Gate2 rubin for visit to eu


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Gate2 rubin for visit to eu

  1. 1. Gate2RuBIN - Enterprise Europe Network in Russia ki i
  2. 2. Enterprise Europe Network is presented in 50 countries:  ‐ in EU 27‐ in 8 CIP Countries: CRO, FYR, ICE, ISR, MON, NOR, SER, TUR ‐ In 15 other Third Countries: ARM, CHIL, CHIN, EGY, RUS, SWI, SYR, USA, S. KOR, MEX etc. Russian center – Gate2RuBIN Access to:  • 60 centres in Russia • more then                                        4 000 Russian clients  4 000 Russian clients (SMEs, R&D organisations,  universities) • more 500 ideas for joint more 500 ideas for joint  projects
  3. 3. Russia in Enterprise Europe Network Russian Federation participates in Enterprise  R i F d ti ti i t i E t i Gate2RuBIN consortium Europe Network under Article 21.5 of CIP via  Gate to Russian Business and Innovation  Networks (Gate2RuBIN) projectThe Gate2RuBIN project is implemented by a The Gate2RuBIN project is implemented by aconsortium of three network organizations: THE MAIN GOALS ARE: Russian Agency for Support of Small  ‐ assistance to the development of  and Medium Business (RA) and Medium Business (RA) international and technological business co‐ i t ti l dt h l i lb i since 1992, 50 SIORA network members in 50 regions  operation between SMEs, R&D organisations of  the RF ‐ support infrastructure of Russia and EU,  Russian Technology Transfer Network  Russian Technology Transfer Network g p contributing to their competitiveness. (RTTN) Nonprofit Partnership since 2001, 70 members in 29 regions of Russia and 3  CIS  countries The Consortium receives the public support for  p pp Union of Innovation Technology  implementation of Gate2RuBIN’s project from the  Centers  of Russia (RUITC),  Ministry for Economic Development of the  coordinator  Russian Federation (MED RF) and the State  since 2002, 31 members in 19 regions of the RF Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative  Enterprises (FASIE). Enterprises (FASIE)
  4. 4. Gate2RuBIN operational model Gate2RuBIN specificity• Usually, a partner of the Enterprise Europe  Project Coordination Team Network is a consortium of regional  (RUITC + RTTN + RA = EEN‐ organisations providing direct services to  organisations providing direct services to Russia), 14 persons ) regional clients• The EEN‐Russia is formed by 3 bodies ‐ 63 Regional partners =  coordinators of 3 networks of federal level that  Gate2RuBIN network:  enter EEN as an integrated network 39 – type “A”  24 – type “BC”• EEN‐Russia is Project Coordination Team ‐ (selected via Calls for proposals  PCT and selected members of the 3 networks  of MED RF and FASIE; provided  via calls via calls government support) government support)• The role of PCT is providing of support to SMEs  Members of  RTTN,  RUITC,  RA and R&D organisations, animation,  Total: ~ 100 centres, 50 regions of RF coordination of RF‐EU relationships, quality  p ,q y (~ 4000 SMEs,  ~450 Universities   control and methodological support for  and research centres ) regional centres, etc.• The role of regional members is identification  of partners and EoIs, preparation of profiles,  f dE I i f fil etc. 
