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      2°H & Leonarda Fucili
     SMS “G.G.Belli”, Rome

Comenius School Partnership “M.E.T.E.R”
                                         Meeting in ROME 16 -20 March 2010

                           Comenius School Partnership “M.E.T.E.R”
                             Meeting in ROME 16 -20 M...
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Universe in powers of ten


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Workshop animated by the Italian team during the comenius meeting in Rome

Published in: Education
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Universe in powers of ten

  1. 1. A MODEL OF MICRO AND MACRO COSMOS WORKSHOP 2°H & Leonarda Fucili SMS “G.G.Belli”, Rome Comenius School Partnership “M.E.T.E.R” ROME, 15-20 March 2010
  2. 2. Comenius School Partnership “M.E.T.E.R” Meeting in ROME 16 -20 March 2010 WORKSHOP n. 2 HOW TO CONSTRUCT THE MODEL OF THE MICRO AND MACROCOSM: THE UNIVERSE IN POWERS OF TEN Trainers: students of the class 2°H & Leonarda Fucili SMS “G.G.Belli”, Rome The model is like a notebook. On the central pages we shall put the human being and it is our start point to the both directions: on the left there will be the microcosm and on the right the macrocosm. We don’t know if there is a limit to both of them! We start our trip to the micro- and macrocosm from the human dimension (as powers of ten it is 100 = 1m.), and we’ll go on step by step. The first step to the microcosm is the dimension of a hand (10-1 m = 1 dm), then a nail (10-2 m = 1 cm), then a pin (10-3 m = 1 mm), then the limit of the human visibility (10-4 m = 1/10 mm). If we continue we shall meet cells (the size of a cell is about 10-6 m = 1 Å), cell nucleus and then molecules: DNA molecule is about (10-9 m = 1 nanometre). The size of an atom is about (10-10 m) and the size of its nucleus is about 10-15 m. Smaller sized particles also exist, such as protons, neutrons, electrons and a lot of elementary particles (quarks…). Finally we cannot even imagine how far we can go in the microcosm and how small the world can become! The main principle on moving in powers of ten from the human dimension to the macrocosm is that the previous object is a part of the next one: the Earth, the Solar System (whose size is about 1013 m), the Milky Way (the diameter is 1020 m or about 100.000 LY1), the Local Galaxies (its diameter is millions of LY), the Large Group of galaxies (its diameter is milliards of LY), the Giant Group whose size we cannot even imagine… Instructions - Cut off the pictures in the art collection - Put the human being on the central pages - Construct the micro cosmos on the pages on the left and the macrocosm to the right from the human being respectively - Write the name of the object on the headline of each page - Calculate the sizes of the objects in metres using the powers of ten in Table 1 and write the correct size to the upper corner of each page. - If you like you can colour the pictures and write some information about the object on each page. 1 One Light Year (LY) is about 9,5 billion kilometers (9,5 x 1012 Km or about 1016 meters)
  3. 3. - Comenius School Partnership “M.E.T.E.R” Meeting in ROME 16 -20 March 2010 SMS “G.G.Belli”, Rome WORKSHOP n.2 HOW TO CONSTRUCT A MODEL OF MICRO AND MACROCOSM: THE UNIVERSE IN POWERS OF TEN Guide lines Powers of ten Name Objects We still don’t know what we’ll find going down into more microscopic world 10 -15 m Quarks -The limit of the known microscopic world 10 -14 10 -13 m Protons and neutrons 10 -12 m Pico metre The atomic nucleus 10 -11 m Inside the atom 10 -10 m Angstrom - Å The atom dimension 10 -9 m Nanometre The molecule dimension 10 -8 10 -7 m The DNA dimension 10 -6m = /1000mm Micrometre – micron µ The cell dimension 10 -5 m The biological tissue dimension 10 -4 m The microscopic world 10 -3 m Millimetre The limit of human vision 10 -2 m Centimetre The dimension of a nail 10 -1 m Decimetre The dimension of a hand 10 0 m = 1 m Metre The human dimension 10 1 m Decametre The dimension of big animals 10 2 m Hectometre The limit of the dimension of living beings 10 3 m = 1 km Kilometre The height of the mountains 10 4 m The height of a flying plane 10 6 m = 1000 km The height of a satellite 10 7 m The Earth’s dimension (12.000 Km) 10 8 m ~Light sec The Earth -Moon distance (380.000 km1 Light sec) 10 9 m The Earth looks like a point 10 10 m ~U.A The Earth’s orbit 10 13 m The diameter of the Solar System 10 15 m Light Year (LY) The Solar System looks like a point 10 18 m 100 LY The distance of stars (Arturo) 10 21 m The dimension of Galaxies 10 22 m Local Group (group of galaxies) 10 24 m Groups of local groups 10 25 m Quasars - Galaxies look like dust Space looks empty