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Jrd Project Management Services


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Jrd Project Management Services

  1. 1.       Project Management Services  Application  Development Consulting Services Staffing
  2. 2.       Organize Your Business JRD SYSTEMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CAN HELP YOU BE MORE EFFICIENT Do you know what would happen if your key With such systems in place you can worry personnel left your company tomorrow? less about day to day project details and Would your employees know how to keep concentrate on your customers. Automated your business moving forward? Would your systems can help with communications within IT Systems still function without interruption? the project team and keep everyone apprised Do you know how much this will cost you? If on important details. you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, As a project moves through the selection, JRD Systems has a solution for you. A solid planning, execution, and termination phases, project management foundation and in-place the project manager and team are faced with methodologies can help your business pick up different, vying areas of concern--including the where your employees leave off. immediate task priorities, the probable JRD Systems, Inc. will aid you in analyzing sources of conflict, and the relevant critical your business’s workflow and existing factors for project success. processes and assist you in determining what An SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) Project Management Methodologies will work can aid your IT workers by providing a means best for you. for them to document and communicate their All aspects of your business can benefit from applications and environment. This also helps a formal project management methodology. you in knowing that your IT systems can Implemented in a flexible manner, your continue running seamlessly if there is a business can build upon your practices as it change in staffing or additions to your IT team. grows. flexible solutions for your business needs
  3. 3.       PROJ ECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES • PROCESS DISCOVERY AND AUTOMATION CONSULT ING • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT JRD Systems, Inc. is available to your business to assist you with a • PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY DEVELOPMENT number of consulting services including Process Analysis and • TEMPLATE AND FORMS CREATION Automation, IT Architecture Design, IT Strategy and Roadmap • EMPLOYEE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING Consulting, Document Automation, Web Portal Implementation, and • PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATION ROI Discovery. • PM SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTATION • PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS • MANAGEMENT REPORTS CUST OM APPLICATION • PROCESS DOCUMENTATION DEVELOPMENT JRD Systems, Inc. has a diverse team • IT SDLC (SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE) / AGILE / of skilled and experienced resources ITIL (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE LIBRARY) ready to assist you in creating customized applications to suit your IMPLEMENTATION specific business. We specialize in a variety of industries including Insurance, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Finance. We will help you realize your requirements and create flexible, scalable IT Solutions that have significant return on investment. ST AFF ING As companies expand to deliver new products and services, JRD Systems Inc. is there to assist with our staff augmentation services. Our qualified recruiting staff can help you find the right candidate.
  4. 4.   PROJ ECT MANAGEMENT LIFECYCLE Initiation involves starting up the project, by developing a Project  business case, feasibility study, and terms of reference, Initiation establishing the project charter, and appointing the project team and setting up a Project Office. Planning involves setting out the roadmap for the project by creating the following plans: project plan, resource plan, financial plan, quality plan, risk plan, acceptance plan, procurement plan, and communications plan. Project  Project  Project  Closure Planning Lifecycle Execution involves building the deliverables and controlling the project delivery, scope, costs, quality, risks and issues. Closure involves winding-down the project by releasing Project  staff, handing over deliverables to the customer and Execution completing a post implementation review branches of project management PROJECT INITIATION PROJ ECT EXECUTION Project Initiation is the first phase in the Project Life With a clear definition of the project and a suite of Cycle and essentially involves starting up the project. detailed project plans, you are now ready to enter the You initiate a project by defining its purpose and scope, Execution phase of the project. the justification for initiating it and the solution to be This is the phase in which the deliverables are physically implemented. You will also need to recruit a suitably built and presented to the customer for acceptance. skilled project team, set up a Project Office and perform an end of Phase Review. While each deliverable is being constructed, a suite of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables being output by the project. PROJ ECT PLANNING These processes include managing time, cost, quality, After defining the project and appointing the project change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and team, you're ready to enter the detailed Project Planning communication. phase. This involves creating a suite of planning documents to help guide the team throughout the project Once all the deliverables have been produced and the delivery. customer has accepted the final solution, the project is ready for closure. PROJ ECT CLOSURE Project Closure involves releasing the final deliverables to the customer, handing over project documentation to the business, terminating supplier contracts, releasing project resources and communicating project closure to all stakeholders. The last remaining step is to undertake a Post Implementation Review to identify the level of project success and note any lessons learned for future projects.
  5. 5.   Focus on What’s Important BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING A PROJ ECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY  Dedicate wasted resources on efforts  Defining roles and responsibilities that really matter; initiate new upon project initiation can provide projects without an increase in clarity to the project team and allow headcount or overall budget. managers to know exactly who is responsible for each step of the  Manage the scope of your projects by project. establishing a baseline early in the life of the project and conducting  Having clear goals can help mitigate planned reviews. risk by defining objectives and ensuring that the entire project team  Provide management reports which is on the same page. will enable your executives to quickly review the status of projects and get  Documenting your projects and a more detailed view when needed. processes allows managers to feel secure in knowing that projects and  Documenting and reviewing lessons tasks can be assigned to new team learned can ensure the success of members and new staff. In the long future projects. run, this saves your business time and money. make the most of people, time and money - your most valued assets. Money People Time Corporate Headquarters: 42450 Hayes Road, Suite 3 Clinton Township, MI 48038 Main: (586) 416-1500 Fax: (586) 416-1600 APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT/SUPPORT • CONSULTING SERVICES • STAFFING