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OpenSistemas Corporate Presentation


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OpenSistemas Corporate Presentation 2018

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OpenSistemas Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. DATA TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP YOU... Tell you what is likely to happen thanks to predictive modeling, which involves running simulations Find unexpected relationships examining huge amounts of data from many different data points Monitor a situation as it develops using real- time analytics gathering and interpreting data “as it happens” Fix a problem before it becomes a crisis, showing what the likely consequences of a path of action will be WE DO THIS BY: 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. ABOUT US Value Proposition Experts in Open Source Commitment to Community Over 15 years experience Quality & Innovation Comprehensive view Global approach OpenSistemas is a company specialised in the development of highly innovative solutions related to data management, transformation, analysis, storage and visualization in Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering environments, helping our clients to strengthen the strategic value of their information.
  4. 4. “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein
  5. 5. BUSINESS LINES Capture, transform, process and data storage using ETL systems, NoSQL databases and Big Data environments over the cloud and Linux. Data Visualization We make complex data more accesible, understandable and usable by designing dashboards, reports, graphs, video-walls and other graphical representations. Data Processing We extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data, uncover hidden patterns and create models using Machine Learning techniques. Analytics Proven experience in the development, integration and deployment of CMS and e-Learning website environments for data visualization, using open source over the cloud. Cloud integration
  6. 6. Financial markets Smartcities Tax fraud Internet of Things Complex Event Processing Tax Electoral Systems Migration to cloud Expert systems DATA PROCESSING OpenSistemas Processing area includes our products and projects related with technologies oriented to capture, transform, process and storage data, using ETL systems, big data platforms and NoSQL database technologies. The core of our processing approach is the Apache Spark ecosystem, including Kappa and Lambda architectures. Different NoSQL databases, inmemory solutions and columnar databases together with ETL solutions for big data integration, like Pentaho Data Integration or IBM DataStage, complete our value proposal within this area. Technologies Areas of Application Clients Spark ecosystem Big Data streaming solutions Kappa and Lambda architectures ETL systems OsBrain, our Big Data Multi-Agent platform NoSQL and Columnar Database solutions Big Data deployment over the cloud Programing for Big Data: Scala, Java, R, Python, C/C++ Data management, transformation and storage Visit web Visit cases
  7. 7. Batch processing approach Traditional data warehouses Complex legacy BI Reporting environments YESTERDAY TODAY Previously, business intelligence was an entirely different department of a company than business, and data analytics took place at an isolated bubble. Analysis was restricted to analyzing historical data – data from the past. Today, if businesses just look at historical data, they will be behind the curve before they even begin. OpenSistemas has designed a comprehensive transformation framework to help organizations in managing their journey to big data under a real time approach. Combining new Kappa and Lambda architectures for real time big data processing, together with in-memory processing Spark based approaches to improve velocity, we have industrialized every aspect of transforming current capabilities to use big data in a predictable, repeatable and cost effective way.
  8. 8. Algorithmic trading Models and scenarios Financial markets People Analytics Tourism and consumerism ANALYTICS Technologies Areas of Application Clients New Data Science approach Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Systems Deep Learning with Tensor Flow Pentaho and Saiku Business Analytics Suite Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Sui- te Azure Machine Learning R, Python and C/C++ programing environments OsBrain, our Big Data Multi-agent platform OsBrain Markets, our Markets Analysis platform Opensistemas analytics area involves processes and systems extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, employing techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science and machine learning. Thanks to our comprehensive and integral approach we can integrate those insights in production environments, including new scalability and security issues scaling to big data architectures. Strengthen the strategic Visit web Visit cases
  9. 9. HOW TO MANAGE DATA ANALYTICS Why is data so important Different sources including IoT, variety Data Quality issues, veracity Batch or real time, velocity High volume Supervised or unsupervised learning methodologies Different tools, technologies and environments HOW TO DEAL WITH IT: Extract knowledge and insights
  10. 10. Industry Finance Electoral Systems Learning Analytics People Analytics Balance Scoredcards Visit cases DATA VISUALIZATION Technologies Areas of Application Clients Pentaho CDE and CCC Kibana extensions for Elastic Search Tableau Data Visualization Software HighCharts, Raphael, HighMaps, Lea et libraries CartoD Saiku Reporting Platform D3.js environment for complex graph edition PowerBI Business Analytics Service Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap The importance of visual representation of data has been increasing during the last years as big data and data analytics environments have been becoming more popular. Effective visualization helps users analyse and explain data and evidence. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. Thus, users may have particular analytical tasks, such as making comparisons or understanding causation. In OpenSistemas we work to show data insights within web environments under both a rigorous and attractive approach, covering aesthetic form and functionality need. We use advanced graphical web programming technologies for that purpose, specialised representation platforms and other classical data science tools. Communicating insights through graphical displays Visit web Visit cases
  11. 11. “ ” By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape David McCandless And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful. that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map.
