensive European market report on the emergent field of molecular diagnostics from the end user perspective. Hospital and private laboratories have been surveyed to collect information on NA tests performed, test volumes and used platforms and reagents. For data reliability and accurate projections at segment level a 3 step methodology has been applied:Step 1: Identification of the total number of laboratories by secondary research and short telephone interviews with 408 hospitals to verify existence of internal laboratories.Step 2: 515 laboratories in Spain were classified for NAT activity and overall NA test volume.Step 3: 49 laboratories provided data on NA test volume, kits, platforms and trends. A list of 44 NA tests have been provided to the labs for structured data entry. All data has been analysed and projected at total market level. The report discusses tests and technologies that are currently available and wishes from the end user perspectives. The report covers key platforms of molecular diagnostics, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Real Time PCR (RT-PCR), TMA, LCR, NASBA, SDA, HCA, bDNA.

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