OVCN Inventory of Resources Related to Engaging New Canadians as Volunteers


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OVCN Inventory of Resources Related to Engaging New Canadians as Volunteers

  1. 1. OVCN Inventory:Resources Related toEngaging New Canadians as VolunteersPrepared by: Louise Chatterton LuchukDate: May 2008Funded by:
  2. 2. 2Table of ContentsIntroduction..................................................................................................................................................10Top Choices for Accessible Resources for Practitioners ............................................................................11Alphabetical Listing of Resources ...............................................................................................................13Electronically Accessible.....................................................................................................................131. Annotated Bibliography (CDN) 13Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Support2. Beating the Drum of International Volunteering?: Exploring Motivations to Volunteer amongstBlack and Asian Communities 13Keywords: Motivations3. Beyond Political Correctness: Discovering the Benefits of Board Diversity 14Keywords: Board4. Board Diversity Training: A Toolkit (CDN) 14Keywords: Boards, Diversity Promotion, Tip/Tool5. Board Mentoring Handbook (CDN) 14Keywords: Board6. Brokering Change Report (CDN) 15Keywords: Barriers7. Building Board Diversity 15Keywords: Board8. Building Caring Communities: The Contributions of Immigrant Volunteers (CDN) 16Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions, Research9. “Can Volunteer Work Help Me Get A Job In My Field?”: on Learning, Immigration and LabourMarkets (CDN) 16Keywords: Research10. Changing World of Volunteer Management. A Practical Guide to Cultural Diversity inVolunteer Management, The (CDN) 16Keywords: Profile, Support11. Country Report – Volunteering in Columbia 17Keywords: Profile12. Country Report – Volunteering in the Czech Republic 17Keywords: Profile13. Country Report – Volunteering in Venezuela 18Keywords: Profile14. Country Report – Volunteering in Zambia 18Keywords: Profile15. Creating a More Inclusive Voluntary Sector: A Focus on Diversity (CDN) 18Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool
  3. 3. 316. Cultural Audit: Report of the HACC and Volunteers from Diverse Cultural BackgroundsProject19Keywords: Recruitment, Support17. Cultural Diversity and High School Community Service: The Relationships between Ethnicityand Students’ Perceptions 20Keywords: Perceptions, Research18. Culturally Diverse Youth and Volunteerism: How to Recruit, Train and Retain CulturallyDiverse Youth Volunteers (CDN) 20Keywords: Recruitment, Support19. Diverse Appeal 20Keywords: Diversity Promotion20. Diversify! 21Keywords: Barriers, Diversity Promotion, Profile, Recruitment21. Diversifying the Volunteer Base: Latinos and Volunteerism 21Keywords: Recruitment22. Diversity and Volunteering Go Hand in Hand 22Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool23. Diversity and Volunteerism: Deriving Advantage from Difference 22Keywords: Diversity Promotion24. Diversity Awareness Group Training Exercises 23Keywords: Diversity Promotion25. Diversity in Governance: A Toolkit for Inclusion on Nonprofit Boards (CDN) 23Keywords: Board, Policy and Procedures, Tip/Tool26. Diversity in Volunteering 23Keywords: Barriers, Diversity Promotion27. Diversity Resources 24Keywords: Recruitment, Support28. Drawing on the Widest Pool of Talent and Generosity: Diversity vs. Inclusion 24Keywords: Barriers, Organizational Culture, Recruitment29. Embracing Diversity 25Keywords: Organizational Culture30. Enhancing Volunteer Participation with the Ethno-Cultural Community (CDN) 25Keywords: Motivations, Support31. Equitable Treatment of Immigrant/Visible Minority Women as Employees and Volunteers inthe Alberta Voluntary Sector (CDN) 26Keywords: Barriers, Research32. Ethnic Communities in Canada from a Governance Perspective: Unity in Diversity? (CDN) 26Keywords: Research33. Ethnicity, Social Cohesion and Social Integration in Toronto, Canada (CDN) 26Keywords: Research
  4. 4. 434. Ethnicity, Voluntary Behaviour, and Social Integration (CDN) 27Keywords: Research35. Examining Community Engagement in Faith Communities (CDN) 27Keywords: Barriers, Motivations36. Experiences and Perceptions of Volunteering in Indigenous and Non-English SpeakingBackground Communities 28Keywords: Perceptions, Policy and Procedures, Research37. Facilitator Guide to Encourage Newcomer Voluntarism (CDN) 28Keywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Tip/Tool38. Finding Paid and Volunteer Work in the Environment (CDN) 29Keywords: Recruitment39. Finding Their Voice: Civic Engagement among Aboriginal and New Canadians (CDN) 30Keywords: Recruitment, Support40. From Barriers to Bridges – Involving a Broader Range of Volunteers 30Keywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Support41. From Charity to Community Building – Volunteer Service in Hong Kong, China 31Keywords: Profile42. Get it Right from the Start: Volunteer Policies – the Key to Diverse Volunteer Involvement 31Keywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures, Recruitment, Support43. Giving and Volunteering of New Canadians, The (CDN) 31Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Research44. GoldStar Website 32Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool45. Hispanic American Volunteering 32Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Research46. Hot Topic: In from the CALD! 33Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Tip/Tool47. Immigrant and Visible Minority Women in the Non-Profit Sector as Volunteers and PaidWorkers (CDN) 33Keywords: Research48. Immigrant Women as Volunteers: Benefits for Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations 34Keywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Tip/Tool49. Immigrant Women…Why Volunteer? (CDN) 34Keywords: Tip/Tool50. INVOLVE Project 34Keywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures, Support51. Involving Volunteers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds – Take a CloserLook 35Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Recruitment52. Involving Volunteers from Underrepresented Groups 35
  5. 5. 5Keywords: Barriers, Research, Support53. Making Connections: Social and Civic Engagement among Canadian Immigrants (CDN) 36Keywords: Barriers, Research54. Making Everyone Feel at Home – Parts 1 & 2 36Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture55. Meaning of “Volunteering” to New Canadians in Ottawa: Implications for Managers ofVolunteer Resources, The (CDN) 37Keywords: Perceptions56. Migrant and Ethnic Minority Volunteering (MEM-VOL) 37Keywords: Research, Support57. Multicultural Volunteer Programs: A Self-Assessment Tool (CDN) 38Keywords: Tip/Tool58. National Survey of Australian Volunteers from Diverse Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds..............................Keywords: Research59. New Canadians as Volunteers: Experiencing Canada and Community (CDN) 39Keywords: Recruitment, Support60. New Canadian’s First Decade of Volunteering, A (CDN) 39Keywords: Barriers, Organizational Culture, Recruitment, Research, Support61. Part of Society: Refugees and Asylum Seekers Volunteering in the UK, A 40Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Support, Tip/Tool62. Participation in the Voluntary Sector – Response to Denise Helly workshop (CDN) 40Keywords: Research63. Perceptions, Attitudes, and Motivations of New Canadians Regarding Volunteerism:Research Report (CDN) 41Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions, Recruitment, Research64. Practical Guide to Involving Volunteers from Diverse Cultural and Language (CALD)Backgrounds in Your Organisation 41Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool65. Questioning Volunteer Management (CDN) 42Keywords: Diversity promotion, Support66. Reaching Out to Spanish-Speaking Volunteers: A Guide to More Inclusive CommunityBuilding 42Keywords: Profile, Perceptions, Recruitment, Support67. Recipe for Diversity Success 43Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Support68. Recruiting and Supporting Latino Volunteers 43Keywords: Profile, Recruitment, Support69. Recruiting Diverse Seniors as Tutors 43Keywords: Recruitment, Support70. Recruiting Diverse Volunteers 44
  6. 6. 6Keywords: Recruitment71. Recruiting Diverse Volunteers 44Keywords: Recruitment72. Recruitment and Retention of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Volunteers in HACCServices 45Keywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool73. Refugee Women – from Volunteers to Employees: a Research Project on Paid and UnpaidWork in the Voluntary Sector and Volunteering as a Pathway into Employment 45Keywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures, Tip/Tool74. Research about Muslim Youth’s Experiences of and Attitudes towards Volunteering 46Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions, Profile, Research, Tip/Tool75. Research Report: Connecting Volunteers with Community (CDN) 46Keywords: Recruitment, Research, Support76. Review of Volunteerism in Peel (CDN) 47Keywords: Research77. Role of Ethnic Congregations in Volunteering: A Research Report, The (CDN) 47Keywords: Perceptions, Research78. Seeking ‘Canadian Experience’: The Informal Learning of New Immigrants as VolunteerWorkers (CDN) 48Keywords: Research79. Settlement.Org website (CDN) 48Keywords: Support80. Sharing Holiday Traditions and Diversity at an In-Service Training 48Keywords: Tip/Tool81. Strategy for Involving Young Black and Minority Ethnic Volunteers 49Keywords: Recruitment, Support82. Stronger Together: Recruiting and Working with Ethnocultural Volunteers (CDN) 49Keywords: Recruitment, Support83. Subject Guide: Involving Volunteers from Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds 50Keywords: Policy and Procedures, Recruitment, Support84. Submission in Response to the Department for Victorian Communities Discussion Paper:Patterns of Volunteering 50Keywords: Barriers, Research85. Supporting Volunteering Activities in Australian Muslim Communities, Particularly Youth 50Keywords: Perceptions, Profile, Recruitment, Research86. Targeted Recruitment of Black & Minority Ethnic Volunteers 51Keywords: Recruitment, Tip/Tool87. Tools for Improving Your Board’s Diversity 51Keywords: Board
  7. 7. 788. Training Manual: Recruiting and Supporting Volunteers from Diverse Cultural and LanguageBackgrounds 52Keywords: Organizational Culture, Recruitment, Support89. Translated Resources for Volunteering 52Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool90. Understanding Canadian Volunteers: Using the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering andParticipating to Build your Volunteer Program (CDN) 53Keywords: Perceptions, Recruitment, Research, Support91. Untapped Resources: The New Canadian Volunteer (CDN) 53Keywords: Support, Tip/Tool92. Valuing Volunteers: The Value of Volunteering for Refugees and Asylum Seekers 53Keywords: Recruitment, Research, Support93. Voluntary and Social Participation by People of Immigrant Origin: Overview of CanadianResearch (CDN) 54Keywords: Research94. Volunteering among Ethnocultural Seniors Who Are New to Canada: Supporting andCelebrating a Valuable Contribution (CDN) 54Keywords: Barriers, Profile, Recruitment, Research, Support95. Volunteering among Groups Deemed at Risk of Social Exclusion 55Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Research96. Volunteering and Ethnic Communities: A Dialogue with Ethnic Communities 55Keywords: Barriers97. Volunteering at Leadership Levels: A Resource for Prospective and Current Board Members(CDN) 56Keywords: Board98. Volunteering Fact Sheets 56Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Tip/Tool99. Volunteering Fact Sheets in 12 different languages 57Keywords: Tip/Tool100. Volunteering for All? Exploring the Link between Volunteering and Social Exclusion 57Keywords: Barriers, Diversity Promotion, Research101. “Volunteering for New Canadians” Pamphlet (CDN) 57Keywords: Recruitment, Tip/Tool102. Volunteering In Canada: Practical Findings from Research, 2000 – 2007 (CDN) 58Keywords: Research, Support103. Volunteering – Pathway to Inclusion (CDN) 58Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Policy and Procedures, SupportTip/Tool104. Volunteering Worldwide 2001 59Keywords: Profile105. Volunteering, Diversity, and Inclusion (CDN) 59
