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May Radiology eNewsletter

  1. 1. MAY 2012 Inside IN THIS ISSUE 1.1 INDUSTRY UPDATES: 5010 HIPAA COMPLIANCE, HEALTH REFORM, AND ICD-10 Industry Updates: 5010 HIPAA Compliance, 1.2 MEANINGFUL USE Health Reform, and ICD-10 STAGE 2 PROPOSED There is always a lot to keep track of in regards REQUIREMENTS: WHAT to healthcare legislation. Learn more about 5010 IT MEANS FOR RADIOLOGISTS? HIPAA Compliance, Health Reform and the Conference Committee, and ICD-10. In this blog article you will: 2.3 MEANINGFUL USE PRACTICE ANALYZER • Learn more about 5010 HIPAA Compliance FOR RADIOLOGISTS issues and the resulting major stoppages. • Understand the top three key factors effecting 2.4 the Conference Committee MEANINGFUL USE GUIDE FOR RADIOLOGY • Learn about the CMS ICD-10 timeframe, as reportedly the CMS Administration is aware that physicians are currently juggling implementation deadlines for several programs. Read more about these industry updates! Meaningful Use Stage 2 Proposed Requirements: What It Means for Radiologists? “Meaningful Use ("MU") is a financial incentive program, developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), to encourage healthcare providers to adopt certified EHR F I R T Y (Electronic Health Record) technology in order to improve the (855) RING-HIS coordination of care across all specialties” (1). 350 S. Northwest Highway Suite 200 Originally, radiologists were hesitant to participate in the meaningful Park Ridge, IL 60068 use incentives for two main reasons. Learn more now!HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C
  2. 2. MAY 2012 Meaningful Use Practice Analyzer for Radiologists At the end of 2011 launched the Radiology Meaningful Use Practice Analyzer, a unique application intended for all U.S. radiologists hoping to understand, and potentially participate in, the CMS EHR Incentive Programs. This online application guides radiology professionals through the complex process of analyzing their practice for Meaningful Use. The research included: • Provider input from thousands of data points• Offers a clear snapshot on the readiness, concerns, successes, and expectations about meaningful use from your peers in the radiology community. Read more here! Meaningful Use Guide for RadiologyMeaningful use is everywhere, and it’s hard to navigate all of therules and regulations on your own. HIS is committed to helping youbetter understand meaningful use for radiology, that’s why, when wecame across this great resource by Merge Healthcare Incorporatedand Center for Diagnostic Imaging, we had to share!This how-to guide was created to help radiologists comply to theHITECH Act.Read the Meaningful Use Guide for Radiology now! Have Questions? We’re happy to help. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) (855) RING-HIS 350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 200 Park Ridge, IL 60068 F I R T YHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C