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ALN-Bengaluru - Agile Management - Driving Leadership & Complexity of …


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Agile Leadership Network - Bengaluru Chapter Presentation

Published in: Technology
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ALN-Bengaluru - Agile Management - Driving Leadership & Complexity of …

  1. 1. Agile Management driving leadership & complexity of change Ravi Kumar HCL Technologies Ltd. 1Thursday, 8 November 12
  2. 2. agenda agile management & roles – quandary vs conundrum many manifestos and agile principles – where is focus on management? obstacles for agile software development - a complex adaptive system views of management measurements future of management where do we go from here 2Thursday, 8 November 12
  3. 3. agile management & roles Servant leader & facilitator – SCRUM Master Owner of project vision & represents the customer – Product Owner Project Manager – Where does he fit now? 3Thursday, 8 November 12
  4. 4. management & project failures "Poor management can increase software costs more rapidly than any other factor." —Barry Boehm 4Thursday, 8 November 12
  5. 5. uncertainty & urgency Accept Uncertainty, a g ile Manage with Transparency 5Thursday, 8 November 12
  6. 6. agile manifesto 6Thursday, 8 November 12
  7. 7. agile principles Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer Working software is the primary measure of through early and continuous delivery progress. of valuable software. Agile processes promote sustainable Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. The sponsors, developers, and development. Agile processes harness change for Which of these users should be able to maintain a constant the customers competitive advantage. pace indefinitely. Deliver working software frequently, from a Continuous attention to technical excellence couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a and good design enhances agility. principles is focused on preference to the shorter timescale. Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount Business people and developers must work of work not done--is essential. together daily throughout the project. management? Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done. The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and The most efficient and effective method of adjusts its behavior accordingly. conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation. 8Thursday, 8 November 12
  8. 8. manifesto for software craftsmanship 7, 8 November 12
  9. 9. declaration of interdependence 9Thursday, 8 November 12
  10. 10. obstacles for agile 10Thursday, 8 November 12
  11. 11. obstacles for agile 11Thursday, 8 November 12
  12. 12. complex adaptive systems e ar ftw e nt so opm vel de wikipedia 12Thursday, 8 November 12
  13. 13. complex adaptive systems 13Thursday, 8 November 12
  14. 14. 6 views of agile management Align Constraints Develop Competence Grow Structure Improve Everything Energize People Empower Teams 14Thursday, 8 November 12
  15. 15. situational leadership o ut in g ab sion-mak ey d deci ho w th to ge t hare an d ed ion s task s plish nicat al the acco m co m mu d ivi du o uld be -way the in sh two fro m in” “b u y d, on in volve un icati still co mm r is an d y nage r ma nage sib ility On e-wa ma spon pass ed the b ut re are fro m o rity auth 15, 8 November 12
  16. 16. organizational style n en betwee b etwe ination by t he ation s d din team Co or l tea ms Co or ction al s ction a selve s s- fu n em selve fu n s th em cros am s th team h e te by t n n betwee betwee dina tion team s na tion s is Co or tion al or Co o r di lteam s -fun c ag e r iona rs cros an fu n ct a nage e ct m o ve by m proj ie s ab or m e d by a ut horit perf er a s oth team the 16Thursday, 8 November 12
  17. 17. governance vs anarchy CHAOS - Absence of order (presence of disorder) COMPLEXITY - Absence of imposed (top-down) order 17Thursday, 8 November 12
  18. 18. improvement initiatives Process improvement Initiatives don’t work Implementation of Lean Six Sigma Identifying and elimination of waste is promiscuous Geared only towards process refinement or efficiency Design for Six Sigma(DFSS) model might be effective alternate. initiatives are primarily focused on quality and estimation improvement, that is, better control over scope, time, and resources, whilst maximizing the production rate through use of quality improvement techniques such as peer code reviews - De Marco & List: Peopleware 18Thursday, 8 November 12
  19. 19. measurements Measures must help improving & decision making not just tracking Earned Value (EV) as a measure for agile projects will not work agile projects are non linear Plans often change and so does feature values Inappropriate for agile First time right in agile projects often misconstrued for not changing code after delivered CFDs are good for visualization helps tracking and cycle time can be customized to depict value delivered 19Thursday, 8 November 12
  20. 20. the end & future of management “We are all prisoners of our paradigms. And as Managers, we are captives of a paradigm that places the pursuit of efficiency ahead of every other goal…” “21st century managers are still obsessing over the same problems that occupied his inventive mind a hundred years ago” - Fredrick Winslow Taylor 20Thursday, 8 November 12
  21. 21. agile management - where from here? So what if agile principles don’t talk about management Look for lean practices to compliment in the agile journey. agile management roles must embrace responsibilities. Software development is a Complex matter Borrowing practices blindly may not yield desired results Be agile about the way you go about adopting agile Organization change management centered around people and continuous improvement is critical One true agile…there’s nothing like that Adapting and evolving pays better dividends over striving for efficiency. 21Thursday, 8 November 12
  22. 22. Thank you!! 22Thursday, 8 November 12