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Funding the Next Frontier


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Christophe JURCZAK - CEO, Quantonation, France
Matthieu REPELLIN - Investment Manager, Airbus Ventures
Kristjan SIGURDSON - Director of Community, Creative Destruction Lab, Canada
Roundtable moderated by Gilles SCHANG - Deputy Managing Director, Bpifrance
Understand how venture capitalists position themselves towards quantum computing, which is still an emerging deeptech field.

Published in: Technology
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Funding the Next Frontier

  1. 1. ORGANIZED BY JUNE 20TH 2019 Funding the next frontier Christophe JURCZAK CEO Quantonation, France Round table moderated by, Gilles Schang Deputy Managing Director, Bpifrance, France Matthieu RIPELLIN Investment Manager Airbus Ventures, France Kristjan SIGURDSON Director of Community Creative Destruction Lab, Canada