  12. 12. Corporate web portals Educational environment Corporate training and large accounts Editorial environment IAAS, PAAS, SAAS environments Digital Learning Content High availability web solutions Migration to Cloud Linux Visit web Visit cases CLOUD INTEGRATION Technologies Areas of Application Clients WordPress and Drupal CMS platforms Open LMS platforms: Moodle, Canvas, Dokeos MOOC Solutions: OpenEdx, OpenMOOC Engines and standards: SCORM, AICC, Tincan, Marsupial Microsoft Azure and Linux Environment Google and Amazon Cloud Platforms Linux based and Clustering Solutions Quality assurance process and methodology Cloud integration is the effort made by an organization to configure multiple applica- tion programs to share data in the cloud. This effort involves the designing process to create solutions based on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS technologies over different cloud environments together with the deploy- ment of web based architectures and solu- tions that run over the cloud. Integrate data processes within your organization Visit web Visit cases
  13. 13. We accelerate your journey to the cloud Comprehensive vision and experience STRATEGY AND DESIGN Planning, practice and production migration phase MIGRATION PROJECT Architecture evolution and support EVOLUTION AND SUPPORT
  14. 14. 9 Learning Integratio n Programming5 Content Integratio n6 Cloud Integratio n Visualizatio n1 Data Visualizatio n Methodology7 Analytic s10 Analytic s 8 Real Time Big Data Processing2 Storage and ETLs4 Data Processing Internet of Things11 Cloud3 10 Analytics 1 Visualization 2 Processing 3 Cloud Storage and ETLs4 5 Programming Content Integration6 7 8 Real Time Big Dat Learning Integration 11 9 Methodology Internet of Things CRISP-DM SCORM A/B Testing Feature selection Metadata Sampling Data wrangling xAPI osBrainMarkets Multi-agent technologies Microsoft Cortana Kibana Carto Tableau Dataiku Jupyter Kanban openCMS Microsoft Azure GAE Glossary Beam Spark Scrum osBrain Canvas Random Forest Tensor Flow Neural Networks Clustering Angular JS MapReduce SED Hive AWK Pig Latin PHP Drupal WordPress Django Zope Jboss Python Chef TCL Symfony Django XSL DTD Nginx Apache Web Server Open ID Connect OpenSIS Amazon Google Cloud Platform SAS PHP PAAS OAuth2 OIDC Angular JS Node JS Bootstrap PyQtGraph VisPy Matplotlib Bokeh ElasticSearch Educational Data Mining EDM Learning Analytics (LA) Apache Storm LTI LRS CAS PCA Gephi Kernel selection PL Ilias MongoDB MonetDB SAP IQ Cassandra DataStage Talend ETL systems Data munging KDD Dimensionality Reduction XML HTML Ensembling CSS R Cross validation Lineage Training SEMMA Training C C++ MySQL Flume SQL Hadoop Mlib Claroline GraphxSpark Streaming SparkSQL Moodle Dokeos Sakai Chamilo Canvas Class2Go OpenMOOC WeMOOC Open edX Seaborn HighCharts Raphael Linux Pentaho CDE Pentaho CCC Saiku PowerBI Ggplot Open LDAP Java Postgresql Power BI Perl Java MQL PDI Oracle Hbase Redis Hbase Kafka Spark Streaming Lambda architecture Kappa architecture Sqoop TECHNOLOGY Areas, Products and Reference Projects
  15. 15. SUPPORT MANAGED OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS ORGANIZATIONAL AREAS We adapt to your needs Specialized department Support specific methodology Services pool: SLAs, KPIs, monitoring, 24x7 Continuity with other organizational areas Stable customer knowledge Specialized staff Service Orientation Client model adaptation Quality certification Commitment with our customers Turnkey approach Open source specialization Solution design Specific methodology Multidisciplinary approach Agile development technologies
  16. 16. INNOVATION Innovation, for us, is focusing on investigating new trends, Open Source technologies and new analysis techniques, representation and use of data, aiming to create products and solutions that improve the way to understand, understand and manage your business. Products and Areas Worldwide coverage of election data Elearning and analytics platform Our trading product hub OsBrain Complex Event Processing Platform OsBrain Markets CEP solution for market analysis Electoral systems Algorithmic Trading Multi-agent systems
  17. 17. Model testing, scenarios Environment simulation Social Network Integration Finantial Markets Data Analysis Intelligent Spiders, tracking and classification Recommendation systems OsBrain Complex Event Proces- sing Platform Specialized department Support specific methodology Services pool: SLAs, KPIs, monitoring, 24x7 Continuity with other organizational areas Stable customer knowledge SEARCH AND CLASSIFICATION IN REAL TIME STREAMING BIG DATA ANALYSIS SIMULATIONS