  8. 8. 8Keywords: Diversity Promotion106. Volunteering in Different Languages 60Keywords: Tip/Tool107. Volunteerism in Islam 60Keywords: Profile108. Volunteerism in Nepal 61Keywords: Profile109. Volunteerism Worldwide: News, Views and Resources 61Keywords: Profile110. Welcoming Multi-Ethnic Volunteers: Top Tips 61Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Organizational Culture, Tip/Tool111. Youth Volunteering in Canada: Reflections on the Ethnic Dimension 62Keywords: ResearchBooks .....................................................................................................................................................631. A-Z of Volunteering and Asylum, The 632. Building Board Diversity 633. Kaleidoscopic Organizations: Diversity and Inclusivity: A Framework (CDN) 634. Making Diversity Meaningful in the Boardroom 645. Managing Volunteer Diversity: A Rainbow of Opportunity 1990s Guide to InnovativeVolunteer Program Management 646. My Time, My Community, Myself 657. Values of Volunteering: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies),The 65Journal/Subscription-based Resources.............................................................................................661. Achieving Greater Social Inclusion through Volunteering 662. Beyond Representation: Building Diverse Board Leadership Teams 663. Building Board Diversity: A Case Study of the Western Affiliates of Planned ParenthoodFederation of America 664. Celebrating Diversity: Experiences and Perceptions of Volunteering in Indigenous and non-English Speaking Background Communities 675. Creating a Culturally Competent Volunteer Program 676. Diversity: Who Should Sit at Your Table? 687. Diversity Continuum 688. Diversity and Volunteerism: Deriving Advantage from Difference 689. Five Reasons for Nonprofit Organizations to Be Inclusive 69
  9. 9. 910. Individualism and Good Works: Cultural Variation in Giving and Volunteering Across theUnited States 6911. Motivational Differences between Black and White Volunteers 7012. Multicultural Volunteering: Reflections on the Salad Bowl Approach 7013. Multi-Faceted Look at Diversity: Why Outreach Is Not Enough, A 7014. Professional Development Model for Ethnoculturally Diverse Volunteer Programs:Components of a Training Program for Understanding and Valuing Diversity, A 7115. Race and Formal Volunteering: The Differential Effects of Class and Religion 7116. Richness in Diversity (CDN) 7217. Volunteering in a Culturally Diverse Context: Implications for Program Designers andManagers 7218. Who Is That? An Interactive Exercise to Explore Perceptions 72
  10. 10. 10IntroductionIn 2007, the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN) sought and received funds from the OntarioMinistry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) for a two year project entitled: Building StrongerOrganizations (in Ontario’s small to medium sized organizations) through volunteer centre services andengaging newcomers as volunteers. One of the first deliverables (May 2008) in the project is thisinventory of resources related to engaging new Canadians as volunteers with the goal to increaseawareness and understanding of resources available to support ethno-cultural volunteers in Ontario.The Inventory is divided into three sections:1. Electronically accessible resources – PDFs and Internet-based resources that can be accessedat no cost2. Books – a selection of relevant books with information about how to order the books3. Journal/subscription-based resources – resources available only with a paid subscription(including academic journals on volunteer management) with information about how to subscribeA few notes about the Inventory:• All hyperlinks were active as of 23 May 2008.• Inventory resources that come from Canadian sources are identified by (CDN) at the end ofthe title.• In the case of older publications (e.g. early 1990s and older) only some were included in theInventory due to the prominence of the author or the source of the information.• While this is a print listing of resources, the Inventory has been shared with the “AdvancingCultural Diversity in Volunteer Management” project (another MCI funded project)coordinated by the Social Planning Council of Peel. Therefore, the Inventory resources canalso be searched and accessed online through their project website(www.culturaldiversityandvolunteers.ca).• Each free, electronically accessible entry in this Inventory includes a list of keyword(s). Forquick reference, the keywords are also included up in the Table of Contents. The following isa complete alphabetical listing of keywords used:- Barriers- Board- Diversity Promotion- Policy and Procedures- Motivations (to volunteer)- Organizational Culture- Perceptions (of volunteering)- Profile- Recruitment- Research- Support- Tip/Tool• Books and Journal/subscription-based resources do not have corresponding keywords as theactual resources could not be accessed in the preparation of this Inventory.
  11. 11. 11Please Note: As many of the Inventory entries are in PDF format, you will need to download thelatest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software(http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html) in order to access these resources.Top Choices for Accessible Resources for PractitionersThis inventory includes over 130 resources. The following were chosen as the most useful, practical andreader-friendly and are recommended as a starting point for delving into the topic of engaging NewCanadians as volunteers.Inventory Resource Title (CTRL + Click to FollowLink)Recommended because…Building Caring Communities: The Contributionsof Immigrant Volunteers (CDN) 16• Canadian content• written by a volunteer centre• written in a reader-friendly tone and styleCulturally Diverse Youth and Volunteerism: Howto Recruit, Train and Retain Culturally DiverseYouth Volunteers (CDN)20• Canadian content• written by an organization with successfulexperience including New Canadians asvolunteers• includes a Program Assessment GuideDiversity and Volunteering Go Hand in Hand22• quick sheet of tipsFacilitator Guide to Encourage NewcomerVoluntarism (CDN) 28• Canadian content• written by an organization with experiencesupporting New Canadians• includes agenda, handouts, facilitator notesand powerpoint presentation that can becustomized to fit with an organization’scurrent recruitment and orientation practicesGoldStar Website 32 • includes ideas, practices and templates fromsuccessful programs and collects them inthis “Good Practice” toolkit (including a 120page Good Practice handbook)Making Connections: Social and CivicEngagement among Canadian Immigrants (CDN)36• Canadian content• analyzes and summarizes information fromthe 2000 National Survey of Giving,Volunteering and Participating and the 2003General Social Survey plus 2001 censusdata• gives a picture of trends and patterns in the
  12. 12. 12volunteering of immigrants• read the full report or the executive summaryplus individual stories, press release, etc.New Canadians as Volunteers: ExperiencingCanada and Community (CDN)• Canadian content• provides the perspectives of both NewCanadians and volunteer-involvingorganizations and recommends recruitmentand retention strategiesPart of Society: Refugees and Asylum SeekersVolunteering in the UK, A 40• includes recommendations that are ofinterest to the Canadian context• includes case studies of 10 organizationsthat have successfully involved volunteerswho are immigrantsPerceptions, Attitudes, and Motivations of NewCanadians Regarding Volunteerism: ResearchReport (CDN) 41• Canadian content• a report that is reasonable in length andprovides an overview of the perceptions,attitudes and motivations of New Canadiansregarding volunteerismQuestioning Volunteer Management (CDN)42• Canadian content• a fresh critique of how the professionalizationof volunteer management may lead to socialexclusion and how that can be changedTraining Manual: Recruiting and SupportingVolunteers from Diverse Cultural and LanguageBackgrounds 52• for trainers and organizations that want toincrease the cultural diversity of theirvolunteer programs• includes worksheets, exercises, trainer’snotes• allows you to customize a very thoughtfultraining workshopVolunteering among Ethnocultural Seniors WhoAre New to Canada: Supporting and Celebrating aValuable Contribution (CDN) 54• Canadian content• although there is some information availableon volunteering among seniors andvolunteering among new Canadians, there isvery little information on volunteering andseniors who are new CanadiansVolunteering Worldwide 2001 59 • easy way to access information about whatvolunteering means in over 200 countriesaround the world
  13. 13. 13Alphabetical Listing of ResourcesElectronically AccessibleTitle Keywords1. Annotated Bibliography (CDN) Keywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, SupportAuthor Publication DateOCASI Accessed on 30 May 08DescriptionThis bibliography contains background research materials and useful documents for those interested indigging more deeply into issues related to voluntarism, newcomer integration and social inclusion. Whereavailable, links to online versions of the documents have been provided.How to Access this Resourcehttp://atwork.settlement.org/inclusion/research/biblio.aspTitle Keywords2. Beating the Drum of InternationalVolunteering?: Exploring Motivations toVolunteer amongst Black and AsianCommunitiesKeywords: MotivationsAuthor Publication DateAnjul Sharma and Matthew Bell (for Voluntary ServiceOverseas)2002DescriptionThis paper presents a case history of research that VSO undertook with The Research BusinessInternational (TRBI), exploring motivations to volunteer amongst Britains Black and Asian communities.VSO is an international development charity that recruits skilled volunteers from professionalbackgrounds to work abroad, usually for two years. Conducted over a 4-month period, the researchprovided valuable insights into the relevance and impact of cultural heritage in determining motivations tovolunteer.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.trbi.co.uk/research2002/Anjul&Matthew.PDF
  14. 14. 14Title Keywords3. Beyond Political Correctness: Discovering theBenefits of Board DiversityKeywords: BoardAuthor Publication DateLinda Chandler 2005DescriptionThis article from Association Management vol. 57 (January 2005) p. 29-30, 32 discusses that, beyondbeing politically correct, associations with diverse board representation have learned that diversity helpscreate quality decision making and increases success in important areas such as mission, memberrecruitment and retention, conference attendance and strategic alliances. Includes examples of howdiversity has benefited other associations.How to Access this Resourcehttp://goliath.ecnext.com/coms2/gi_0199-3676384/Beyond-political-correctness-discover-the.html#abstractTitle Keywords4. Board Diversity Training: A Toolkit (CDN) Keywords: Boards, Diversity Promotion, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DatePillar Nonprofit Network 2008DescriptionThis resource is for boards of directors, executive directors and senior managers who are responsible forthe decision-making in an organization. This toolkit is also designed for diversity managers, leaders andchampions who have an interest in learning from a best practice model from the London community. Thegoal of this resource is to provide organizations with the necessary information to set and reach yourdiversity goals. This resource is board governance-focused and will map out how to move fromacknowledging and respecting diversity to developing real action-based strategies. This includesdeveloping an organizational diversity goal, a board recruitment process, and tailoring your documentsand statements (i.e., vision, mission, values, policies, constitutions and by-laws) to be more inclusive.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.pillarnonprofit.ca/documents/pillartoolkit_boarddiversity_05.pdfTitle Keywords5. Board Mentoring Handbook (CDN) Keywords: Board
