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The slide carries a quiz set of 10 questions on varying topics. Quizot is a platform for quiz and culture enthusiasts.
For answers reach out to us on our facebook page (/quizot) or email us at Quizmaster: Pushplata Prasad.

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  1. 1. X is a cultural import from Germany and very popular in the US. It is reported to have been started in the 13th century and given to the people on the event of imperial coronations, starting with the coronation of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor as King. Question 1 It used to be called "Y" (traditionally named after a symbol of Germany) but is claimed to have acquired the now-popular version by a certain New York Post cartoon who couldn't spell Y while drawing the cartoon, hence calling it X. Identify X and Y.
  2. 2. They are the sole genus in their family. They generally inhabit swamps and marshes and are carnivorous- eat up snails, squids crabs, shrimps, and prawns. Question 2 In addition to these delectable diet preferences, they have another uncanny similarity with humans. It is a solely existing major evolutionary clue and also symbolises Manhood in certain folklore. Identify the creature.
  3. 3. Also the 9th largest moon in the solar system, it was discovered by an astronomer who has a spacecraft named after him which confirmed his observations in 2006 NASA mission and also revealed a first-of-its-kind speciality that it shares with its planet. Question 3 It is named after the Greek goddess that is literally Mother of Gods! Also named after the God is a heavy, flightless bird of South America which has only three toes which allows it to run faster than any other bird. What is the name?
  4. 4. This beautiful artist was born in Budapest to an Indian father and a Hungarian mother. She got her initial training from the great masters from the best Art school- "Ecole Des Beaux Arts". Question 4 However, she developed an individualistic style after she arrived in India in 1934. She settled down in Shimla and painted the local people. One of the most expensive women artists, her blend of western techniques and Indian spirit laid the foundation of the Indian Modern Art. Who is she?
  5. 5. Also called Devil's bread, it has a popular mention in classic literature, including Keats, Shakespeare and Christie. It is popularly known as "Greek Death Sentence"- after the popular practice of punishing the condemned prisoners with it. Question 5 One of them was a highly popular and acknowledged philosopher. When its fruit is eaten, it induces paralysis, inability to breathe and heart failure. It also finds a major role in the Death-wish episode of the "Star trek series" in 1996. What is it?
  6. 6. Put Funda behind this picture: Question 6
  7. 7. What's special about them? Question 7
  8. 8. "Janguru Bukku shonen Môguri" is an anime adaptation of X 's original collection of stories, Y. It aired in 1989, and consists of a total of 52 episodes. Question 8 It was also made in Soviet Union and originally released as five animated shorts of about 20 minutes each between 1967 and 1971, directed by Roman Davydov, merged into a 96-minute short film in 1976. We Indians better know it (and love it) as Z. Identify "Z"
  9. 9. Question 9 The name has various connections- a musical instrument having a major presence in the Latin and Afro-Caribbean countries, a village and an associated culture having the same name and destroyed by a phenomenon named after the cause, killing 66,000 people in 1815, a related language and a subdistrict in West Jakarta. Identify the name.
  10. 10. Excellent shipbuilders and navigators, they used "Knarrs" (full-bellied ships) for piracy and plunder. Question 10 Their hugely popularised and stereotyped name is actually derived from a feminine noun meaning a creek. ID them.
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