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Know abt homoeopathy

  1. 1. PHC offers detail information throughdisease based brochures on the internet, © Homoeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. “FAITH IS THE BEST HEALER”which forms a valuable source for people PRAMUKHseeking authentic guidelines on thehomoeopathic treatment, from all over theworld. Homoeopathic clinicHomoeopathic works good in all diseaseslike… Skin Disease Gynec Disease Psychiatric Disease Respiratory Disease Thyroid Problem Hair Problem AIDS Joint Problem Kidney Problem GIT Disease Child Disease Headache Student Related Disease Diabetes Cancer Etc.. PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic Know Homoeopathy Clinic 1: By Dr. Pankaj Darji Plot No. 286, F – 1, Akshar Complex, Opp. Gopal Dairy, Sec. 20, Gandhinagar – 382020 Clinic 2: ‘AKSHAR KRUPA’, Plot No. 598/2, Sec.5 B, Near KH -2, Gandhinagar - 382006 Mobile No : +91 9824022384, +91 999881744 e-mail:,
  2. 2. tendencies + Environmental factors + Life style factorsWelcome to new and modern face of 2. Treat the patient, not just the disease:homoeopathy! Above stated parameters are often studied by many systems of medicine. Interestingly, There is growing homoeopathy is the only system where the interest about prescription is based on the sum of the homoeopathy multifactorial totality . This tailor made amongst the medicine, instead of disease specificdoctors of conventional medicine all over medicine makes homoeopathy modern in its outlook.the world. The time has come when the 3. Micro dose, Mega effect: Homoeopathicdoctors of any faculty simply cannot keep medicines work like atom bomb. Thetheir patients away from the benefit of infinitesimal dose used in the homoeopathichomoeopathy, as there is increasing demand medicine with the capacity to treat deepfrom the patients about homoeopathy. seated chronic diseases brings homoeopathyHomoeopathy as you probably are aware is to yet to explore area of research. One day,the youngest of all medical sciences the small dose wonder is likely to open newprevalent today, introduced horizons for the entire medical Germany by an allopath Dr. Samuel 4. Proven efficacy in treating chronic disease:Hahnemann, M.D., in 1794. The challenge of treating chronic diseases isHomoeopathy has evolved over the period known to the medicos. Homoeopathy has gained remarkable mileage in this sector,into an amazingly effective medical faculty, which makes the science of homoeopathywith well defined and structured treatment modern.protocol, which now allows the general 5. Unexplored Research horizons:practitioners to extend the benefits of One of the signs of modernity is the in-builthomoeopathy to their patients. scope for research and development. Homoeopathy being young science enjoysWhy should homoeopathy be considered tremendous potential for research and hencenew and modern? for growth, with regards to the mechanism ofThe hardcore principles and the medical action, the modus operandi of the microphilosophy make homoeopathy new and dose.modern in its approach, which can besummarized as under: How does homoeopathy work?1. Totalistic approach: Understanding any patient, especially with chronic disease by Homoeopathy based on "law of similars", evaluating following parameters: Disease otherwise known as "let like be cured by like" pathology + Physical constitutional (Latin: similia similibus curentur) as a tendencies + Mental attributes + Genetic fundamental healing principle. Homoeopathy believed that by using drugs to induce
  3. 3. symptoms, the artificial symptoms would Three logarithmic potencystimulate the vital force, causing it to neutralise scales are in regular use inand expel the original disease and that this homeopathy. "Centesimal"artificial disturbance would naturally subside or "C scale", diluting awhen the dosing ceased. It is based on the substance by a factor of 100 at each stage. Thebelief that a substance that in large doses will centesimal scale was favored by Hahnemann forproduce symptoms of a specific disease will, in most of his life. A 2C dilution requires aextremely small doses, cure it. substance to be diluted to one part in 100, and then some of that diluted solution diluted by aWhat are the sources of homoeopathic further factor of 100. This works out to one partmedicines? of the original substance in 10,000 parts