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“FAITH IS THE BEST HEALER”                         Explore Homoeopathy                                                    ...
medications for high blood pressure, heart                                                                   disease      ...
in a great detail. As the entire constitution(physical and mental) of the patients is evaluatedin   a    systemic        m...
Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic                                            About        (PHC) at a glance                     ...
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  1. 1. “FAITH IS THE BEST HEALER” Explore Homoeopathy PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic through our website For more information, case studies, testimonials please explore our web site : PHC offers detail information throughdisease based brochures on the internet,which forms a valuable source for peopleseeking authentic guidelines on the LICHENhomoeopathic treatment, from all over the PLANUS Homoeopathic T reatmentworld. PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic Clinic 1: Plot No. 286, F – 1, Akshar Complex, Opp. Gopal Dairy, Sec. 20, Gandhinagar – 382020 Clinic 2: ‘AKSHAR KRUPA’, Plot No. 598/2, Sec.5 B, Near KH -2, Gandhinagar - 382006 : Mobile No : +91 9824022384, +91 999881744 e-mail:,© Homoeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. medications for high blood pressure, heart disease and LICHEN PLANUS arthritis, in such cases termedLichen Planus is a recurring, chronic drug-inducedmucocuteneous disease which is small, itchy, lichenoid pink, purple or brown reactions. These spots appear on the lichenoid reactions skin, tongue, genitals, are referred to as lichenoid mucositis (of the nail or two or more of mucosa) or dermatitis (of the skin). Lichen them. Lichen Planus is planus has been reported as a complication of non – infectious and chronic hepatitis C virus infection and can be a non contagious in sign of chronic graft-versus-host disease of thenature. Its affects about 1-2% of the world skin (Lichenoid reaction of graft-versus-hostpopulation. Lichen planus affects women more disease). It has been suggested that true lichenthan men (at a ratio of 3:2), and occurs most planus may respond to stress, where lesionsoften in middle-aged adults. Lichen planus in may present on the mucosa or skin duringchildren is rare. In unpublished clinical times of stress in those with the disease. Theobservation, lichen planus appears to be involvement of the mucous membranes is seenassociated with hypothyroidism in 3 young frequently and usually is asymptomatic, butFemales. occasionally, LP can be complicated byThe typical rash of lichen Planus is well-defined extensive painful erosions.pruritic, planar, purple, polygonal papules. The Treatment of LP in Homoeopathy:commonly affected sites are near the wrist and It is important and interesting to appreciate thethe ankle. The rash tends to heal with homoeopathic outlook to LP. The science ofprominent blue-black or brownish discoloration homoeopathy looks at any skin disorder as anthat persists for a long time. Besides the typical external expression of the internal disharmony.lesions, many morphological varieties of the In other words, it is understood that due torash may occur. The presence of cutaneous certain internal system disorder, the LP islesions is not constant and may wax and wane manifested as an outcome. With thisover time. Oral lesions tend to last far longer appreciation, it is emphasized that the treatmentthan cutaneous lichen Planus lesion. of LP has to be essentially in order to normalization the internal disorder instead ofSpontaneous remission is common in cases of just suppressing the skin eruption with any localLP of the skin in many cases. application of creams. LP is not a local disease but a local expression ofCauses:- a systemic disease which should be treated atThe cause of lichen planus is not known. It the system level in a planned manner. Hence,does not involve any known pathogen. Some any use of local suppressant is strictly prohibitedlichen planus-type rashes (known as lichenoid in homoeopathy. The homoeopathy treatment isreactions)occur as allergic reactions to determined after evaluation of the patients case
  3. 3. in a great detail. As the entire constitution(physical and mental) of the patients is evaluatedin a systemic manner, the homoeopathictreatment is called as the constitutionaltreatment.Antim crud., Ars-alb., Ars-iod., Jugl-c., Kali-bi., Sul-iod are the homeopathic medicines Mr. Nitin Chhaniara , Gujarat, Indiaknown to work best in cases of Lichen My sister’s son had patch of LP all over body and it was not cure after so many steroid. But itPlanus. is clearing up after few months treatment of dr.Why homoeopathy for LP? darji. This is unbelievable. Thanks to dr. PankajIts work positivelyNo side effect Mrs. Rachana Acharya, USAGood effective than other medicines I was fed because of this disease. I used to frequentCure within flare up and I used to have much pain. Doctor gave high dose of steroid but this situation wasDo not think steroid going on. I came to contact PHC throughSteroid is only option in conventional website and start Dr. Darji’s homoeopathytreatment. Steroid does not give permanent medicines and miracle happen. No any relapsesolution in LP which we come to know after after start homoeopathic medicines. Now I amstudy of over cases of LP at PHC were earlier free from allsyptoms after 9 months of treatment. I am impressed on how the medicinestreated with steroids. Relapses occurred in work.most of cases and it tends to be morecomplicated and difficult to treat. It is Rehman Kureshi, omanadvisable to avoid steroid if possible I was suffering from Lichen Planus since longbecause steroid put patient in vicious cycle back. I started Homoeopathic medicines andof dependency. continue for 10 months. Now I feel that disease is fully cured. Nice journey with homoeopathy.Note: Possibility of cure of LP is depend Mr. simon, Indiaupon duration of disease, cause, severity, I am happy with homeopathy treatment after sodoses of steroid etc. It may takes longer many dose of other medicines. I was frustratedtime to cure within. But in many cases we because of relapses of LP after treatment. I amsee that it cure very fast and in few months doing great at this moment. Thanks to doctor.without any relapse. Mind state of patientdefinitely play the important role along withmedicines.
  4. 4. Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic About (PHC) at a glance Dr. Pankaj Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R) Dr. Pankaj Darji practices in Gujarat, India. He completed his medical graduation in 2001 and then joined Institutions of Clinical Research (I.C.R), A reputed institution in Gujarat, India.PRAMUKH HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC is successfully completed his course 2003. Besideestablished in 2004 - 2005. The Clinic has made practicing homoeopathy he has also assisted asteady progress since 2004 - 2005. Established pediatrician on the regular basis for about 7as a only homoeopathic clinic, it has played a years. He regularly attends national conferencesvital role in homoeopathic clinic of Gujarat & workshops on homoeopathy. His experiences rich than ten countries. Homoeopathic Treatment On line Panel doctorThe on line treatment is supported by Dr. Pankaj Gujarat State Electirc Corp.Ltd & UttarDarji. Dr. Darji’s patient all over the world have Gujarat Viaks Corp Ltd.[ GSECL, UGVCL ]an easy access to his clinic by personal visit, by e Homoeopathy Treatment by Postmail, by live web chat from his web sites, by Many patient may not be able to visit our centrepost, call back facility from most countries. in person; nor many they have an access to theBefore starting the treatment as well as internet to get treated online. PHC offersthroughout the course of online treatment, you treatment by post and over the phone. You maycan communicate with dr. Darji, for assistance sign up by calling our clinic and get a specialand guidance. questionnaire posted/e mailed/faxed. Along with the reply to the questionnaire, it will help if you also send in the photos of the affected parts, for Dr. Darji’s evaluation. After that, medicines will be sent you by post, anywhere .