  15. 15. 15Author Publication DateHeather McFarlane for the Maytree Foundation 2007DescriptionThe mentoring program outlined in this handbook is designed for easy implementation for a board lookingto use mentoring as a tool to engage and retain diverse board members.How to Access this Resourcehttp://maytree.netfirms.com/maytree/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/boardmentoringhandbook.pdfTitle Keywords6. Brokering Change Report (CDN) Keywords: BarriersAuthor Publication DateVolunteer Toronto 2006DescriptionBrokering Change was launched as a pilot project to identify the challenges of building the capacity ofcommunity based agencies to deliver and manage culturally competent volunteer programs.How to Access this ResourceAccess through the “Advancing Cultural Diversity in Volunteer Management” project’s online inventory(www.culturaldiversityandvolunteers.ca).Title Keywords7. Building Board Diversity Keywords: BoardAuthor Publication DateRebecca Gardyn in the Chronicle of Philanthropy 2003DescriptionAn article describing how several American non-profit organizations diversified their board of directors.How to Access this Resourcehttp://philanthropy.com/free/articles/v16/i05/05002501.htm
  16. 16. 16Title Keywords8. Building Caring Communities: TheContributions of Immigrant Volunteers (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions,ResearchAuthor Publication DateCommunity Volunteer Connections (Richmond, BC) 2006DescriptionThis project used Appreciative Inquiry to investigate successful experiences of pairs of immigrantvolunteers and volunteer coordinators. Ten volunteers emigrating from nine countries and nine volunteercoordinators participated in two focus groups.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteerconnections.net/buildingCaringCommunities.pdfTitle Keywords9. “Can Volunteer Work Help Me Get A Job In MyField?”: on Learning, Immigration and LabourMarkets (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateDaniel Schugurensky, Bonnie Slade and Yang Luo 2007DescriptionThis paper focuses on the learning dimension of the volunteer experience. It examines what was learnedthrough the volunteer placements, how that learning was acquired, and what impact the learning had ontheir ability to find paid employment appropriate to their education and work experience.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.wallnetwork.ca/inequity/LL&W2005/SchugurenskyPaper.pdfTitle Keywords10. Changing World of Volunteer Management. APractical Guide to Cultural Diversity inVolunteer Management, The (CDN)Keywords: Profile, SupportAuthor Publication DateLillias Skinner, Keith Seel, Diane Fisher and LiZahnd for the Calgary ADVR1995
  17. 17. 17DescriptionA major trend impacting the profession today is that more than ever before Canadian communitiesrepresent a mosaic of distinct cultures, providing us with the opportunity to learn and benefit from eachother. Consequently, ADVR has addressed the complexities of effectively managing a multiculturalvolunteer program through extensive research, resulting in this document. It is our hope that all who readit will be better equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of managing a program enriched bythe diversity of the many cultures that make up our communities.How to Access this ResourceOverview:http://www.abheritage.ca/volunteer/issues/articles/Changing_World_Volunteer_Management.pdf(Full Document not available online.)Title Keywords11. Country Report – Volunteering in Columbia Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateArgda Melo 2001DescriptionA report on the background, history, organizational forms and activities of voluntary work in Colombia.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/resources/Volunteering%20Worldwide%20Country%20Report%20Colombia.pdfTitle Keywords12. Country Report – Volunteering in the CzechRepublicKeywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateOlga Sozanska (Hestia – National VolunteerCenter)2007DescriptionThis report on volunteering in the Czech Republic covers:• brief introduction into the local context of volunteering• definitions of volunteer work and volunteering
  18. 18. 18• government policy and legislation on volunteering• data on the economic value of volunteering• Hestia – National Volunteer Center• personal story• list of other volunteer involving organizations in the Czech Republic• other links• author`s biographyHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/ResourceView.asp?resourceID=157Title Keywords13. Country Report – Volunteering in Venezuela Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateIraida Manzanilla Guerra Accessed on 30 May 08DescriptionDescribes the evolution of volunteerism in Venezuela,How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/ResourceView.asp?resourceID=160Title Keywords14. Country Report – Volunteering in Zambia Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication Dateunknown 2001DescriptionA description of the factors that affect volunteerism and the understanding of volunteerism in Zambia.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/resources/Volunteering%20Worldwide%20Country%20Report%20Zambia.pdfTitle Keywords15. Creating a More Inclusive Voluntary Sector: A Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/Tool
  19. 19. 19Focus on Diversity (CDN)Author Publication DatePolicy Link N.B. and the John Howard Society ofGreater Moncton Inc.2006DescriptionThis guide has been designed for use by organizations in the voluntary sector and the multiculturalcommunity as a resource to help increase the level of participation of people from all of the diversecultures that are represented in New Brunswick as active volunteers in our community.It is meant to be an introduction to the concept of social inclusion and as such, organizations that arecommitted to diversity will need to explore the many websites and publications that are presented in thisguide to complete the transformation into a more inclusive voluntary sector organization.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.policylink.nb.ca/wnew/focus.pdfTitle Keywords16. Cultural Audit: Report of the HACC andVolunteers from Diverse Cultural BackgroundsProjectKeywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateSharon Porteous 2006DescriptionThe Home and Community Care Services (HACC) and Volunteers from Diverse Cultural BackgroundsProject was a joint initiative between the Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) (MIC) and theEastern Volunteer Recruitment Project (EVRP), a Department of Human Services (DHS) funded pilotproject in Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne (Australia).One strategy to improve access to HACC services in the EMR for people from CALD backgrounds is torecruit and retain volunteers from CALD backgrounds in those services. The focus of the project was todevelop an understanding of volunteering in mainstream HACC organizations by members of culturallyand linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. This included an assessment of the level of volunteeringby members of CALD communities in HACC organizations in the EMR, and the cultural sensitivity ofthose organizations in the recruitment and support of volunteers from CALD backgrounds.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.evrp.org.au/documents/docs/EVRP_MIC_CALD_project_report_June06.pdf
  20. 20. 20Title Keywords17. Cultural Diversity and High School CommunityService: The Relationships between Ethnicityand Students’ PerceptionsKeywords: Perceptions, ResearchAuthor Publication DateSally A. Raskoff and Richard A. Sundeen 2001DescriptionThis article reports the results of an analysis of the relationship between cultural statuses and thesocialization of youth into civic roles. The data tell an interesting story regarding perceptions ofcommunity service program experiences among students from different racial/ethnic backgrounds andschools with different class and racial/ethnic characteristics. Findings from the quantitative and qualitativeanalyses reveal important similarities and differences among race/ethnic groups in their communityservice experiences that have direct theoretical, policy, and practical implications.How to Access this Resourcehttp://nvs.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/30/4/720Title Keywords18. Culturally Diverse Youth and Volunteerism:How to Recruit, Train and Retain CulturallyDiverse Youth Volunteers (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateCalgary Immigrant Aid Society (CIAS) 2005DescriptionThe focus of this project was on volunteer job design for individuals from diverse cultures and builds on aprevious project that introduced immigrant youth to the concept of civic participation and volunteerismthrough skill building workshops, volunteer placement and follow-up.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteer.ca/volunteer/pdf/CSC-CDYV.pdfTitle Keywords19. Diverse Appeal Keywords: Diversity PromotionAuthor Publication Date
  21. 21. 21Ann Brogan 2005DescriptionAnn Brogan from Exeter Volunteer Bureau describes how they’ve been promoting inclusion through aninnovative photography project. Exeter Volunteer Bureau has a strong tradition of working with a diverserange of volunteers – those with learning difficulties, people with mental health problems, non-traditionallearners, young people, older people, ex-offenders, people from BME communities. In this article, Broganexplains their approach to challenging assumptions held by many organizations about involving peoplefrom marginalised groups.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/diverseappeal.htmTitle Keywords20. Diversify! Keywords: Barriers, Diversity Promotion, Profile,RecruitmentAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Ireland VOLT Network Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionThis publication is aimed at organizations who wish to respond to the increasing numbers of people fromdifferent cultural backgrounds and countries who are seeking to volunteer in Ireland. It outlines thebenefits and barriers to cultural diversity in volunteering and gives practical advice for increasing thediversity of volunteers. The publication also profiles the countries from which most of our potentialvolunteers hail and issues that organizations should be aware of. This booklet hopes to promotevolunteering as a positive tool for social change and integration and to assist in facilitating the process ofvolunteering for both organizations and volunteers. It will help anyone who works with volunteers to facethe challenges that a more diverse volunteer force can bring to an organization.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringireland.com/page.php?id=68 (Scroll down the page until you find the link to thisresource)Title Keywords21. Diversifying the Volunteer Base: Latinos andVolunteerismKeywords: RecruitmentAuthor Publication Date
  22. 22. 22Beverly B. Hobbs for the Journal of Extension 2001DescriptionBeginning in the spring of 1997, the Oregon 4-H program intensified its efforts to involve more Latinoyouth and adults in its programs. A 1999 evaluation of outcomes revealed an increase in the number ofLatino youth participants but no significant change in the number of Latino 4-H volunteers. It was evidentthat 4-H had to redesign its approach to volunteer recruitment in light of the cultural context presented byLatinos.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.joe.org/joe/2001august/a1.htmlTitle Keywords22. Diversity and Volunteering Go Hand in Hand Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2005DescriptionTips on involving volunteers from diverse backgrounds into volunteer programs.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/TEB15YBCMH/Diversity%20and%20Volunteering%20go%20hand%20in%20hand.pdfTitle Keywords23. Diversity and Volunteerism: DerivingAdvantage from DifferenceKeywords: Diversity PromotionAuthor Publication DateSantiago Rodriguez 1997DescriptionThis article focuses on the fact that voluntary organizations in the United States and globally are facedwith the growth of an increasingly diverse population and service base. Methods and approaches thathave worked effectively in more homogenous settings may not be as useful in more diverseenvironments. We need to identify new ways to reach client groups in a manner comfortable to theircultural styles (based on a presentation at the 1996 International Conference on VolunteerAdministration).