  5. 5. Gate2RuBING t 2R BIN results (2008-2011) lt (2008 2011)• Clients participating in local events: 11 000• First company visits: 3 200• BCD and BBS profiles: 900+• Expressions of interest: 1100• Local events: 400• Clients participated in Brokerage events: 180• Partnership Agreements signed: 80+ 80 (including 22 – validated by EACI)EEN‐Russia Events:EEN‐Russia Events:• EEN annual conference (2008, 2009, 2010)• International Gate2RuBIN conference (2008, 2009, 2010)• 20 presentations at international conferences in Russia• 300+ local events• Brokerage events with EEN partners (2008 2009 2010) Brokerage events with EEN partners (2008, 2009, 2010
  6. 6. Examples of partnerships• Joint development of GMOS software for analytical processing of  Jo t de e op e t o G OS so t a e o a a yt ca p ocess g o large economic data arrays in insurance, financial and commercial  activities (Russia – Germany);• J i t FP7 Joint FP7 proposal “Active radio frequency IDs using printed  l “A ti di f ID i i t d carbon nanotube technology” (Russia – EU);• Development of a software product  to support SMEs in strategic  p p pp g planning and strategic investment decisions in European Union  and Russia (Russia – Germany);• European promotion of Siberian software for three dimensional European promotion of Siberian software for three‐dimensional  prospection of oil, gas and ore deposits (Russia – UK);• Joint business project – production of fruit snack‐bars with  probiotics (Russia – Slovenia);• Commercial agreement on distribution of ceramic facing  materials (Russia  Italy)  materials (Russia – Italy)• etc.
  7. 7. Next steps:Gate2RuBIN difficultiesG t 2R BIN diffi lti• Separation services provided by EEN‐Russia and regional partners on deferent  modules – “ ” l “A” and ” ” ”BC”• Different mechanisms for financial support of regional partners depending of the  type of services (“A” or ”BC”)In 2011-2012 the pilot model of functioning of regional centersproviding "an integrated service pack” will be tested an pack• Call was announced in June• 5 pilot regions were selected 5 pilot regions were selected. • Financial support from the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian  Federation, the State Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises  and Regional authority and Regional authority
  8. 8. Some questions for discussionS ti f di iOperational model of a EEN regional consortium.• Consortium partners (profile of organisations); M ti ti f participation iin th E t i C ti t ( fil f i ti ) Motivation for ti i ti the Enterprise Europe Network; Consortium coordination (tools,…); Cooperation between consortium partners (signposting, EEN integrated service pack etc.); Cooperation with “external” local/national SME support infrastructure (incubators, technoparks, etc.)Cooperation between EEN partner centres and local Universities/R&D organizations• Organisational issues; How do you cooperate with technology transfer offices/centers in Universities? Are there any trainings on entrepreneurship realized jointly by EEN and University? Is there any specificity in identification of cooperation proposals from University teams, as compared to companies? Do you provide any support for spin- off/start-ups companies of Universities?Client identification and cooperation with clusters/European Technological Platforms p p g etc.• Client identification process; How do you find/attract new clients? How do you explain your/EEN “added value” for clients? How do you evaluate client’ capability for internationalisation? How do you cooperate with clusters? Elaboration of company internationalisation strategyAttracting funds for projects (established partnerships)• Cooperation with regional funds ( g p g (regional SME’ support p g pp programs); Cooperation with ); p Venture funds; Free of charge services list, do clients pay for some services ? …Best practice and case studies –examples of assistance for your clients
  9. 9. Gate2RuBIN project’s website
  10. 10. Contacts Union of Innovation Technology Centers of Russia (RUITC) U i fI i T h l C f R i (RUITC)  Contact persons: Yuri Krupnov (, tel.: +7‐499‐7206917) Yuri Krupnov (yk@unitc ru tel +7 499 7206917) Alexander Larchikov (, tel.: +7‐499‐7206917) Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) Nonprofit Partnership  Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) Nonprofit Partnership Contact persons: Gennady Pilnov (, tel.: +7 48439 95856) Gennady Pilnov (g pilnov@rttn ru tel : +7‐48439‐95856) Olga Tarasova (, tel.: +7‐48439‐65384) Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support (RA) Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support (RA) Contact persons: Olga Ermakova (, tel.: +7‐499‐1437332/20) Olga Ermakova (ermakova@siora ru tel : +7 499 1437332/20) Julia Afanasieva (, tel.: +7‐499‐1437332/20)
  11. 11. Oleg LUKSHAPhone: +7 48439 9-44-89e-mail: o.luksha@rttn.ruGennady PILNOVPhone: +7 48439 9-58-56e-mail: @