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The difference between polls and survey questionnaires


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Are you wondering if you should run a poll or a survey? Find out the differences between online polls and online surveys and the ways that they can both be used for data collection.

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The difference between polls and survey questionnaires

  1. 1. The Difference Between Polls And Survey Questionnaires
  2. 2. Both methods used to gather feedback from an audience or population
  3. 3. There are some fundamental differences between the two forms of feedback gathering
  4. 4. Questions Polls - one multiple choice question where the respondent can generally only select one answer. Surveys – multiple questions across wide range of question types
  5. 5. Content Polls - gather opinions on a single topic or item. No personal or sensitive information asked Surveys – opinions on multiple topics (or sub-topics). personal information sometimes asked
  6. 6. Time Polls - seconds to complete with instant feedback Surveys – take longer to answer and required more commitment from the respondent to complete
  7. 7. Results Polls - no analysis is necessarily required, so provide limited data to draw conclusions from. Surveys – analysis needed to pull together all the answers, so get a clearer picture of audience opinion.
  8. 8. When surveys are the best method •You need comprehensive feedback •You will be acting upon the results of your feedback •You have a number of questions to ask •You need to gather personal details / identification details •You want to ask open questions
  9. 9. When polls are the best method •You need immediate feedback •You have one question to ask •You are asking the question for fun •You don’t need detailed responses •You have no time for analysis
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