Get a better Web browsing experience with an Intel processor-powered tablet - Infographic


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Though we often use tablets and Chromebooks for Web browsing, they don’t always offer enough support for online content and functionality. Both the device and the Web browser can affect Web performance, and to browse the Web easily at home or in the office, you need a configuration that works with most Web sites. In our tests, the Intel processor-powered Microsoft Surface Pro 2 was the clear winner, browsing well with either Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome 35. The Intel processor-powered device had no trouble mousing over menus, zooming by pinching, or playing videos. In addition, it had the fewest overall problems with the 400-plus Web sites that we tested. Intel processor-based tablets can offer a full experience on the Internet where others cannot.

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Get a better Web browsing experience with an Intel processor-powered tablet - Infographic

  1. 1. NUMBER OF SITES WITH NO ISSUES Better Web Browsing with an Intel® processor-powered tablet From playing videos to touch interactions, the Microsoft ® Surface™ Pro 2 provided the best experience on 420 Web sites* compared to the ARM ® -based devices we tested. Internet instead of issues: The Intel processor-powered tablet loaded the most Web sites with no issues at all: Fewer hassles, better Web When there were issues, The Surface Pro 2 had significantly fewer of them than its competitors: A fuller Web experience The Surface Pro 2 handled essential functions the others had trouble with: MOUSE OVER MENUS PROPERLY SUPPORT PINCH ZOOMING ON EVERY SITE PLAY VIDEOS WITHOUT TROUBLE Google Chrome Samsung Chromebook™ 2 Native Android™ browser Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Google Chrome Safari® Apple® iPad Air™ IE Desktop Microsoft Surface Pro 2 IE Modern Google Chrome™ Principled Technologies® 125 issues Google Chrome 544 issues Google Chrome Samsung Chromebook 2 Galaxy Note 10.1 374 issues SafariiPad Air 84 issues IE DesktopSurface Pro 2 85 issues IE Modern 90 issues Google Chrome 546 issues Native Android Browser Get all the details in the full report: UP TO 84.6%FEWER ISSUES 82%OF SITES HAD NO ISSUES AT ALL Visual/presentation Layout Device detection Touch interaction Missing/broken features Audio/video playback 41.3% 20.4% 12.9% 12.8% 9.4% 3.2% TYPES OF ISSUES Copyright 2014 Principled Technologies, Inc. *Chosen from Alexa’s Top Sites list. Based on “Get a better Web browsing experience on an Intel processor-powered tablet,” a Principled Technologies Report, June 2014. Principled Technologies is a registered trademark of Principled Technologies, Inc. All other product names are the trademarks of their respective owners. 345 344 343 318 166 84 81