Re quizzition 2012 prelims


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Re quizzition 2012 prelims

  1. 1. Prelims
  2. 2. QUESTION 1 Dr. Ambik Majumdar, well-versed in musical notations, adapted the notations to the songwhile another Indian played it on the piano. Thefinal version was given to Dr. Eigel kruettge, the conductor of the radio symphony orchestra ofHamburg, who made minor changes to it before coming up with the final piece. What was thus done for the first time?
  3. 3. QUESTION 2 Painting by Fournier. There are many stories to how the person being cremated died – his boat sank, or it capsized, he was killed for political reasons, attacked by pirates, etc. Who?
  4. 4. QUESTION 2
  5. 5. QUESTION 3 Which term was introduced by Wilford E.Deming, in one of his articles, for the magazine“The American Cinematographer” ? [Hint : Theterm was basically a portmanteau of two words]
  6. 6. QUESTION 4 Which event sparked the set up of TheAstronomical Society of India, in 1910, with 192 members from all over Calcutta?
  7. 7. *QUESTION 5If the El Classico involves Real Madrid and Barcelona, whom does the „O Classico‟ involve?
  8. 8. QUESTION 6 When Alexander The Great‟s army invadedIndia what did they refer to as “Honey-filled bamboos” ?
  9. 9. QUESTION 7Sir, your profile of Satyajit Ray (Aug 9) states that I “Prompted” him to takeaction against the producers of E.T for lifting ideas from the 1967 screenplay, The Alien (co-authored by my then partner , Mike Wilson). I wrote to Ray pointing out some striking parallels between the two screenplays and suggesting that he contact Spielberg. My chief concern – and Ray‟s – wasthat he might be accused of plagiarism, if The Alien was ever made. Who wrote this letter (beside)?
  10. 10. QUESTION 8 If New York city = GothamHiawatha, Kansas = _____________ ?
  11. 11. QUESTION 9Fill in the blank (exhaustive list in all probability) Ron Barassi (football player) Dick Reynolds (football player) Leigh Matthews (football player) Haydn Bunton, Sr. (football player) Don Bradman (cricket player) Keith Miller (cricket player) Bill Ponsford (cricket player) Dennis Lillee (cricket player) ______________________ Betty Cuthbert (track and field) Shirley Strickland (track and field)
  12. 12. *QUESTION 10He is an air-force pilot by profession and worksunder the name Flight Lieutenant W. Wales. He took his first overseas military tour to Mt. Pleasant air base, Falkland islands in February 2012. Who are talking about ?
  13. 13. QUESTION 11 X is a „chief happiness officer‟ by profession since 2003 and is the second most recognizablecharacter in the world, only after Santa Claus. His friends include the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and The Fry Kids. Identify X? (Only the correct name will fetch full points)
  14. 14. QUESTION 12 According to an advertisement, dated 27 th Magh, 1279 (according to the Bengali calendar), from the Manomohan Basu edited magazine Madhyastha, something happened for the first time as a part of that year‟s Chaitra/Paus Mela. This was the first ever specimen of somethingthat has now become an indispensible part of our city-calendar. What was it the first specimen of ?
  15. 15. QUESTION 13 Born on 10 March 1985, an outspoken political figure. He considers himself a socialist and is a friend of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. He started hiscareer in Italy in 2003. But later he faced a controvery in 2007 and disqualified for a quite a bit of time. Presently he is again climbing upwards in his career. Who?
  16. 16. QUESTION 14What is unique about the first series of books by Janet Evanovich where Stephanie Plum is themain character, the first book of the series being “One for the Money”?
  17. 17. *QUESTION 15 In Sweden, every year only ten applications, to movegraves, are accepted. When X‟s daughter applied for Xwife‟s grave to be moved from its original site to a place beside X‟s grave in 2007, the quotas were already fulfilled. Eventually X-wife‟s grave was moved but she had to be buried under X‟s name, thus making X,officially, the only person to have two graves under his name. In 2011, Bank of Sweden announced that 2014 onwards Xs portrait will feature on the country‟s 200 kronor banknote. Identify X.
  18. 18. QUESTION 16If legends are to believed, once this weapon was drawn out in battle, it had to taste blood. If the owner couldn‟t use it to kill/injure others he would have to make himself bleed. Which weapon ?
  19. 19. QUESTION 17The technique was named _________ , derived from theFrench word for glue by Picasso and Georges Braque in the beginning of the 20th century, and was first used atthe time of the invention of paper in China, around 200 BC. However it was later popularized by the Japanese calligraphers, who used it while writing their poems. Nowadays though the technique is not quite related to poem writing, but a common phenomenon in another field. Fill in the blank.
  20. 20. QUESTION 18Which person along with two of his daughters authored “The Meat Free Monday Cookbook” as a part of the Meat-Free Monday Campaign?
  21. 21. QUESTION 19This Car company was founded as the SwallowSidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before evolving into passenger cars. The name was changed to X after the Second World War to avoid the unfavorable connotations of the SS initials (Schutzstaffel, a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.).Identify X.?
  22. 22. *QUESTION 20 Although native to Tibet, the large-scale poaching of this animal is currently a major problem in India. It is the source of a very famous Indian product (although currently banned). What is the product?
  23. 23. *QUESTION 21Whose accounts were for the first time putto paper by his fellow prisoner, Rustichello di Pisa ?
  24. 24. QUESTION 22The ones who introduced this word seem unsure about itsactual meaning but sources have confirmed that it is an Urduword. The meaning though is still ambiguous, but theprobable list of meanings include specifications like:-• son of love• a mad lover who starts flying.• Lovers from two different communities (mostly religious)
  25. 25. QUESTION 23 What, for the first time, appeared onJanuary 10th, 1929, in the newspaper, Le Xxe Siecle ?
  26. 26. QUESTION 24The picture on your right is of a5-inch aperture Zeiss telescope.It was given to the Rana ofNepal, in 1938, by Hitler. Lateron, The Rana‟s son then gave itaway to X, in 1968, as a gift of afeat X had achieved. Xeventually passed it on to theHimalayan Mountaineering inst.Darjeeling (Photo on the right.).Identify X.