  18. 18. Unique entities, without divisions, unified environment, easy to manage e-commerce to sell your training paths, powerful backend to manage it Multi entity, for large corporations or training companies to third parties Graspway Training Paths & Learning Analytics Platform Creation and management solution devoted to organizational training, with their own spaces for areas or departments Strongly focused on Learning Analytics and cloud integration through API With the best from Wordpress and Open edX, easy-to-use and scalable OWN SPACES AND EASY UNIFIED MANAGEMENT BASED ON DATA ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING THE POWER OF WORPDRESS AND OPEN EDX TOGETHER
  19. 19. Adapts to your needs Robust, scalable and stable REST API available as JSON file Build your own graphics Online web customizable graphs Real time and historical info Electoral information representation on real time Advanced graphs using predictive models and machine learning Real time data in multi-language and multidevice Designed for media, institutions, town-halls and political parties Historic information of previous elections, analysis Easy to configure and setup ELECTIONA WIDGETS ELECTIONA APIELECTIONA ON PREMISE
  20. 20. Unique entities, without divisions, unified environment, easy to manage e-commerce to sell your training paths, powerful backend to manage it Settings optimization Based on historical data and backtest info ROBINTRADINGHUB Finantial Expert Advisor Builder Environment It provides you with products and services to operate in markets Watchdog active monitorization solution Constructed over osBrain, the OpenSistemas multiagent software for trading environment PRODUCT ORIENTED BASED ON DATA ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING THE POWER OF WORPDRESS AND OPEN EDX TOGETHER
  21. 21. SUCCESS STORIES Cases Big Data an Real Time Data Processing Real Time Energy Demand Visualization Platform ETLs, Pentaho, Kafka, Spark, visualization Information processing Learning Analytics Frameworks Environment: Pentaho Suite ETLs, data model design, visualization e-Learning balanced Score Card Legacy to Cloud Migration Projects Legacy environment migration to cloud Host, Unix, Cobol, midleware, Docker, Azure Azure cloud IAAS, SAAS and PAAS Infrastructure Interactive VideoWalls and Visualization Environment: Real Time Big Data Spark streaming, Scala, Kafka, MQ, JMS Real Time Data processing and Visualization
  22. 22. SUCCESS STORIES Cases Visual Data Mining Busi- ness Platforms Data Mining / Business Intelligence projects ETLs, OLAP, Pentaho, Saiku, D3.js, ... Business Analytics environment Learning Platforms over Cloud LMS, LCMS, ebooks and education platforms Moodle, openEdx, ... Education environment over the cloud Productive Analytics Investigation Projects Descriptive and/or predictive models, scenarios, ... R-Studio, Python, Cortana, Dataiku, ... Models deployment over the cloud Advanced CMS Projects Portal, sites, Intranets, multisite environments Wordpress and Drupal Web integration
  23. 23. REFERENCES Customers
  24. 24. PARTNERS
  25. 25. CERTIFICATIONS AND AWARDS CERTIFICATIONS ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 20000 ISO 15504 AWARDS 2016 Open Source on Azure Partner of the Year IACMP Cloud Partner 2015 ( EMEA Region )
  26. 26. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Our broad experience in the world of services has led us to the conclusion that ethics and respect for people, the combined capacity to add value to the customer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are essential elements in a company like ours, based on value. We promote good practices and sport have become one of the pillars of the CSR policy of our company, and to it we dedicate part of our resources. We also believe in the benefits of technology for young people, so our commitment to promote the learning of new technologies is complete. We are aware that the best happens in open source, so we want to promote scientific-technical curiosity in children around open source technologies. Sport and technology
  27. 27. OUR PEOPLE Good and great ideas come from being open-minded, positive and curious as well as exploring new concepts without preconceived limitations. Thus, innovation is the lifeblood of OpenSistemas. Our strength is having the ability and capacity to meet our customers’ needs by mobilizing our resources: passion, innovation and conviction. We believe that by working together with others everyone can think wider, can share further and can achieve amazing things. Innovation is the lifeblood of our business
  28. 28. +34 902 10 73 96 Calle Salvatierra, 4 28034 · Madrid Calle Ebro, 1 41012 · Sevilla