of theMinerals and chemicals Six major sources: solution. A 6C dilution repeats this process six times, ending up with the original substance diluted by a factor of 100−6=10−12 (one part in one trillion or 1/1,000,000,000,000). Higher dilutions follow the same pattern. In homeopathy, a solution that is more dilute is described as having a higher potency, and morePlant kingdom Bacteria and viruses dilute substances are considered by homeopathsMinerals and chemicals Hormones to be stronger and deeper-acting remedies. TheAnimal products Disease tissues. end product is often so diluted as to be indistinguishable from the dilatants (pure water,How are the medicines prepared? sugar or alcohol). In producing remedies for diseases, homeopaths use a process called "dynamisation" or "potentisation", wherebya substance is diluted with alcohol and thenvigorously shaken by 10 hard strikes against an Some homeopaths developed a decimal scale (Delastic body in a process homeopaths call or X), diluting the substance to ten times its"succussion". succussion activated the "vital original volume each stage. The D or X scaleenergy" of the diluted substance and made it dilution is therefore half that of the same valuestronger. To facilitate succussion, Hahnemann of the C scale; for example, "12X" is the samehad a saddle-maker construct a special wooden level of dilution as "6C". Hahnemann never usedstriking board covered in leather on one side this scale, but it was very popular throughoutand stuffed with horsehair. Insoluble solids, the 19th century and still is in Europe. Thissuch as quartz and oyster shell, are diluted by potency scale appears to have been introducedgrinding them with lactose ("trituration"). in the 1830s by an American
  4. 4. homeopath, Constantine Hering. In the last ten Severe acute infections .years of his life, Hahnemann also developed aquintamillesimal (Q) or LM scale, diluting the Gastrointestinal:drug 1 part in 50,000 parts of diluents. A given Effective: Chronic anddilution on the Q scale is roughly 2.35 times its recurring Gastritis,designation on the C scale. For example, a Peptic Ulcer, GERD,remedy described as "20Q" has about the same Ulcerative Colitis, IBS,concentration as a "47C" remedy. Hepatitis A, B, Acute abdomen. Suggested asScope of Homoeopathy in different diseases. Complementary: Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of Liver,Homoeopathy having good result in many Crohns Disease,diseases except surgical condition in real sense. Ineffective: truly surgical pathologyHere is a reference guide on some of thecommon diseases for which the homoeopathic Surgical Conditionstreatment is strongly recommended. The Effective: Fissure-in-limitations of homoeopathy have also been anoreferred to. It may be noted that such a listing Piles (Grade I, II),cannot be complete. It simply forms a guideline; Adenoids, Frequentthe prognosis may vary from case to case. Tonsillitis, Vocal cord polyp, Nasal polyp, Chalazion, Benign ProstaticDermatology Hyperplasia (BPH), Fibroadenoma of breast Effective: Urticaria, Ineffective: Truly surgical diseases such as hernia, Lichen Planus, Eczema, large tumors, cancerous growth, mechanical Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Warts, problems (intussusception, etc), Large calculi Alopecia areata, Hair falling. Acne vulgaris NeurologyIneffective: Extensive vitiligo, Hypermelanosis, Effective: TrigeminalBaldness – Extreme condition Neuralgia, Chronic neuritis, PeripheralPediatrics neuropathy Effective: Frequent cold Suggested as and Cough, childhood complementary: Asthma, Frequent Tonsillitis, Muscular Dystrophy, G.B.syndrome, Myasthenia Adenoids, Allergies, Chronic Gravis, Alzheimers Disease diarrhoea, Enuresis, Ineffective: CVA, Parkinsons Disease – extreme Dyslexia, most chronic condition.functional disorders.Suggested as complementary: Nephroticsyndrome, ADDH, Autism, GB syndromeIneffective: Hyperpyrexia, Acute Epilepsy,
