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What is Qwizdom ?
                                 Qwizdom’s market leading audience response technology allows
Who can use Qwizdom ?
Anyone presenting, training or engaging an audience independent of
type or size will bene t from Qwi...
What                                                       will do for you                                         What Qw...
The Technical Bit

Alphanumeric remotes support many question types including;
numeric, sequence, true/false, yes/no, mult...
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
Qwizdom Corporate Brochure
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Qwizdom Corporate Brochure


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Qwizdom Corporate Brochure

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Qwizdom Corporate Brochure

  2. 2. What is Qwizdom ? Qwizdom’s market leading audience response technology allows you to engage an audience of any size via state-of-the-art, wireless devices. With Qwizdom’s handheld Audience Response System you will no longer observe a vacant or unenthusiastic audience, as Qwizdom will bring enjoyment, stimulation and maximum involvement. Forget headcounts, a show of hands and event evaluation sheets, your audience can now engage directly with the presenter via the Qwizdom Remotes. All feedback is captured instantly and can be displayed LIVE to the Easy to set up audience. In addition, data is stored for post event evaluation allowing the user to further analyse the results. Projecting LIVE results to the audience has now become even more powerful, as Qwizdom can show both collective responses and demographic categories such as responses from male/female, job role or geographic area. Ful lling the needs of those organizing any type of event such as conferences, seminars, training, team building, corporate hospitality, awards ceremonies, product launches, workshops, polling, quizzes, etc. Qwizdom will help invigorate your entire audience whilst capturing important data.
  3. 3. Who can use Qwizdom ? Anyone presenting, training or engaging an audience independent of type or size will bene t from Qwizdom interactive remotes, such as; Conferences and Events Exhibitions and demonstrations Training Training needs analysis, modular checking & assessment Team Building Sessions Seminars and workshops Enjoyable AGM/Boardroom Voting Consultations Product Launches/Focus Groups Education Deliver lessons, pre & post assess learners Quiz Events / Corporate Dinners Charitable Events Easy to use Silent Auctions A simple concept... Each participant is given a small ergonomic remote to communi- cate with the presenter throughout the event. The presenter then poses questions verbally or on screen, with the audience respond- ing via remotes. Responses are instantly sent to the presenter’s computer and recorded immediately allowing the presenter to easily manage and control the format and speed of their presentation. With instant feedback, presenters can immediately monitor the level of participation, view audience responses privately and display feedback live to the audience. A proven invaluable tool, Qwizdom eradicates the arduous task of manually carrying out post event assessment, as all audience feedback is available in both spreadsheet AND pie/bar chart reporting formats.
  4. 4. What will do for you What Qwizdom can do for you Qwizdom Actionpoint is an easy to use toolbar that ts snugly within Microsoft® PowerPoint® (2003 Qwizdom remotes incorporate all business types and will allow you to:- or later), allowing the user to instantly create an interactive PowerPoint® presentation, view response graphs, play media les and control the entire presentation with the Qwizdom presenter Engage & Motivate an Audience remote. Erase the di culties of keeping your audience interested. Qwizdom remotes encourage full No longer is PowerPoint® restricted to a static, one way display of information. Audience members audience participation ensuring involvement throughout your event. can interact with the presentation, give feedback, provide opinions, and truly be part of the experience. Making your PowerPoint® presentation interactive takes seconds as users work directly from Involve Reluctant Participants within their current PowerPoint® interface. Qwizdom Remotes create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere capturing the attention of even the PowerPoint® is a trademark of Microsoft® most reluctant audience members or those who lack con dence. Example question types: Track Performance View audience feedback and monitor any growing trends or changes in opinion throughout your event. Display the responses to your audience using various graph formats. Question type: Multiple Mark Obtain Honest Feedback Your audience is more likely to provide truthful answers as they are able to retain their anonymity. Question type: Yes or No Modify & Control Content Varying your question type will help keep your audience stimulated as Qwizdom o ers many question formats such as; Yes/No, True/False, multiple choice, sequence, ratings scale, voting and text based answers. Question type: Rating Scale Save Time Qwizdom eradicates valuable time normally spent on producing, interpreting and manually collating questionnaires and surveys. Question type: Multiple Choice Measure Success Many more question types Qwizdom’s extensive reporting facility will allow you to seamlessly export available... your audience feedback into Microsoft® Excel® for post event analysis and evaluation using in-depth, Flash based reporting. Hire or Buy ? What people say “The Natural History Museum have been using Qwizdom for a number of years and found it a useful way of tracking lively debates and showing how opinions shift during scienti c discussions. It’s the only system that we’ve found that gives us accurate recordings with immediate response and display - the vote count only takes a few Discover how you can bring your event to life with Qwizdom. Qwiz- seconds, so opinions about each topic can be instantly projected dom's Audience Response Systems are available for both hire and graphically on to the screen to the audience.” purchase for groups of any size, from ve to thousands. Dr. Jane Mainwaring Hire The Natural History Museum Hire Qwizdom remotes for your event regardless of how large or small your audience. Qwizdom's Event Management team are available to “We organise the technical aspects for our clients events and have enlisted the make your event a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and services of Qwizdom to provide a special and professional interactive voting system. your audience. We are a communications company at the forefront of technology and development and with that in mind, we need to align ourselves with the best. Qwizdom o ers excellent value for money, as our remotes are available to hire from as low as £8 per day, per remote. We can always rely on Qwizdom to produce a rst class service. We want our presentations to be pristine and with Qwizdom we get just that. At any of our events they look after our needs and the technicians provide a rst class service, making sure Buy that everything works, even taking care of last minute requests from harassed Qwizdom remotes are available to purchase from as few as personnel. I always know that if I ask for help from Qwizdom that I will be happy with 8 remotes to thousands. the response.” Graeme McGuire AVC Media Enterprise “We contacted Qwizdom when our client (global healthcare conglomerate) wanted to use voting technology as part of their annual conference. We only approached Qwizdom the week before the event and they immediately began liasing with our client as to how best to use their interactive voting technology on the day. Both Global Event Management and our client were both impressed and delighted with the professional service received before, during and after the event.” Dianne Maginnis Global Conference Management Call us today "We found the Qwizdom system simple and easy to use by our delegates as well as having a very easy operating system. Being able to operate this system ourselves meant that we could o er the system to our for a low-cost quote client at a much reduced cost in comparison to other systems available to hire. I would not hesitate to on how Qwizdom can recommend Qwizdom.” bring your event to life. Vickey Martin Conference Dynamics 0800 8494047 Don’t just talk to your audience......INVOLVE THEM!
  5. 5. The Technical Bit Alphanumeric remotes support many question types including; numeric, sequence, true/false, yes/no, multiple choice, rating scale and voting. Advanced 2 way radio frequency. Guaranteed transmission of data with visible acknowledgement of right/wrong feedback. Remote range of up to 300 metres. Qwizdom’s ActionPoint toolbar is an embedded feature with Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003 or later. Unique presenter remote allows facilitator the option of privately viewing responses on their remote screen. Q2 Q4 Q5 Qwizdom Remote Range QWIZDOM 8 Carrowreagh Business Park, Carrowreagh Road Belfast, N. Ireland BT16 1QQ Fax: 0870 7515063 Freephone (UK Only) 0800 849 4047 Phone: +44 (0)28 90 485015 To find out more about what we do, visit our site