Get the Best Property PR Results


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Get the Best Property PR Results

  1. 1. A Guide by London PR Agency BeattieCommunications
  2. 2. When it comes to selling a product of any kind, marketing and publicrelations always plays a pivotal role in the interest generation and final saleprice of the product.Property PR and marketing can be the difference between a sale and no sale,or help in driving demand and pushing the sale price ever higher. And whenit is property you are selling the benefits can be substantial.With public relations and promotion playing such a key role in the propertymarket it is essential that you are able to generate a large amount of(relevant) media exposure, making sure the correct messages reach the rightaudience and entice them in to making sizable purchases.Here you’ll find a selection of hints and tips on how to get the very best PRresults from your property story.Property PR
  3. 3. Public Relations 101 requires that you make sure your story is relevant andinteresting.Media outlets are being inundated with content on a daily basis from a variety ofon and offline sources. It is crucial therefore that your story offers them addedvalue.Make sure your story stands out from the crowd by offering something differentand unique. Offer something that others cannot.Make use of industry connections or a design team to create something trulymemorable.Put yourself in the eyes and mind of the reader. Provide them with something ofinherent value; a newsworthy story relevant, interesting and engaging to them.Serving up old news is a sure-fire route to rejection, but lack of relevance is alsodamaging to your media exposure.Make sure you are reaching out to the right people in the right way so as toengender maximum exposure and engagement.Interest and Relevance is Key
  4. 4. It is essential that you target the correct outlet for your story. Creatingfascinating and engaging content is worthless if it is placed in an outletwhich your target audience will never see.Research your target market and outline the media outlets most likely togive you relevant exposure to that audience.Make sure that, upon sourcing the best media outlets, that you tailor andadapt your story to best fit with the outlet’s style and topic.This will ensurethe best engagement with their audience and most relevant exposure foryour story.Target the Right Media Outlet
  5. 5. In the world of public relations, personal relationships and contacts areabsolutely crucial in getting your story to the front of the queue.Many stories are lost simply because they were sent to the wrong person oreven the right person at the wrong time.Identify the key journalists and editors in the property sector of your localarea and contact them directly.There may be a dedicated property department or you may be dealing witha general editor.Either way, make sure you reach out to them on a personal level and developa working business relationship.This will put you in good stead for future releases as well.Reach Out to Journalists Directly
  6. 6. With the level of information available to journalists nowadays, particularlywith our fast paced online world, it is becoming more challenging than everto stand out from the crowd.Provide additional materials as part of a media package, on top of a generalpress release.Statistics and data from surveys are always useful in spicing up a news story,particularly if they can be condensed in to infographic form.When it comes to property marketing, photographs are hugely powerful.Make the best use of imagery and showcase your story in the best possiblelight.Spice Up the Story with Added Extras