  23. 23. 23How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.energizeinc.com/art/jdiv.htmlTitle Keywords24. Diversity Awareness Group Training Exercises Keywords: Diversity PromotionAuthor Publication DateVolunteering England Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionDiversity Awareness Group Training Exercises can be used with any group of people as a way of raisingdiversity issues in an amusing way. The fictional case studies seem quite ridiculous at first and this helpspeople to relax so that they are more open about their assumptions about diversity. The value of theexercise is that it puts people in the position of being in a group which is oppressed and devalued. Forsome people this will be a novel experience, for others it will be painfully familiar.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/training.htmTitle Keywords25. Diversity in Governance: A Toolkit for Inclusionon Nonprofit Boards (CDN)Keywords: Board, Policy and Procedures, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateMaytree Foundation 2007DescriptionThis toolkit includes a step-by-step process plus case study examples.How to Access this Resourcehttp://maytree.netfirms.com/maytree/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/diversity_toolkit_nonprofit.pdfTitle Keywords26. Diversity in Volunteering Keywords: Barriers, Diversity PromotionAuthor Publication Date
  24. 24. 24Volunteer Development Agency (Northern Ireland) 2005DescriptionThe aim of this booklet is to encourage organizations to reflect on diversity in volunteering, on the barriersto diversity in volunteering and what it means to be a diverse organization. The guidance can be used byorganizations of all shapes and sizes.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering-ni.org/what_we__do/publications/ (Scroll down to “Volunteering” and download“Diversity in Volunteering”)Title Keywords27. Diversity Resources Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateCorporation for National and Community Service Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionWithin any service environment, its important to encourage awareness of and conscientious sensitivity toissues relating to race/culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and age, with an aim topromote equal treatment and consideration of all staff, volunteers, or other service participants. Thissection of website lists the most relevant resources for this topic area as identified by the Corporation forNational and Community Service.How to Access this Resourcehttp://nationalserviceresources.org/volunteer-member-staff-management/diversityTitle Keywords28. Drawing on the Widest Pool of Talent andGenerosity: Diversity vs. InclusionKeywords: Barriers, Organizational Culture,RecruitmentAuthor Publication DateNan Hawthorne 2006DescriptionThis article challenges organizations to step back and look at their program, policies, work environment,publications, etc. to understand the inherent barriers. The article makes the point that inclusion is allabout people making their own choices freely and not just being allowed to do something. Inclusion is theconcept that creates an environment that by its nature is open and accessible to all. Instead of creatingartificial expectations and demands, with inclusion the environment lacks barriers by default. When
  25. 25. 25something like a volunteer resources program “lacks barriers” people who want to be there are there.How to Access this Resourcehttp://two.charitychannel.com/publish/templates/?a=9650&z=24Title Keywords29. Embracing Diversity Keywords: Organizational CultureAuthor Publication DateJesse Bowen 2006DescriptionThis articles starts with the assumption that everyone who is working in this field, including the volunteersthemselves, have caring hearts and want to bring about some improvement in theircommunity/city/country. Keeping this assumption in mind, this article looks at how good hearted peoplecan do hurtful things without even knowing it, and provides some steps to welcome diversity.How to Access this Resourcehttp://two.charitychannel.com/publish/templates/?a=12111&z=24Title Keywords30. Enhancing Volunteer Participation with theEthno-Cultural Community (CDN)Keywords: Motivations, SupportAuthor Publication DateHaddasah Ksienski 2004Description[This Muttart Foundation] project aimed to examine how and when immigrants and refugees new toCanada take part in volunteering activities and to determine what the volunteer experience is like forimmigrants and refugees who volunteer in immigrant-serving agencies. The population for this study wasthe volunteers who provide services for or on behalf of Calgary Immigrant Aid Society (CIAS).How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.muttart.org/download/fellowships/Ksienski.pdfTitle Keywords
  26. 26. 2631. Equitable Treatment of Immigrant/VisibleMinority Women as Employees and Volunteersin the Alberta Voluntary Sector (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, ResearchAuthor Publication DateAlberta Network of Immigrant Women (ANIW) 2006DescriptionTo better understand the results of a pilot project, ANIW undertook further investigation to identify thesebarriers and develop strategies about the issues experienced by immigrant/visible minority womenworking and volunteering in the human services sub-sector of the voluntary or non-profit sector in Alberta.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.calgarycvo.org/documents/EquitableTreatmentImmigrantWoman_Oct2006.pdfTitle Keywords32. Ethnic Communities in Canada from aGovernance Perspective: Unity in Diversity?(CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateInstitute on Governance 2001DescriptionSpecific questions this study addresses are the following:• How do ethnic communities in Canada build capacity to organize and govern themselves?• How important is volunteerism to building this capacity?• Are there any common priorities that drive the establishment of these organizations?• What are their principal sources of funding and how important is current government policy andprogramming?• How do they interact with governments and other ethnic organizations?• Is there a discernible mode of decision-making that is culturally specific to each of thesecommunities?How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iog.ca/publications/ethnic_communities.pdfTitle Keywords33. Ethnicity, Social Cohesion and Social Keywords: Research
  27. 27. 27Integration in Toronto, Canada (CDN)Author Publication DateIda Berger, Mary Foster, Agnes Meinhard 2005DescriptionUsing data from the 2002 Canadian Ethnic Diversity Survey this paper explores the nature of voluntarysector engagement across select ethnic groups in Toronto. The report looks at how voluntaryengagement evolves over generations in Canada. The results of this survey indicate that engagement inthe voluntary sector certainly has a role to play in dimensions of social cohesion and conclude from theanalysis that engagement in the voluntary sector is associated with social cohesion, but whether or notthis cohesion results in positive or negative social outcomes depends on whether the cohesion is of abonding or bridging variety. The results also provide considerable challenge for voluntary sectororganizations.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ryerson.ca/cvss/WP32.pdfTitle Keywords34. Ethnicity, Voluntary Behaviour, and SocialIntegration (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateIda E. Berger, Mihaela Dinca-Panaitescu, Mary K.Foster, Agnes G. Meinhard2005DescriptionUsing data from the Ethnic Diversity Survey, this paper explores the relationship between volunteeringand social integration and the moderating influence of ethnic subgroup identity and length of time inCanada on this relationship. Their results provide support for the proposed model in that they show thatvolunteering enhances social success for Canadians in general, and particularly first generationCanadians and Chinese Canadians.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ryerson.ca/cvss/WP29.pdfTitle Keywords35. Examining Community Engagement in FaithCommunities (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Motivations
  28. 28. 28Author Publication DateColleen Donahue, Planit Communications Inc. forVolunteer Alberta2004DescriptionBy connecting with a sample of faith community opinion leaders and members throughoutAlberta, this research aimed to examine community engagement from the faith communityperspective. The research objectives were:• to define the enablers and impediments to community engagement from a faith communityperspective• to determine the volunteer-related contributions, attitudes and behaviours of Alberta’s faithcommunitiesHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeralberta.ab.ca/uploaded_files/documents/90_examining%20community%20engagement%20in%20faith%20communities-full%20report.pdfTitle Keywords36. Experiences and Perceptions of Volunteering inIndigenous and Non-English SpeakingBackground CommunitiesKeywords: Perceptions, Policy and Procedures,ResearchAuthor Publication DateLorraine Kerr, Harry Savelsberg, Syd Sparrow andDeirdre Tedmanson2001DescriptionThis report examines in depth the experiences and perceptions of Indigenous people and those fromNESB in relation to their voluntary activities and community effort—much of which has not beenrecognized, well supported or valued—as it has often occurred outside the commonly acknowledgedframework of volunteering. The study aims to add a cultural dimension to the discussions about volunteereffort and incorporate a more inclusive approach and diverse voices to the development of appropriatepolicies and supports for volunteer effort in South Australia.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.unisa.edu.au/hawkeinstitute/sprg/documents/Volunteering.pdfTitle Keywords37. Facilitator Guide to Encourage Newcomer Keywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Tip/Tool
  29. 29. 29Voluntarism (CDN)Author Publication DateOCASI 2008DescriptionThe purpose of this Guide is to provide staff and volunteers who work with newcomers with a practicaland easy to use resource to assist them to introduce newcomers to opportunities to become engaged incivic and community participation through voluntarism. The Guide provides:• the staff or volunteer who is facilitating this work with background information on the role ofcommunity engagement and civic participation as well as rights, freedoms andresponsibilities• tips for how to usefully approach these topics with newcomers, with a section on commonbarriers that newcomers face• the continuum of involvement or levels of participation that volunteering offers by drawing onpractical examples provided by Community Partners who contributed to the project• the mutual benefits of civic participation and voluntarism for newcomers and provides somefurther reading and resourcesThere is a detailed agenda for a three hour workshop that could be delivered for a group of interestednewcomers. This is accompanied by handouts and a power point presentation.How to Access this Resourcehttp://atwork.settlement.org/downloads/atwork/Facilitator_Guide_Encourage_Newcomer_Voluntarism.pdfTitle Keywords38. Finding Paid and Volunteer Work in theEnvironment (CDN)Keywords: RecruitmentAuthor Publication DatePartnership between Toronto Region Conservationand OCASIAccessed on 23 May 08DescriptionThis manual is intended to give an introduction to the Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) for NewCanadians seeking volunteer or paid work in the environment in the Greater Toronto Area.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.trca.on.ca/Website/TRCA/Website.nsf/Webpage/trca__events__volunteer__volunteers__volunteers?OpenDocument&Language=EN and clickon “Finding Paid Work in the Environment.”
