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P1 Thomas Townsend - Local job creation policies in Canada


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Material of the 10th Annual meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development |23-25 April 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden
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P1 Thomas Townsend - Local job creation policies in Canada

  1. 1. LOCAL JOB CREATION POLICIES IN CANADA 10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development Presentation by Thomas Townsend
  2. 2. The Canadian Study Thunder Bay Hamilton Sherbrooke Mauricie
  3. 3. Ontario Québec Old economy Hamilton: • Steel/Manufacturing Thunder Bay: • Forestry Sherbrooke: • Manufacturing Mauricie: • Forest products New directions Hamilton: • Locally identified and targeted sectors Thunder Bay: • Opportunistic targeting • Targeted sectors provincially determined for each region Human Resource Strategy Hamilton: • Driven by development Thunder Bay: • Driven by local workforce Sherbrooke: • Driven by local workforce and development Mauricie: • Driven by local workforce Best practices • Hamilton economic development strategies • Thunder Bay’s Mining Readiness Program Transitioning to New Areas of Growth
  4. 4. Ontario Québec Governance/ coordination • Loose co-ordination • Multiple local variants • Corporatist • Uniform committee structure in each region Distant link connections • Depends on composition (Hamilton and Thunder Bay) • Assured through committee structure (All Regions) Scale-free connections • Common in areas where structures work (Hamilton) • May exist outside of formal structure (Shawinigan) Best practices: • Hamilton’s interconnections of committee heads • Shawinigan’s comité de diversification et de développement économique A different approach to local coordination and partnerships
  5. 5. Province Ontario Québec Local Flexibility • Varies by Ministry program but more centralized • Delegated to local areas Data to support strategic actions Hamilton: • Local University • Work Force Planning Board Thunder Bay: • Workforce Planning Board • Regional Economist at Emploi Québec Best practice: • Hamilton’s Code Red Project Local flexibility and capacity
  6. 6. THANK YOU