Positions in Criminal Justice that do not require being a peace officer


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Whether you’d rather be the first in emergency contact, investigate a crime scene, help former inmates fit back into society or develop plans to keep at risk children safe from harm, the skills and attributes learned through an education in criminal justice are important to a wide range of careers and employment opportunities. Think one of the many criminal justice careers might be the right fit for your? Visit the School of Criminal Justice at PTI and take the first steps toward achieving your associate degree in criminal justice in Pittsburgh and landing one of many private and public sector criminal justice careers.

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Positions in Criminal Justice that do not require being a peace officer

  1. 1. Positions in Criminal Justice THAT Do Not Require Being a Peace Officer
  2. 2. welcome The traditional positions of police officer, deputy sheriff, highway patrol trooper, detective, FBI, Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration special agent, criminal investigator, probation officer, corrections officer, and parole agent normally require peace officer standing. If you want to pursue a career in Criminal Justice but do not want to go the route of peace officer, there are many other career opportunities within the field of Criminal Justice. Here are some recommendations of job opportunities within the field: Emergency Dispatcher Forensic Technician Crime Scene Analyst Child Protective Services Private & Corporate Security Probation & Corrections Officer Evidence Custodians
  3. 3. EMERGENCYDISpatcher STAT: The U.S.Bureau of LaborStatistics (BLS) projects that employmentfor 911 dispatchers,which includes all police, fire and ambulance dispatchers,will growby 8% from 2012 to 2022. 911 emergency dispatchers often are the first people contacted when emergency assistance is needed. They might work at call centers, police stations, fire stations or hospitals. They receive emergency calls by telephone, radio system or computer-aided dispatch system. They question callers to obtain the information needed to determine an appropriate course of action. They also must create and maintain logs of all calls received and prepare reports as necessary. Experienced 911 emergency dispatchers might assist in training new dispatchers. JobDescription
  4. 4. ForensicTechnician STAT: The median annual wagefor forensic science technicians was $52,840in May 2012. Also, employment of forensicscience technicians is projected to grow 6%from 2012to 2022 The general tasks of a forensic technician include collecting evidence, analyzing collected evidence in a laboratory setting and writing reports summarizing the results of this analysis. Forensic technicians may specialize in particular types of evidence, including fingerprinting, biochemistry, ballistics or handwriting analysis. Forensic technicians may also be asked to testify in court cases, especially in an area of individual expertise. JobDescription
  5. 5. CrimeSceneanalyst STAT: The BLS projects the industry will seea 19% growthin employmentfrom 2010 to 2020, though giventhe strong mainstream interestin the profession,a high levelof competition for positionsis also expected. Crime scene analysts support police detectives or other law enforcement investigative teams by documenting and processing evidence. CSAs must follow the general protocol of the field and adhere to specific regulations dictated by the agency in charge. A CSA must have a clear understanding of chain-of-custody preservation procedures. JobDescription
  6. 6. ChildProtectiveServices STAT: Child, family and school social workersshould havefaster-than-average job growthof 20% overthe 2010-2020 decade,according to figures from the U.S. Bureauof Labor Statistics. Child Protective Services by (CPS) investigators investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect. They have the difficult task of figuring out what happened and predicting what will happen in the future. The purpose of a CPS investigation is to: See if children can safely live with their family. Find out if abuse or neglect happened. Learn whether other children in the family are victims of abuse or neglect. Determine if there is a risk of abuse or neglect in the future. Develop a plan, if needed, to keep the child or children safe. JobDescription
  7. 7. Private&Corporate Security STAT: Due to increasedconcerns about homeland security, employmentfor Security Professionalsis favorable.The U.S.Bureau of LaborStatistics predicts that employment of security guardswill grow by19% between 2010and 2020. The primary duty is to detect and prevent crime on the property he or she is assigned to protect. Specific responsibilities may include plainclothes or uniformed security, traffic control, special event security, or escort/bodyguard service. A Security Professional is usually employed by a security service that contracts with businesses to fulfill their security needs. Depending upon the size and security requirements of the contracting company, a Security Professional may patrol on foot or from a security car, or they may remain stationary at one post, such as the entrance or exit of a building. JobDescription
  8. 8. Probation&Corrections Officer STAT: The number of job openingsfor probation officers and correctional treatment specialists is expectedto increase18% between2010and 2020, according to the BLS. Probation officers usually specialize in supervising either adults or juveniles. They closely monitor the activities of probationers by communicating with their neighbors, friends, families and community groups. They meet with offenders regularly at probation offices and at their probationers' homes and job sites. Probation officers may arrange for offenders to obtain employment, housing or alcohol and drug abuse counseling. A key job duty involves writing reports on offenders' progress and submitting the documents to courts. At any given time, probation officers may handle 20-100 cases. Probation officers often spend a disproportionate amount of time handling cases that involve high-risk offenders convicted of violent crimes, robberies and selling drugs. JobDescription
  9. 9. EvidenceCustodian STAT: employment for evidencetechnicians is expectedto grow six percent from 2012- 2022.Some of the metropolitan regions with the highest employmentfor evidence technicians include Phoenix,Arizona; Los Angeles,California; and Washington,D.C., according to the BLS. Evidence technicians aid forensic scientists and investigators by helping to identify, secure, collect, and process evidence. Evidence technicians help survey the scene of a crime or incident; write reports; and index, catalog, and label evidence. Evidence technicians typically work for state or local governments, often in some sort of law enforcement capacity. JobDescription
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