  30. 30. 30Title Keywords39. Finding Their Voice: Civic Engagement amongAboriginal and New Canadians (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateCentre for Research and Information on Canada 2005DescriptionEncouraging the next generation of Canadians to take on leadership roles in this country is a challengefor decision-makers who eventually must “pass the torch”. However, the special experiences and valuesof Aboriginal and new Canadians mean that different methods of engagement must be found. As thefaces of our leaders change, they will reflect the growing presence of new and Aboriginal Canadians.Canada’s ability to encourage Canadians of increasingly varied backgrounds to take an active role inshaping civil society will be a determining factor in the country’s future success.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nald.ca/fulltext/cric/eng/july05.pdfTitle Keywords40. From Barriers to Bridges – Involving a BroaderRange of VolunteersKeywords: Barriers, Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateVolunteering England Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionThis publication covers:• Why don’t more people volunteer?• barriers to volunteering• why involve a broader range of volunteers?• where to promote volunteering• who to reach or target in your recruitment• tips for keeping your volunteers• ideas for adapting roles for volunteersHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/diversity-overview.htm
  31. 31. 31Title Keywords41. From Charity to Community Building –Volunteer Service in Hong Kong, ChinaKeywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateFlora Chung Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionThis report includes a brief revisit of volunteerism in the early days, an analysis of volunteeringenvironmental trends, a discussion on the major challenges and opportunities of promoting volunteeringin Hong Kong today. It shows how volunteerism has enriched the life of people and contributed to thevision of community building in recent decades.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/ResourceView.asp?resourceID=159Title Keywords42. Get it Right from the Start: Volunteer Policies –the Key to Diverse Volunteer InvolvementKeywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures,Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateThe National Centre for Volunteering 2002DescriptionIn March 2000 the British Prime Minister set the voluntary sector in Britain a challenge to achieve “a reallydiverse involvement of people with their organizations – a diversity that reflects the nation we live in.” Thisbooklet helps organizations consider why and how they might extend their reach to potential volunteers,and how to overcome the barriers that are stopping them from volunteering. It also suggests how tosupport volunteers once they are in place and ways of recognizing and rewarding their contribution to anorganization. Includes diversity policiesHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering.org.uk/NR/rdonlyres/168065AA-7690-4AC7-96FB-97E539242B8C/0/PoliciesBooklet.pdfTitle Keywords43. Giving and Volunteering of New Canadians,The (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, ResearchAuthor Publication Date
  32. 32. 32Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (now ImagineCanada)2000DescriptionFact sheet of information about the giving and volunteering of New Canadians as reported in the 1997National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.givingandvolunteering.ca/pdf/n-f12-ca.pdfTitle Keywords44. GoldStar Website Keywords: Diversity Promotion, Recruitment,Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateGoldStar Accessed on 23 May 08DescriptionThe GoldStar Exemplar Programme is a national initiative designed to encourage and enable voluntaryorganizations and projects throughout England to realize the potential of volunteers, mentors andbefrienders from socially excluded or disadvantaged groups. The aim of the program is to promote andshare the good practices used in engaging people from these groups and giving them the opportunity toenrich their own and other peoples’ lives. In this website you’ll find case studies and a toolkit with agrowing list of good practices that range from simple ideas to whole codes of practice.How to Access this ResourceWebsite: http://www.goldstar.org.uk/index.htmlHandbook: http://www.goldstar.org.uk/downloads/GoodPracticeHandbook.pdfTitle Keywords45. Hispanic American Volunteering Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, ResearchAuthor Publication DateJosué López and R. Dale Safrit 2001DescriptionThis article discusses a qualitative study that identified the attitudes, motivations, and barriers of HispanicAmericans in Cleveland, Ohio toward volunteerism. Six themes were identified:
  33. 33. 33• influence of family and fiends• importance of volunteering to benefit youth• importance of church and religious beliefs• volunteering as a requirement• connections between volunteerism and the community• personal satisfaction and growth.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.joe.org/joe/2001december/ent.html#rb2Title Keywords46. Hot Topic: In from the CALD! Keywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DatePeter Heyworth and Andy Fryar 2004DescriptionA “Hot Topic” editorial on about creating program environments that are more inviting to people fromculturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ozvpm.com/pasthottopics/august04.phpTitle Keywords47. Immigrant and Visible Minority Women in theNon-Profit Sector as Volunteers and PaidWorkers (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateJoan Ryan 2004DescriptionThis project was initiated by a small group of immigrant and visible minority women who wanted todocument the nature and diversity of the workplace experience for volunteers and paid workers in thenon-profit sector. The goal of this research project was to document the experiences of immigrant andvisible minority women in the non-profit sector in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as a pilot study. Sixty-twointerviews were conducted with paid and volunteer workers in the sector and fifteen interviews were donewith Executive Directors of non-profit agencies. Two hundred and fifty questionnaires were sent to arandom selection of agencies to distribute to staff and volunteers.
  34. 34. 34How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ucalgary.ca/gender/files/Women%20in%20nonprofit.pdfTitle Keywords48. Immigrant Women as Volunteers: Benefits forCharitable and Nonprofit OrganizationsKeywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateFay Fletcher, Blythe Campbell, Jeneane Fast 2007DescriptionEvery year, over 100,000 women immigrate to Canada. This fact sheet discusses the benefits of involvingimmigrant women in your organization and how you can recruit and retain immigrant women asvolunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://nonprofitscan.imaginecanada.ca/files/kdc-cdc/fs_benefits_changing_together_2007.pdfTitle Keywords49. Immigrant Women…Why Volunteer? (CDN) Keywords: Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateFay Fletcher, Blythe Campbell, Jeneane Fast. 2007DescriptionA quick fact sheet that promotes and explains the idea of volunteerism to immigrant women.How to Access this Resourcehttp://nonprofitscan.imaginecanada.ca/files/kdc-cdc/fs_immigrantwomenwhyvolunteer_changingtogether2007.pdfTitle Keywords50. INVOLVE Project Keywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures,SupportAuthor Publication Date
  35. 35. 35European Volunteer Centre 2006DescriptionThe INVOLVE project was set up to explore good practice and innovative solutions to the question of the“social integration” and “active participation” of third country nationals in the so-called host society –focusing on volunteering as an indicator and instrument of integration.• The overall objective of the first seminar was to identify barriers to integration and volunteering ofthird country nationals and to formulate criteria for good practice to overcome these barriers.• The objectives of the second INVOLVE seminar were the presentation of good practice examplesof projects that foster migrant volunteering and the evaluation of their potential transferability toother national and regional contexts.• Based on the identified barriers and good practices towards a better integration of third countrynationals through volunteering, the participants of the third seminar focused their discussions onformulating recommendations for policy makers and practitioners from the volunteering sector.How to Access this ResourceTo read seminar reports: http://www.involve-europe.eu/seminars.htmlTo read final report: http://www.involve-europe.eu/pdf/INVOLVEreportEN.pdfTitle Keywords51. Involving Volunteers from Culturally andLinguistically Diverse Backgrounds – Take aCloser LookKeywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, RecruitmentAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2006DescriptionKey issues managers of volunteers and not-for-profit organizations need to be aware of when involvingvolunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/L6PPM254AK/CALD_SubjectGuide_final.pdfTitle Keywords52. Involving Volunteers from UnderrepresentedGroupsKeywords: Barriers, Research, SupportAuthor Publication Date
  36. 36. 36National Centre for Volunteering 1996DescriptionThe National Centre for Volunteering undertook a major study looking at the strategies adopted byorganizations that had succeeded in involving volunteers from one of five groups traditionallyunderrepresented in formal volunteering: younger people, older people, unemployed people, disabledpeople and people from black and minority ethnic communities. The aims of the study were to examinewhy people from each of the groups were not volunteering to a greater extent and to offer practicalrecommendations on how volunteering could be made more attractive and accessible to them.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.jrf.org.uk/knowledge/findings/socialpolicy/sp105.aspTitle Keywords53. Making Connections: Social and CivicEngagement among Canadian Immigrants(CDN)Keywords: Barriers, ResearchAuthor Publication DateKatherine Scott, Kevin Selbee and Paul Reed for theCanadian Council on Social Development2006DescriptionThis report paints a picture of how new Canadians are participating in their communities as volunteers,donors and informal caregivers. It also looks at their interest in news and current affairs and theirparticipation in groups, organizations and clubs. This publication from the Canadian Council on SocialDevelopment provides important information for governments at all levels and organizations playing keyroles in creating a more inclusive society.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ccsd.ca/pubs/2006/makingconnections/Title Keywords54. Making Everyone Feel at Home – Parts 1 & 2 Keywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCultureAuthor Publication DateAdam May 2005Description
  37. 37. 37A report by Justin Davis Smith entitled Volunteering in UK Hospices: Looking To The Future (reported inthe June issue of Volunteering Magazine) highlighted the need for hospices to diversify their volunteerbase. In the light of this report, Help The Hospices (the national charity for the hospice movement) ran aworkshop on diversity on October 27th2004. This article is based on Adam May’s presentation at thatevent.How to Access this ResourcePart 1:http://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/makingeveryonefeelathome-part1.htmPart 2:http://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/makingeveryonefeelathome-part2.htmTitle Keywords55. Meaning of “Volunteering” to New Canadians inOttawa: Implications for Managers of VolunteerResources, The (CDN)Keywords: PerceptionsAuthor Publication DateRachel Stoparczyk for Volunteer Ottawa 2005DescriptionIn early 2005, Volunteer Ottawa conducted a study to examine the meaning of “volunteering” amongstadults who had immigrated to Canada within the last ten years. Sixty-five New Canadians living in Ottawaparticipated in the study through surveys, focus groups and interviews. Report includes survey findingsplus the implications for managers of volunteer resources.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteerottawa.ca/vo-clean/index.php?/eng/resources/organizationTitle Keywords56. Migrant and Ethnic Minority Volunteering(MEM-VOL)Keywords: Research, SupportAuthor Publication DateSusanne Huth and Jürgen Schumacher (authors offinal report); country reports written by collaboratingorganizations2003