  5. 5. ENT and Respiratory Disease Ineffective: Uterine fibroids, Thyrotoxicosis, Effective: Allergic Multiple GB calculi, Varicocoele, Retinal Rhinitis, Frequent cold, Detachment, Optic Nerve atrophy, Cataract, Recurrent Sinusitis, Testicular atrophy. Recurrent Tonsillitis, Bronchial asthma, Gynec ProblemChronic Bronchitis, Allergic cough. Effective: Menses irregularity,Moderately effective: Bronchiectasis, COPD Leucorrhoea, MenopausalIneffective: Pleural effusion, Status asthmaticus, Syndromes, Ovarian Cyst,Severe infection Bartholin Cyst, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Uterine Fibroid,Psychiatric disorders Premenstrual Syndrome etc. Effective: Anxiety disorders, Ineffective: : Truly surgical cases. Depression, Insomnia, Phobia Moderately effective: Wel come to PRAMUKH homeopathic Clinic Obsessive Compulsive , (PHC) Neurosis Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic (PHC) isIneffective: Schizophrenia, Psychosis outcome of Dr. Pankaj Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R) intense commitmentInfections to the homoeopathic Effective: Recurring profession since infections, Viral 2004. infections, Hepatitis . PHC - PRAMUKH A,B,C, Resistant HOMOEOPATHY Tuberculosis, Recurrent CLINIC is U.R.T.I., Chronic established in 2004.sinusitis, Recurrent Otitis media The Clinic hasIneffective: Severe acute bacterial infections, made steadyCerebral malaria, Bronchopneumonia, progress since 2004. Established as a only homoeopathic clinic, itOthers has played a vital role in Effective: Allergies, Migraine, homoeopathic clinic of Gujarat. WE treat the Cancer pains, Rheumatoid patients with right medication at right time in arthritis, Cervical spondylitis, our Clinic with polite and homely attitude. We Amoebiasis, Metabolic disorders, treat the person, not the disease. Thus we take a Immunologically mediated great deal of pride in the tradition anddisorders, Autoimmune diseases. uncompromised nature of the personalized careSuggested as complementary: cancer Ankylosing that is provided to our patients.spondylitis, Glaucoma, DUB, Infertility
  6. 6. At PRAMUKH HOMOEOPTHIC CLINIC Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India to understandthe patient is guided for best services as per pediatric emergency & how to handle withhis/her request and need. We treat you like homoeopathy – like convulsion, severfamily. breathlessness, high grade fever etc.Our mission – is to bring quality healthcare with He is attending & paper presentation in varioushuman touch within the reach of every national conferences & workshops onindividual. We are committed to the homoeopathy.achievement and sustenance of excellence incompetence and care for the benefit ofmankind.Our vision – to be a nationalized recognizedhealthcare centre for its unmatched healthcareservices and our commitment to the excellence.Our Goal – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, HealthyNation.Our Values – we place our patient’s health first.we seek improvement in the quality of ourservices. He is treated Acute as well as chronic cases like Our experiences rich as I have under ou care psoriasis, leucoderma, eczema, urticaria, asthma, patients from more than ten countries. hypertension, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes, More than 50 video of treated patient in thyroid, piles, fistula, fissure, dysentery, gout, you tube. joint pain, back pain, kidney stone, gall stone Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic has ulcer, epilepsy, hair falling, obesity, acidity, Pregnancy Counseling Centre & migraine, personality disorder, depression, Homoeopathic training centre. anxiety disorder, child problem like enlargeMore than 6000 different type of cases are tonsil, recurrent cold – cough, bed wetting, nailtreated under one roof b/w 2004 to 2010. biting, thumb sucking, autistic, dyslexia, muscular dystrophy, & gynec related cases – like irregular menses, recurrent abortion, infertility,About leucorrhoea, uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst etc, HeDr. Pankaj N. Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R) has found that even terminal case of cancer,Dr. Darji practice in Gujarat, India. He is studied homoeopathy give better palliation than anyhomoeopathy intensively for over seven years. pain killer available in market and will ensure aDr. Pankaj Darji was completed his medical quality life for them. Cases of HIV with ourgraduation in 2001 & joined Institutions of treatment, considerable improvement in countClinical Research (I.C.R), reputed institution in the CD4 .Gujarat, India. He successfully completed his Panel doctorpost graduation in 2003-2004. Gujarat State Electirc Corp.Ltd (GSECL) &After completed his fellowship in Baroda, he Uttar Gujarat Vij Corp Ltd. ( UGVCL )worked with pediatrician for 7years in