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E-Commerce in the Middle East


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E-Commerce and Payments in the Middle East. Overview of the core markets in Egypt, KSA, Kuwait and the UAE. It includes detailed insight into consumer behavior, the travel market and what we can expect in years to come. Also includes credit and debit card issuance, cash-on-delivery, acceptance, chargeback, and refund ratios, m-commerce, and omni-commerce. Compares e-commerce growth between the USA, Latin America, MENA, Europe, and Asia.

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E-Commerce in the Middle East

  1. 1. Ecommerce payments in the Arab world are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. This market is expanding significantly faster than other developing areas. 7 15% 30% 45% 20% 35% USA LATIN MENA EUROPE ASIA AMERICA PACIFIC E W b KSA EGYPT UAE KUWAIT are the most powerful markets in the region. They are core drivers of growth. Men are the driving force behind e-commerce payments. ‘average across Kuwait, UAE. Saudi Arabia 8. Egypt Travel and tourism has been a Core adopter of ecommerce and has driven growth. Revenues from onllne travel portals in the Arab world in. .. 2012 2015 $2.3 billion $3.6 billion . ..Amount of onllne alrilne bookings in the Arab world UAE KUWAIT KSA EGYPT The largest barrier to growth is regional instability that prevents companies from opening up new markets like Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Many people in the Arab world do not have Credit Cards and prefer to pay for goods with cash or pre-paid cards. Amount of people who prefer to pay by credit card. .. 21% OF PEOPLE IN KUWAIT 20% OF EGYPTIANS 7’. -'-: % OF PEOPLE IN KSA 7.2% OF PEOPLE IN THE EMIRATES Ecommerce has yet to move into regional areas and IS Concentrated in more developed capital Cities. Percent of total transactions. .. ; 'll. 'I -'i? ""5’- rl"/ -II '<; -.'-_'«: ». I: I 2-. . .. _, _,A « ""l‘ I ‘r I"; - As the adoption of Credit cards grows and more women begin transacting online, ecommerce will spread from the Capital Cities and become the standard way of doing business. II II I H II I ll '1 ll FF-9/-EYFORT This infographlc was brought to you by Payfort and based upon research in the State of Payments report.