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eApps - Naukri Response Manager


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eApps is Naukri's online response manager. It helps recruiters find the most relevant applicants to their jobs through its advanced search features and by allowing recruiters to ask applicants custom questions. In addition recruiters can also set action based filters to reduce manual intervention in the shortlisting process.

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eApps - Naukri Response Manager

  1. 1. eApps Find the RIGHT candidate faster
  2. 2. As a RECRUITER what is your biggest pain point ? Sieving through thousands of applications to your job posting to find the pool of candidates who match your requirements
  3. 3. The RIGHT candidate Right type of experience Right length of experience Right Education Right Location
  4. 4. How do you find candidates for your job? Post Job • Detailed Requirements Receive Applications • Right Candidates • Good Candidates • Irrelevant Candidates Find the RIGHT candidates • Search • Create Shortlist pool of RIGHT candidates
  5. 5. eApps – What is it? • • • • • eApps is Naukri’s Online Response manager You can receive all your Naukri job posting applications in eApps You receive filtered candidates to your email inbox You can use eApps to process these applications to find the RIGHT candidate eApps comes free with Hot Vacancies
  6. 6. How can eApps help you find the RIGHT candidate ? Filter Candidate Applications Search in Filtered candidates pool Get the RIGHT applicant pool Specify Actions based on Above filters: Move matched Applications to specific folders Email the matched applications to self or other recruiters for immediate action Copy Resumes to personal folders for future reference Reply to these candidates so that you don’t miss them
  7. 7. eApps Features Details
  8. 8. Posting Jobs with eApps as Response Manager Naukri Job Posting Form Select eApps Response Manager
  9. 9. Automatic Filtering of Applications Filters Specify Actions Based on Keywords/Key skills Move Resumes to Specific Folders Experience Email Matched Resumes Location Copy Resumes to personal folders Education Reply to this candidates (Email Templates) Custom Questions Custom Questions : Add questionnaires with your job postings that job seekers need to answer before applying. This will help you filter candidates better.
  10. 10. Ask Jobseekers to Confirm if they Match your Requirement • Questionnaires interrupt jobseekers during apply, asking them to respond to your critical requirements • Jobseeker must confirm whether they match your requirement before they apply • Only matched candidates reach your email inbox • You can search/filter on response to these questions
  11. 11. Advanced Search on Matched Resumes Search Actions ResDex like Advanced Search Move Resumes to Specific Folders Search candidates based on Responses to custom questions Reply to this candidates (Email Templates) Refine search results using filters Forward Resume to other recruiters Download Resumes Refinement Filters based on : CTC, Experience, Functional Area, Role, Industry, Education, Apply Source, Type of Candidate (Featured, Premium, Verified Email, Verified Mobile, Attached Resume)
  12. 12. eApps – Find the RIGHT candidate Automatic Application Filtering
  13. 13. eApps – Find the RIGHT Candidate In case of any queries or to schedule an eApps Demo contact