  38. 38. 38DescriptionAustria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom took part in the Migrant andEthnic Minority Volunteering Project.The objectives of the first phase are:• brief outline of the social situation of migrants and ethnic minorities in each country• compiling major findings of research concerning volunteering of migrants and ethnic minorities• identifying key actors and local, regional and national political programmes to facilitatevolunteering of migrants and ethnic minorities• identifying and description of some examples of good practice (3-5 in each country)• identifying objectives for phase 2 and application• building up a multi-sectoral partnership in each country that consists of NGOs and local, regionaland federal authoritiesHow to Access this ResourcePhase 1 reports: http://www.mem-volunteering.net/index1.htmlTitle Keywords57. Multicultural Volunteer Programs: A Self-Assessment Tool (CDN)Keywords: Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteer Vancouver 1994DescriptionThis guide provides a framework for agencies who wish to add and assess a multicultural component totheir volunteer program, or to assess the effectiveness of an existing multicultural volunteer program. Itwill also help the agency determine what information or changes are needed to effectively serve thecommunity or area it serves from a multicultural perspective.How to Access this ResourceAccess through the “Advancing Cultural Diversity in Volunteer Management” project’s online inventory(www.culturaldiversityandvolunteers.ca).Title Keywords58. National Survey of Australian Volunteers fromDiverse Cultural and Linguistic BackgroundsKeywords: ResearchAuthor Publication Date
  39. 39. 39Volunteering Australia and the AustralianMulticultural Foundation2007DescriptionThis research (undertaken in 2004-2005) is both quantitative and qualitative in scope. It explores thevolunteering experience of people from 11 different ethnic or language groups. Around 1000 communityorganizations and over 700 individual volunteers responded to the research surveys.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/BRTVP4DHB8/CALD%20National%20Survey%20final%20report%20with%20cover.pdfTitle Keywords59. New Canadians as Volunteers: ExperiencingCanada and Community (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateLouise Chatterton Luchuk for CharityVillage.com 2003DescriptionA feature story looking at how some organizations are successfully recruiting and supporting NewCanadians as volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.charityvillage.com/cv/archive/acov/acov03/acov0309.htmlTitle Keywords60. New Canadian’s First Decade of Volunteering,A (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Organizational Culture,Recruitment, Research, SupportAuthor Publication DatePillar Nonprofit Network 2004DescriptionPillar Nonprofit Network surveyed organizations in London, ON to see how they have incorporated NewCanadians into their volunteer base. At the same time, they surveyed New Canadians to find out whatthey need from organizations. From this information, the Pillar study presents strategies for recruiting newCanadian volunteers (meaning immigrants to Canada within the last ten years).How to Access this Resource
  40. 40. 40http://www.pillarnonprofit.ca/documents/FinalReportNewCanadians.pdfTitle Keywords61. Part of Society: Refugees and Asylum SeekersVolunteering in the UK, AKeywords: Diversity Promotion, Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateRuth Wilson and Hannah Lewis 2006DescriptionBased on case studies of ten organizations across the UK that are all outside the refugee sector, and thatare all successfully involving refugees and asylum seekers as volunteers, this report is for policy makers,volunteer managers and others wanting to encourage and develop diversity in volunteering.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.tandem-uk.com/APartofSociety.pdfTitle Keywords62. Participation in the Voluntary Sector –Response to Denise Helly workshop (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateWorkshop participants at the Second NationalMetropolis Conference (Immigrants and CivicParticipation: Contemporary Policy and ResearchIssues) – Comments directly related to DeniseHelly’s paper (Cross-reference Inventory entry #90)1997DescriptionComments directly related to Denise Helly’s paper:• Research gaps indicated in Denise’s paper• Definition and methodology considerations• Definition of problems• Methodological problems• The impacts of socio-political groups and organizations on social participation• Respecting the views of minority groups in research on social participation• Participation, and according to whose agenda?• The importance of “race”• Suggestion: overcome the dichotomy of “us” and “them”• Beyond “integration process” and “cultural community”
  41. 41. 41• The “culture”/ethnicity of the host society• Symbolic recognition and full participation in the host societyHow to Access this Resourcehttp://canada.metropolis.net/events/civic/workshop3.htmlTitle Keywords63. Perceptions, Attitudes, and Motivations of NewCanadians Regarding Volunteerism: ResearchReport (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions,Recruitment, ResearchAuthor Publication DateNicole Chiasson and Claudia Morel for ImagineCanada2007DescriptionThe research objectives were to identify:• the factors that encourage or inhibit volunteering among New Canadians; and• the characteristics of New Canadians who are likely to engage in volunteering activitiesThis report provides an overview of the perceptions, attitudes and motivations of New Canadiansregarding volunteerism.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nonprofitscan…ttitudes_mar19_2007.pdfTitle Keywords64. Practical Guide to Involving Volunteers fromDiverse Cultural and Language (CALD)Backgrounds in Your OrganisationKeywords: Diversity Promotion, Recruitment,Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2007DescriptionThe Practical Guide offers not-for-profit organizations with strategies to help with recruiting and involvingvolunteers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. It is made up of five modules, two of which dealwith specific demographics: women from CALD backgrounds and young Muslim Australians.
  42. 42. 42How to Access this ResourceGuide: http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/YLZD36C2ZZ/VA_CALD%20Practical%20Guide_FA.pdfInformation Sheet: http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/JMEGYF6XFG/CALDInfosheet.pdfTitle Keywords65. Questioning Volunteer Management (CDN) Keywords: Diversity promotion, SupportAuthor Publication DateJennifer Woodill 2007DescriptionWhile volunteerism has been recognized as a powerful tool for civic engagement and communitydevelopment in the big picture theoretical discussions, this discussion has not been translated into howvolunteer management is practiced on the ground. Under the increasing pressure to professionalizevolunteer management, there has been very little to no critical reflection on practice, and how theendorsed “best practices” play a role in limiting opportunities for citizen engagement and social inclusion.This discussion paper is Woodill’s attempt at challenging traditional volunteer management practices andsuggesting possible new and creative ways of working with volunteers from a social inclusion perspective.How to Access this Resourcehttp://atwork.settlement.org/downloads/atwork/Questioning_Volunteer_Management_Discussion_Paper_Nov07.pdfTitle Keywords66. Reaching Out to Spanish-Speaking Volunteers:A Guide to More Inclusive Community BuildingKeywords: Profile, Perceptions, Recruitment,SupportAuthor Publication DatePoints of Light Foundation unknownDescriptionThis Guide:• highlights how volunteers who only speak Spanish think about volunteering differently• provides suggestions for how to reach this pool of potential volunteers• provides step-by-step instructions for how to prepare for engaging Spanish speaking volunteersin your programmingHow to Access this Resource
  43. 43. 43Requires free log-in: http://www.jjhill.org/pol/index.cfm?action=main.individual&lngID=2205Title Keywords67. Recipe for Diversity Success Keywords: Diversity Promotion, SupportAuthor Publication DateAdam May and Tim Duckmanton 2005DescriptionDespite best efforts in promoting diversity, the volunteering demographic has changed very little in the UKover the years. Formal volunteering remains a largely white, middle class activity. Training consultantAdam May identifies the ingredients of promoting diversity and sets out a recipe for wideningparticipation. Tim Duckmanton, Volunteer Officer at The Wildlife Trusts, provides some practicalexamples for the organization’s ‘Unlocking Potential’ Project.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteering.org.uk/Resources/goodpracticebank/Core+Themes/equalopportunitiesdiversity/arecipefordiversitysuccess.htmTitle Keywords68. Recruiting and Supporting Latino Volunteers Keywords: Profile, Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateBeverly H. Bobbs double check against other articlewritten by her in inventory2000DescriptionThis publication was written to help volunteer recruiters in the United States to better understand thecharacteristics of the Latin community that impact volunteering and to suggest strategies and steps forsuccessfully recruiting and supporting Latino volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/pdf/pnw/pnw536.pdfTitle Keywords69. Recruiting Diverse Seniors as Tutors Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication Date
  44. 44. 44unknown 1999DescriptionThis publication highlights how the Minneapolis Seniors for Schools project recruits and retains a diverseteam of seniors to serve as volunteer tutors in the city’s ethnically-diverse communities and describes thepositive impact they have on children’s reading skills and understanding of other cultures. From the article“Diversity Opens Doors to Learning: Minneapolis Seniors for Schools,” in the Spring 1999 newsletter, TheTutor.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nationalserviceresources.org/epicenter/practices/index.php?ep_action=view&ep_id=337Title Keywords70. Recruiting Diverse Volunteers Keywords: RecruitmentAuthor Publication Dateunknown 1998DescriptionA diverse volunteer base can open up a larger pool of potential volunteers and donors and contribute to amore comfortable experience for the community benefiting from service. This practice suggests identifyingaspects of diversity (e.g., ethnicity, socio-economic background, disability) that are relevant in thecommunity and actively recruiting diverse volunteers by developing partnerships with community leadersand by involving organizational members from the target groups. Excerpted from AmeriCorps*VISTASource, Winter 1998.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nationalserviceresources.org/epicenter/practices/index.php?ep_action=view&ep_id=341Title Keywords71. Recruiting Diverse Volunteers Keywords: RecruitmentAuthor Publication DateLisa Hinley 1998DescriptionThis article discusses the importance of developing diversity among volunteers and provides advice forthe successful recruitment of minorities.How to Access this Resource
