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Social Media & Radio: A Case Study


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A case study of a Turkish Radio Station (TRT) examining the relationship between social media and radio. Employee interviews were conducted and four themes were identified: Interaction, Audience Contribution, Visuals, & Station Promotions.

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Social Media & Radio: A Case Study

  1. 1. Social Media & Radio: A Case Study Spring 2014 Demet Akat | @DemetAkat Becca Liss | @BeccaGLiss #OldRadioNewMedia
  2. 2. Introduction: The Project   Impact of social media on radio broadcasting:   Background & Theory   Research Questions   Case Study – TRT (Turkish Radio & Television) FM   Future Implications   Conclusions #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  3. 3. Introduction: The Importance   Looking at media studies as a whole, radio is highly under-researched   “Radio was a neglected medium, invisible, the Cinderella of communication studies and a wall flower at the media studies ball” (Lacey, 2008) #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  4. 4. Background: The Theory   Uses & Gratifications   “People were using the Internet and traditional media (i.e., television, newspapers, and radio) for the same reasons: social interaction, surveillance; and relaxation” (Johnson, 2012)   “People use the media to satisfy certain needs, such as to pass time, cure boredom, find excitement, social interaction, as well as to survey the environment” (Rosales, 2013) #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  5. 5. Introduction: The Questions   How does social media contribute to the interaction between listeners and radio broadcast?   Does social media have an impact on radio popularity? #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  6. 6. Background: The Case Study   This was the first radio station in Turkey to broadcast through FM transmitters   TRT FM is the most accessible radio station across Turkey   Radyo 2 (TRT FM) is the main channel for popular music among TRT Radio Stations #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss @TRTFM
  7. 7. Background: The Case Study #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss @TRTFM
  8. 8. Case Study   Interviewees (1-4)   Overall themes they talked about   Memorable quotes #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss @TRTFM
  9. 9. Interviewees @tulaytuzun Tulay Kankalp Tuzun on Facebook TRT Anchor (1998 – Present) Fine arts, music, politics, entertainment, etc. BA in Business administration #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  10. 10. Interviewees @suhauner Suha Uner on Facebook TRT Anchor (1989 – Present) Covers a variety of topics on shows Degree in French Literature #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  11. 11. Interviewees Cem Temel TRT Producer (1998 – Present) Runs daily news show Pursuing Ph. D. on Republican History of Turkey #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  12. 12. Interviewees @okyanus1011 Deniz Sezer Vice-Producer at TRT Live & Taped shows (focus on entertainment) Degree in Accounting #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  13. 13. Main Themes   Interaction   Audience Contribution   Visuals   Station Promotions #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  14. 14. Theme 1: Interaction   Social Media makes the audience interaction easier.   Listeners feel more connected when there is more interaction. “The listener has a warmer relationship with the radio through the social media. The radio show takes a different form with the help of the instant messages. Sharing different opinions,… getting instant responses from the host for a request or a critique, being able to interact with the host directly; all these are benefits of the audience of a radio show that uses the social media platforms.” Tulay Tuzun #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  15. 15. Theme 1: Interaction #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  16. 16. Theme 2: Audience Contribution   SM makes listeners more active in the content curating process.   Through SM, it is easier to get feedback quickly from the listeners. “ media platforms are helpful to a better understanding of the listeners’ expectations. We are making some changes in the content according to those expectations, when it is possible.” Cem Temel #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  17. 17. Theme 2: Audience Contribution #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  18. 18. Theme 3: Visuals   SM makes Radio visible through sharing visual content. “Social Media gave us the opportunity to make our studios visible for our listeners through pictures we post on Facebook or Twitter.” Deniz Sezer #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  19. 19. Theme 4: Station Promotions   SM is a great opportunity for introducing the coming shows on their radio station. “In these social platforms, we introduce our future guests and the content of the shows and sometimes inform listeners about the whole TRT corporation. “ Tulay Tuzun #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  20. 20. TRT   Streaming Application #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss @TRTFM
  21. 21. What’s Next?   Comparative studies among additional radio stations regarding social media use and popularity   Utilizing additional social media platforms to interact with listeners   More academic focus on the relationship between social media and radio #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  22. 22. TRT & Literature   How Radio is utilizing social media:   Twitter – sharing breaking news & contest alerts   Facebook – promotions, programs, events, sample music & photos of artists   Mobile Apps – live listening/streaming; on demand #OldRadioNewMedia (Rosales, 2013) @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss
  23. 23. Conclusions   Four Themes   More to explore   Turkey & Social Media #OldRadioNewMedia @DemetAkat @BeccaGLiss