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Q4Live Nashville '19 Get Your Shift Together


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Opening session from Kevin Trokey, founding partner at Q4intelligence, at Q4Live networking conference for benefits advisors. Some shifts happen and some we make happen.

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Q4Live Nashville '19 Get Your Shift Together

  1. 1. FTSH Get Your Together
  2. 2. Remember the year 2000?Do you remember the year 2000?
  3. 3. For most of us, it doesn’t seem THAT long ago . . Oh, but how things have shifted
  4. 4. You no longer memorize anyone’s phone number
  5. 5. Selfies are considered normal (mostly)
  6. 6. Smoking has vanished from restaurants - completely
  7. 7. But you can light one up in 33 states
  8. 8. Kale and quinoa changed our eating habits
  9. 9. Yet, men weigh 8 lbs more and women 7 lbs more
  10. 10. Back then, CDs had long since taken over vinyl
  11. 11. Now - Vinyl has made a comeback
  12. 12. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  13. 13. But you can light one up in 33 states
  14. 14. But, online services dominate
  15. 15. If streaming killed physical sales, who killed the radio star? Who told us?
  16. 16. Don’t talk to strangers Don’t meet strangers on the internet Don’t open the door to strangers Don’t get in stranger’s cars THEN
  17. 17. We summon strangers on the internet to come to our house for the purpose of getting in the car with them NOW
  18. 18. Some SHIFTs just happen to you Some you have to make happen