  45. 45. 45http://www.michigan.gov/documents/Recruiting_diverse_volunteers_60075_7.docTitle Keywords72. Recruitment and Retention of Culturally andLinguistically Diverse Volunteers in HACCServicesKeywords: Barriers, Recruitment, Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DatePrepared by Clare Keating for the EasternVolunteer Recruitment Project2006DescriptionThis report documents the process and outcomes of a 12 month “Recruitment and Retention of Culturallyand Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Volunteers in Home and Community Care (HACC) Services” project.The aim of the project was to identify the barriers to recruitment and retention of CALD volunteers inHACC services and to pilot solutions so as to create a pool of volunteers that better reflects the clientbase.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.evrp.org.au/documents/docs/EVRP_CALD_HACC_VOL_report.pdfTitle Keywords73. Refugee Women – from Volunteers toEmployees: a Research Project on Paid andUnpaid Work in the Voluntary Sector andVolunteering as a Pathway into EmploymentKeywords: Barriers, Policy and Procedures,Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateWorking Lives Research Institute and the RefugeeAssessment and Guidance Unit, LondonMetropolitan University2005DescriptionThis document reports the research findings, including:
  46. 46. 46• barriers faced by refugee women in making the transition from voluntary to paid work and theresources used to overcome them• good practices to voluntary sector organizations for training and assessing the skills of refugeewomen as volunteers• good practices for voluntary organizations in the recruitment of refugee women into paidemployment and for their career progression• recommendations for the inclusion of refugee concerns into equal opportunities policiesHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.workinglives.org/volunteers.htmlTitle Keywords74. Research about Muslim Youth’s Experiences ofand Attitudes towards VolunteeringKeywords: Barriers, Motivations, Perceptions,Profile, Research, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DatePrepared for Volunteering Australia and theAustralian Multicultural Foundation by OrimaResearch2007DescriptionThis research looks at the experiences and attitudes to volunteering of young Muslim men and women inLakemba (Sydney), Melbourne and Shepparton (Vic).How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/E9XPPN6Z1D/FINAL%20Report%20%20with%20imprint%20page%20&%20cover.pdfTitle Keywords75. Research Report: Connecting Volunteers withCommunity (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, Research, SupportAuthor Publication DateWendy Barbulak for Volunteer Victoria 2003DescriptionThis research project explores best approaches for reaching out to isolated populations, as well asstrategies for successfully engaging and retaining them in volunteer activities.How to Access this Resource
  47. 47. 47http://www.volunteervictoria.bc.ca/_pdfs/news_vihareport.pdfTitle Keywords76. Review of Volunteerism in Peel (CDN) Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateUnited Way of Peel Region 2007DescriptionWith the support of an advisory committee made up of representatives of community agencies, funders,and managers of volunteer programs, United Way of Peel Region initiated a review of volunteerism inPeel in November 2006. This publication outlines the results of focus groups and research and includes avision for a centralized organization providing concentrated support for volunteers and volunteerism inPeel, a culturally diverse region.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.unitedwaypeel.org/pics/07_materials/review_of_volunteerism_in_peel.pdfTitle Keywords77. Role of Ethnic Congregations in Volunteering:A Research Report, The (CDN)Keywords: Perceptions, ResearchAuthor Publication DateFemida Handy, Leona Anderson and Lisa Diniz forImagine Canada2005DescriptionThis report explores how religious congregations help immigrants integrate into Canadian society. Itfocuses on those who volunteer in their congregations, especially recent immigrants and examineswhether such volunteer activity allows immigrants to build and maintain social connections that help themadjust to living and working in Canada.How to Access this ResourceFull report:http://www.kdc-cdc.ca/attachments/york_report.pdfFact sheet:http://nonprofitscan.imaginecanada.ca/files/kdc-cdc/fs_handy_congregations_eng.pdf
  48. 48. 48Title Keywords78. Seeking ‘Canadian Experience’: The InformalLearning of New Immigrants as VolunteerWorkers (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateBonnie Slade, Yang Luo and Daniel Schugurensky 2005DescriptionThis study explored what was learned through the volunteer placements, how that learning was acquiredand what impact the learning had on their ability to find paid employment appropriate to their educationand work experience. Particular attention was paid to issues of deskilling, upskilling and reskilling.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.oise.utoronto.ca/CASAE/cnf2005/2005onlineProceedings/CAS2005Pro-Slade2-Luo-Schug.pdfTitle Keywords80. Sharing Holiday Traditions and Diversity at anIn-Service TrainingKeywords: Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateKaty Allen 2002DescriptionThe winter holidays can bring the issue of diversity to the forefront, since neither volunteers nor thoseTitle Keywords79. Settlement.Org website (CDN) Keywords: SupportAuthor Publication DateOCASI Accessed on 26 May 2008DescriptionGeared to Newcomers to Canada, this webpage explains what volunteerism is about and includes a linkto fact sheets in different languages.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.settlement.org/site/EM/volunteering.asp
  49. 49. 49served necessarily celebrate in the same ways. This effective practice shares an activity, adapted from aCHP International diversity and human relations exercise, that will encourage volunteers to reflect on theirown traditions and examine, with awareness and sensitivity, the traditions of others.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nationalserviceresources.org/epicenter/practices/index.php?ep_action=view&ep_id=1017Title Keywords81. Strategy for Involving Young Black and MinorityEthnic VolunteersKeywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateLianne Parrett, Vicky Remmie and Zahrah Awaleh 2006DescriptionThis volunteer involvement strategy targets black and minority ethnic (BME) young people (aged 15-24),including refugees and asylum seekers. It also sets out a framework for ensuring that young volunteers arewell supported in high quality volunteering activities.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.oneworldfoundation.co.uk/Strategy%20for%20Involving%20Young%20BME%20Volunteers.docTitle Keywords82. Stronger Together: Recruiting and Working withEthnocultural Volunteers (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, SupportAuthor Publication DateCentral Volunteer Bureau of Ottawa-Carleton 1990DescriptionThis manual was written in response to requests from voluntary organizations for information about howto make their programs attractive and accessible to ethnic minority volunteers. The content wasdeveloped through a series of workshops with managers of volunteers from both mainstream and ethnicorganizations. Advice was sought from organizations that were successful in recruiting and maintainingethnic minority volunteers, as well as those who had experienced difficulties keeping new volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nald.ca/fulltext/heritage/ComPartnE/Strongr1.htm
  50. 50. 50Title Keywords83. Subject Guide: Involving Volunteers fromCulturally and Linguistically DiverseBackgroundsKeywords: Policy and Procedures, Recruitment,SupportAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2007DescriptionAimed primarily at managers of volunteers and not-for-profit organizations, this guide contains onlineresources to help build knowledge about involving people from CALD backgrounds in volunteeringprograms and improve volunteering policies and practices.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/html/s02_article/article_view.asp?id=2410&nav_cat_id=313&nav_top_id=57Title Keywords84. Submission in Response to the Department forVictorian Communities Discussion Paper:Patterns of VolunteeringKeywords: Barriers, ResearchAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2005DescriptionA response to the Department for Victorian Communities’ discussion paper, this submission provides anoverview of Volunteering Australia’s experience of the patterns of volunteering in culturally andlinguistically diverse (CALD) communities and the motivations of CALD volunteers. The submission alsodetails some of the barriers affecting volunteering in CALD communities and strategies to overcomethese barriers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/YQ2CCT9U2E/DVCEmergingCommunitiessubmission.pdfTitle Keywords85. Supporting Volunteering Activities in AustralianMuslim Communities, Particularly YouthKeywords: Perceptions, Profile, Recruitment,ResearchAuthor Publication Date
  51. 51. 51Prepared for Volunteering Australia and theAustralian Multicultural Foundation by DakhylinaMadkhul2007DescriptionWhile there is growing research concerning young people and volunteerism, there is little, if any, onMuslim Australians specifically. This review paper aims to explore the issues affecting Muslims asvolunteers in light of the key findings of the Australian Multicultural Foundation and VolunteeringAustralia’s 2005 National Survey of Australian Volunteers from Diverse Cultural and LinguisticBackgrounds.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/8FF8XEMEEG/AMF%20Muslim%20Youth%20Volunteer-final%20with%20cover.pdfTitle Keywords86. Targeted Recruitment of Black & MinorityEthnic VolunteersKeywords: Recruitment, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateCamden Volunteer Bureau Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionA quick fact sheet with suggestions for recruiting black and minority ethnic volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.camdenvb.org.uk/downloads/BMEvols7.docTitle Keywords87. Tools for Improving Your Board’s Diversity Keywords: BoardAuthor Publication DateMark Fox in Nonprofit World vol. v. 25, n. 5(September-October 2007) p. 8-112007DescriptionThis article provides tools to check an organization’s progress and improve their board diversity.How to Access this Resource
  52. 52. 52http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa5384/is_200709/ai_n21296065/pg_1Title Keywords88. Training Manual: Recruiting and SupportingVolunteers from Diverse Cultural and LanguageBackgroundsKeywords: Organizational Culture, Recruitment,SupportAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Australia 2007DescriptionThe training manual is designed to enable trainers to deliver customized training to managers and otherswithin volunteer-involving organizations which will help them to:• lay the groundwork for recruiting new volunteers from diverse language and cultural backgrounds• develop an inclusive organizational culture and culturally sensitive practices• successfully recruit and retain volunteers from culturally diverse backgroundsHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/files/362D8AEPOW/VA_CALD%20Training%20Manual_final.pdfTitle Keywords89. Translated Resources for Volunteering Keywords: Recruitment, Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateThe Volunteer Centre Sheffield Refugee andAsylum Seeker ProjectAccessed 26 May 08DescriptionThe Volunteer Centre Sheffield Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project has produced the followingtranslated information:• general guides explaining what volunteering is• letters to help organizations contact volunteers• monitoring resources such as feedback forms, confidentiality statements and data protectionformsAvailable in: English, Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, French, Kurdish (Sorani), Somali, Tigrinya and Urdu.How to Access this Resource
