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Why Real Estate Investing Zack Wiest


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Why Real Estate Investing Zack Wiest

  1. 1. Why Real Estate InvestingI know how it feels getting started in real estate investing; I wasnt born areal estate investor either. You get this overwhelming feeling that there areso many things to learn and to do that you become paralyzed.Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you arenot alone. Every single successful real estate investor andentrepreneur I know has been through the same exactsituation. The process is the same for everyone.The bad news is that you have to overcome thesefeelings, you, actually, have to overcome yourself,if you want to get started and succeed in realestate.Let me back up for a while and ask you a question."Why do you want to get started in Real Estate Investing?" Obviously, youare looking for something new. Maybe you want to change your career path.Maybe you want some additional income. Maybe you want to build yourretirement so that you dont have to worry about those golden years.Whatever it is, make it big as it will assist you to overcome the obstacles inthe beginning.So, why most of the people hesitate to get started in real estate investing?You see, this overwhelming feeling you get, causes the fear of failure. Since,nobody wants to fail the result is to procrastinate and eventually quitting!Stop getting ready to invest in real estate and be ready. Stop spending atremendous amount of time trying to find the perfect place to start. Theright plan today is better than the perfect plan next year!Zack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300
  2. 2. The most important thing in real estate investing, especially when you getstarted, is to focus. There are manydifferent strategies (foreclosures,wholesaling, short sales, subject-to, buyand hold, flipping) to create wealth inreal estate, but dont go after everystrategy that comes your way. At leastnot in the beginning when you aregetting your feet wet.Many beginner investors will read a bookor attend a 2- day "boot camp" wherethey will learn 10 different real estateinvesting strategies, get pumped up andready to take over the world. Theproblem starts when they try toimplement every single strategy they have learned on the same deal!It doesnt work this way. Pick and choose one buying strategy and one ortwo exit strategies and stick with them until you get your first deal. Dontget distracted.So, how are you going to overcome all these obstacles? Find a group ofsuccessful investors and educate yourself. For example, when you come toPA Deals you will be in the room with more than a few seasoned investors,staff that actually is in the game today on the front lines doing what we areoffering. Ask us questions and pick our brain.The Investing Cube and its franchisees have a huge war chest of RE agents,contractors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs etc. Wealready have our Power Team in place, and are opening the doors to you.Another important thing is to give yourself permission to succeed.Most people give themselves time to fail not to succeed. If they dont buyreal estate or they dont make money during the next 30-45 day, they quit.Real estate investing is a business and there is going to be a learning curve.Zack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300
  3. 3. Researching the market, evaluating properties, rehabbing, and findingtenants all of these are skills that you have to develop. And this takes time.If you havent done this before expect to make mistakes. The secret here isto minimize this possibility by finding a great team to back you up, continueeducating yourself and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals thatwill support you during your real estate journey, which PA Deals will do150%.Log onto right now to be part of the most exciting real estateopportunity found anywhere.PA Deals, LLCZack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300