OVCN Media Release - Building Communities Through Volunteerism June 20 2014


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OVCN Media Release - Building Communities Through Volunteerism June 20 2014

  1. 1. Ontario Volunteer Centre Network c/o 10 Carden P.O. Box 1061, Guelph, ON N1H 6A2 Tel: (905) 238-2622 x229 Fax: (905) 595-2612 admin@ovcn.ca www.ovcn.ca For Immediate Release June 20, 2014 Building Communities through Partnerships, Collaboration and Volunteerism OVCN launches new mobile app and website upgrade to enable Ontario’s volunteer legacy. Supporting the value of skills-based volunteers with the “3Rs.” ONTARIO wide – Ontarians understand the value of volunteering. Over six million Ontarians over the age of 15 - roughly 50% of the population - are involved in community service. If you live in Ontario, the chances are that you, someone you know, and likely someone you love, volunteers. Not only is volunteering an essential part of enabling community service organizations to meet community needs, but the volunteer experience itself fosters in-demand occupational competencies. Skills-based volunteering is a rich training ground for social and economic leadership in Ontario. It not only helps students find their passion and gain the skills to do purpose-driven professional work that strengthens communities, but it also helps produce more competent and job-ready graduates. On top of that, corporate employee volunteer programs build hands-on, knowledge-based, leadership-based professional development of talent and expertise. For non-profit organizations, skills-based volunteers are their life-blood. They serve vital roles on community boards, they plan and run fundraising events, and they even manage other volunteers. Inevitably they become an indispensable resource, their combination of expertise and knowledge. To support the value these volunteers provide to Ontario’s non-profit organizations, the OVCN is launching the “3Rs” approach to volunteerism: Recruit. Recognize. Retain. Encouraging professionals to make a difference through working with your organization is a valuable endeavor. Recruit Attracting skilled volunteers is the first step to empowering your organization. OVCN is proud to announce the release of the OVCN app. Now, prospective volunteers have Volunteer Centre information, and OVCN programming at their fingertips. With the support of our collaborative partner iNotForProfit, this innovative app guides them from their hand-held device through all of the amazing resources available online, helping them, and your organization, find just the right fit to meet everyone’s goals. A link to the app can be found at on our website www.ovcn.ca, or search for ‘OVCN’ on your hand-held device. If you’re a skilled professional looking to maximize your volunteering impact, join our Volunteer Management Leadership Team. Help take the OVCN to the next level with these premiere skills-based volunteering opportunities via our Volunteer Portal designed by COMAP. Build your legacy while building the legacy of volunteerism in Ontario. -MORE-
  2. 2. Ontario Volunteer Centre Network c/o 10 Carden P.O. Box 1061, Guelph, ON N1H 6A2 Tel: (905) 238-2622 x229 Fax: (905) 595-2612 admin@ovcn.ca www.ovcn.ca Recognize The PREB volunteer experience recognition program creates a clear link between volunteer experience and occupational competencies. Created by le Centre d’action bénévole de Québec (CABQ), and collaboratively delivered across Canada by le CABQ and Volunteer Canada, this national initiative focuses and amplifies the impact of skills-based volunteering by allowing volunteer managers and non- profit organizations to provide a certificate recognizing the contribution of individual volunteers. This certificate details the specific skills the volunteer employed and uses national occupational competency standards. The certificate is a valuable tool for any volunteer, whether they are applying to post- secondary education, entering, or transitioning in the job market, or moving into a leadership capacity within their own organization. Stay tuned for details about the launch of the PREB-Ontario Volunteer Legacy Initiative project! Retain Access the vast expertise of Ontario’s Volunteer Centres through the Volunteer Management Training Network. Learn what it takes to build a successful relationship with quality volunteers that will keep them contributing their passion and vision for the long-term. Stay in the loop with all of the amazing programs the OVCN offers through its website at www.ovcn.ca. Through the Volunteer Portal you’ll find your local Volunteer Centre, which can help you with volunteer screening, training, and opportunities. Through the great new programs on our upgraded site, the OVCN brings the opportunity for you and your organization to “be the change you want to see in the world”, and build a better Ontario by contributing your passion and vision through volunteerism. - 30 – The Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN) is an unincorporated network of 24 Volunteer Centres in Ontario, guided by a volunteer steering committee. The OVCN’s mandate is to provide a provincial network and voice to strengthen the individual and collective ability of Volunteer Centres in Ontario to promote and develop volunteerism. Find out more about your local Volunteer Centre by visiting the OVCN website www.ovcn.ca Media Contact: Manon Germain, Managing Director, Ontario Volunteer Centre Network, manon@ovcn.ca 905-238-2622 ext. 229