  53. 53. 53http://www.vas.org.uk/refugee_asylum_project.htmTitle Keywords90. Understanding Canadian Volunteers: Using theNational Survey of Giving, Volunteering andParticipating to Build your Volunteer Program(CDN)Keywords: Perceptions, Recruitment, Research,SupportAuthor Publication DateNorah McClintock for Canadian Centre forPhilanthropy (now Imagine Canada)2004DescriptionUses information from the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating and includes asection on recruitment of New Canadians as volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.givingandvolunteering.ca/pdf/reports/Understanding_Volunteers.pdfTitle Keywords91. Untapped Resources: The New CanadianVolunteer (CDN)Keywords: Support, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteer Ottawa Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionA self-assessment tool for program managers developed by Volunteer Ottawa to helporganizations identify opportunities for volunteers with limited English/French skillsHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteerottawa.ca/vo-clean/index.php?/eng/resources/organizationTitle Keywords92. Valuing Volunteers: The Value of Volunteeringfor Refugees and Asylum SeekersKeywords: Recruitment, Research, Support
  54. 54. 54Author Publication DatePatricia Dooner 2005DescriptionRefugees and asylum seekers are among the more socially excluded and vulnerable people in Britishsociety. Until April 2000, there were restrictions limiting asylum seekers’ ability to volunteer. However, thegovernment now endorses volunteering because it can help to defuse tension within communities and itcan be central to their resettlement. This research aims to explore the value of volunteering for refugeesand asylum seekers and the acquisition of skills and soft skills through voluntary work.How to Access this Resourcewww.wcva.org.uk/images_client/volunteering/Value%20of%20Volunteering%20for%20Refugees%20and%20Asylum%20Seekers.docTitle Keywords93. Voluntary and Social Participation by People ofImmigrant Origin: Overview of CanadianResearch (CDN)Keywords: ResearchAuthor Publication DateDenise Helly (INRS Culture) 1997DescriptionThis document presents an overview of current research trends in the field of social participation ingeneral in order to shed light on immigrants’ volunteer work and their involvement in recreationalassociations. (Cross-reference Inventory entry # 56)How to Access this Resourcehttp://canada.metropolis.net/events/civic/dhelly_e.htmlTitle Keywords94. Volunteering among Ethnocultural Seniors WhoAre New to Canada: Supporting andCelebrating a Valuable Contribution (CDN)Keywords: Barriers, Profile, Recruitment, Research,SupportAuthor Publication DateRick Juliusson for the 411 Seniors Centre Society 2005DescriptionAlthough many seniors of diverse cultural backgrounds donate their time and skills in various ways, theymay not be engaged in the type of formal volunteering that is familiar to mainstream Canadian
  55. 55. 55organizations. The 411 Seniors Centre, in partnership with the Vancouver Coastal Health AuthorityMulticultural Health Education Program, conducted research in order to find out how volunteerism isunderstood and practiced by ethnocultural seniors who are new to Canada and how this knowledge canbe applied in designing volunteer programs that use the strengths of both the mainstream volunteermanagement model and the experiences in ethnocultural communities.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteer.ca/volunteer/pdf/CSCV-VAES.pdfTitle Keywords95. Volunteering among Groups Deemed at Risk ofSocial ExclusionKeywords: Barriers, Motivations, ResearchAuthor Publication DateInstitute for Volunteering Research 2007DescriptionThis research bulletin is one of a series published by the Institute for Volunteering Research to exploreand disseminate aspects of Helping Out: a national survey of volunteering and charitable giving (2007) inBritain. This report focuses on volunteering amongst individuals who belong to certain Black and MinorityEthnic (BME) groups, have a disability or limiting, long-term illness (LLI), or have no formal qualificationswere seen as at particular risk of social exclusion.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ivr.org.uk/NR/rdonlyres/62F10E2D-E641-4C46-8287-46C23547F8EA/0/Social_Exclusion08.pdfTitle Keywords96. Volunteering and Ethnic Communities: ADialogue with Ethnic CommunitiesKeywords: BarriersAuthor Publication DateThe Volunteering and Ethnic Communities Project 2004DescriptionThe Volunteering and Ethnic Communities Project was undertaken by the New Zealand Federation ofEthnic Councils. The objectives of this project were to:• identify barriers to ethnic people’s participation in mainstream and ethnic community volunteering• seek ways to overcome these barriers
  56. 56. 56• make recommendations for the futureHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ocvs.govt.nz/documents/reports/volunteering-and-ethnic-communities.pdfTitle Keywords97. Volunteering at Leadership Levels: A Resourcefor Prospective and Current Board Members(CDN)Keywords: BoardAuthor Publication DatePillar Nonprofit Network 2008DescriptionThis toolkit is for individuals from ethno-racial communities who are interested in becoming members of aboard of directors (or other leadership positions) or who currently sit on a board and would like to learnmore about board governance issues.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.pillarnonprofit.ca/documents/pillartoolkit_volunteers_04.pdfTitle Keywords98. Volunteering Fact Sheets Keywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Ireland Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionIncluded in these fact sheets are titles specifically related to cultural diversity, including:• Celebrating Diversity• Inclusive Volunteering• Involving Refugees and Asylum SeekersHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringireland.ie/page.php?id=24 (scroll down to find these resources)
  57. 57. 57Title Keywords99. Volunteering Fact Sheets in 12 differentlanguagesKeywords: Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Ireland VOLT Network Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionSample fact sheets about Volunteering in Ireland which are available in 12 languages.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringireland.ie/page.php?id=24Title Keywords100. Volunteering for All? Exploring the Linkbetween Volunteering and Social ExclusionKeywords: Barriers, Diversity Promotion, ResearchAuthor Publication DateInstitute for Volunteering Research 2004DescriptionThis report summarizes the findings of research about volunteering and social exclusion. It looked at whatvolunteering can do to reduce social exclusion, the challenges faced in making volunteering moreinclusive and the steps taken by organizations in overcoming these barriers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ivr.org.uk/NR/rdonlyres/3A00B41A-05E4-40A1-9F27-810C9E49A45D/0/summaryreport.pdfTitle Keywords101. “Volunteering for New Canadians”Pamphlet (CDN)Keywords: Recruitment, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DatePillar Nonprofit Network 2007DescriptionPamphlet describes the role of Pillar Nonprofit Network but also:• what volunteering is
  58. 58. 58• how to get involved• the benefits of volunteering (for the volunteer)• benefits the volunteer provides an organization• examples of volunteer activities• a description of how nonprofits can help New Canadians volunteer• quotations/testimonials from new Canadian volunteersThe brochure can be downloaded in English, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.pillarnonprofit.ca/resources_and_links/pillar_nonprofit_network_publications/ and click on oneof the Pamphlets.Title Keywords102. Volunteering In Canada: Practical Findingsfrom Research, 2000 – 2007 (CDN)Keywords: Research, SupportAuthor Publication DateReg Noble for Imagine Canada 2007DescriptionIncludes a section on cultural diversity and practical implications for involving culturally diverse volunteers.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.nonprofitscan.ca/Files/kdc-cdc/practicalguide_web.pdfTitle Keywords103. Volunteering – Pathway to Inclusion (CDN) Keywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, Policy and Procedures, Support Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateOCASI Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionThe Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) project entitled “Promoting NewcomerIntegration and Social Inclusion” includes information specific to Volunteering.How to Access this Resourcehttp://atwork.settlement.org/inclusion/volunteer/home.asp
  59. 59. 59Title Keywords104. Volunteering Worldwide 2001 Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateNetherlands Institute of Care and Welfare 2001DescriptionWhat are the differences between voluntary work in the United States or France and voluntary work in theCzech Republic? What can voluntary organizations in Western Europe learn from their counterparts inAsia? What examples are there of interesting voluntary projects in Jordan, Zambia or Siberia? And whichcountries have been successful in getting young people involved in voluntary work? This report examinesvolunteerism in the following countries:• Australia• Brazil• Canada• China• Colombia• Czech Republic• Egypt• France• Great Britain and Northern Ireland• Indonesia• Israel• Japan• Jordan• Kenya• Russia• South Africa• South Korea• Spain• The Netherlands• United States• ZambiaHow to Access this Resourcehttp://www.iave.org/resources/Voluntering1.pdfTitle Keywords105. Volunteering, Diversity, and Inclusion(CDN)Keywords: Diversity PromotionAuthor Publication Date
  60. 60. 60Imagine Canada – Knowledge Development CentreBulletin2007DescriptionThe information resources highlighted in this bulletin provide guidelines, practical advice and valuableinsights about engaging volunteers with a diverse range of individual, cultural, and ethnic characteristics.These resources address the challenge of how to create communities where differences are valued andeveryone is able to contribute to enriching their society and enjoying its benefits.How to Access this Resourcehttp://nonprofitscan.imaginecanada.ca/files/kdc-cdc/diversitybulletin_mar5_2007.pdfTitle Keywords106. Volunteering in Different Languages Keywords: Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteering Ireland Accessed on 27 May 08DescriptionProvides a translation of “volunteering” in 35 different languages.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.volunteeringireland.ie/page.php?id=114Title Keywords107. Volunteerism in Islam Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateDr. Ahmad Hussein Sakr 2008DescriptionIn Islam there is a strong ethic of volunteerism which is described in this article as well as some importantrules for Muslims to remember when volunteering.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.youngmuslims.ca/articles/display.asp?ID=62
  61. 61. 61Title Keywords108. Volunteerism in Nepal Keywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateBishnu Hari Bhatta 2007DescriptionThis report presents the historical and contemporary aspects of volunteerism in Nepal.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.ijova.org/PDF/VOL24_NO6/IJOVA_VOL24_NO6_Bhatta.pdfTitle Keywords109. Volunteerism Worldwide: News, Views andResourcesKeywords: ProfileAuthor Publication DateUnited Nations Volunteers Accessed on 26 May 08DescriptionThe World Volunteer Web is a program of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV). The World VolunteerWeb supports the volunteer community by serving as a global clearinghouse for information andresources linked to volunteerism. From this link you can find news, press releases, events, documents,links or other information resources related to volunteerism in almost 200 countries – including manydescriptions of what volunteerism means in an individual country.How to Access this Resourcehttp://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/browse/countries.htmlTitle Keywords110. Welcoming Multi-Ethnic Volunteers: TopTipsKeywords: Diversity Promotion, OrganizationalCulture, Tip/ToolAuthor Publication DateVolunteer Development Agency (Northern Ireland) 2005DescriptionTwo pages of quick tips.