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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. SlideShare. Present yourself. <br />Top of Form<br />Bottom of Form<br />Upload <br />Login or Signup <br />Go Pro <br />Gurjeit Singh uses SlideShare, so can you! <br />SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. 50 million people use it monthly for research, sharing ideas and connecting with others. And it's free. <br />Join SlideShare <br />Summer training project report @ tata tele services<br />1 year ago <br />Email <br />Favorite <br />Favorited × <br />Download <br />Embed <br />More…<br />Copy and paste this code into your blog or website Copy Customize Without related content Start from slide number Size (px) 382 x 408 477 x 510 572 x 612 668 x 714 Shortcode for blogs ? Copy Old embed code HYPERLINK "" t "_blank" ? Copy Close <br />We have emailed the verification/download link to "". Login to your email and click the link to download the file directly. <br />Top of Form<br />To request the link at a different email address, update it here. 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Cancel <br />Bottom of Form<br />Top of Form<br />Edit your favorites Cancel <br />Bottom of Form<br />Top of Form<br />Send to your Group / Event Add your message Cancel <br />Bottom of Form<br />× <br /> HYPERLINK "" l "commentsList" 0 comments<br />Top of Form<br /> HYPERLINK "" Embed Video Subscribe to comments <br /> HYPERLINK "" Post Comment <br />Bottom of Form<br />Top of Form<br />Edit your comment HYPERLINK "" Cancel <br />Bottom of Form<br /> HYPERLINK "" l "notesList" Speaker Notes on slide 1<br /> <br /> HYPERLINK "" l "favsList" 1 Favorite<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Nitesh20" Nitesh20 1 year ago <br /> HYPERLINK "" more<br />Summer training project report @ tata tele services - Document Transcript<br />TATA INDICOM Project Report Of Summer Training In Tata Tele Services Tata Tele Services This is the project report of summer training in Tata Tele services in partial fulfillment of MBA programme. During the 45 days of tarining we tried to understand all the market strategies of telecom sector. We did a feed back market survey of exesting customer’s of Tata tele. In that way we came to know <br />that what are their need, complaints and expectation from company. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Its a great pleasure to present this report of summer training in Tata Tele Services (Jaipur)in partial fulfillment of MBA Programme under Poornima School Of Management, affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. At the outset, I would like to express my immense gratitude to my training guide guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the training. I am falling short of words for expressing my feelings of gratitude towards him for extending their valuable guidance about market and support for literature, critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support he had provided me with all stages of this training. I would also like to thank my friends and all my group members for their help and cooperation throughout the training. <br />Table of Contents 1. Acknowledgement 2. Preface 3. Intorduction about the company 4. Board of directors 5. Corporate Sustainability of Tata tele 6. TATA Business Excellence Model 7. Products and services of Tata Indicom 8. Business plan 9. Feedback survey of exesting customer’s of Tata tele a. Questionnaire b. Output of survey c. Conclusion d. Suggestions 10.Final conclusion 11.Bibliography <br />PREFACE Life is a long journey, wherein each one of us crosses number of milestones. Every stoppage teaches us a lot. I, being the student of management, learnt a plethora of things and was being bombarded with lots of learning, events, projects, and seminar . The two-year full time program of management course helped in lots of learning. Such has been the presentations and projects which enhanced our learning by adding on to our world of knowledge. And summer training is one of the part to inhance our business skills. It was a life time experience for which I thank to all the staff members of Tata tele , my parents, faculty members, administration of the Poornima School Of Management, affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University. <br />Introduction Tata Teleservices Limited spearheads the Tata Group’s presence in the telecom sector. The Tata Group had revenues of around US $62.5 bn in Financial Year 2007-08, and includes over 90 companies, around 350,000 employees worldwide and more than 3.2 million shareholders. Incorporated in 1996, Tata Teleservices is the pioneer of the CDMA 1x technology platform in India. It has embarked on a growth path since the acquisition of Hughes (India) Ltd [renamed Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited] by the Tata Group in 2002. It launched mobile operations in January 2005 and today enjoys a pan-India presence through existing operations in all of India’s 22 telecom Circles. The company is also the market leader in the fixed wireless telephony market. The company’s network has been rated as the ‘Least Congested’ in India for last four consecutive quarters by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India through independent surveys. Today, Tata Teleservices Ltd, along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd, serves over 36 million customers in more than 320,000 towns and villages across the country, with a bouquet of telephony services encompassing Mobile Services, Wireless Desktop Phones, Public Booth Telephony and Wireline Services. Other services include value-added services like Voice Portal, Roaming, Post-paid Internet Services, Three-way <br />Conferencing, Group Calling, Wi-Fi Internet, USB Modem, Data Cards, Calling Card Services and Enterprise Services. Some of the other products launched by the company include Pre-paid Wireless Desktop Phones, Public Phone Booths, Mobile Handsets and Voice & Data Services such as BREW HYPERLINK "" t "scSearchLink" Games, Voice Portal, Picture Messaging, Polyphonic Ring Tones, and Interactive Applications like news, cricket, astrology, etc. In December 2008, Tata Teleservices announced a unique reverse equity swap strategic agreement between its fully-owned telecom tower subsidiary, Wireless TT Info-Services Limited, and Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Limited—with the combined entity kicking off operations with 18,000 towers, thereby becoming the largest independent entity in this space. Tata Teleservices’ bouquet of telephony services includes mobile services, wireless desktop phones, public booth telephony and wireline services. <br />Board of Directors Mr. Ratan N. Tata Designation : Chairman Company : Tata Teleservices Ltd. <br />Mr. K. A. Chaukar Designation : Managing Director Company : Tata Industries Ltd. Mr. Anil Kumar Sardana Designation : Managing Director Company : Tata Teleservices Limited Mr. I. Hussain Designation : Director Company :Tata Sons Ltd. <br />Mr. N. S. Ramachandran Designation : Director, Company : Tata Teleservices Ltd. Mr. N. Srinath Designation : CEO & MD Company : Tata Communications Ltd. Dr. Mukund Govind Rajan Designation : MD Company : Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd. <br />Mr. Anuj Maheshwari Designation : Director Company : Temasek Holdings Advisors India Pvt Ltd., ("THAIPL") Mr Toshinari Kunieda Designation : Senior Vice President Managing Director Global Business Division Company : NTT Docomo, INC. Mr. Kiyoshi Tokuhiro Designation : Senior Vice President Managing Director of Network Department Company : NTT Docomo, INC. <br />Mr. Kazuto Tsubouchi Designation : Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Company : NTT Docomo, INC. Corporate Sustainability of Tata tele “Clay is molded to make a vessel, the utility of that vessel lies in ‘what is not’. Thus by taking advantage of what is not, we develop ‘what is’” - Lao Tse. These words summarise our attempt to put together socially sustainable programs at TTSL. We engage with the CS space with the vision of a seer and the spirit of an adventurer and executioner as we take up large scale and pan-India capacity building projects. “The world today is fired by the digit and has moved beyond the speed of light. <br />The conventional business engagement verticals do not necessarily engage entirely with the surface area of opportunity in our environment. We look into the space to dimension, develop and deliver value in such spaces and bring these to the realm of opportunity. This is what will ensure sustainability, equanimity and capacity. This space is beyond the radar of businesses but interestingly also makes for the biggest space that is in serious need of being discovered. It’s about socio- nomics. That Christopher Columbus discovered Americas is perhaps not true, since America existed much before Columbus set foot on that land. In the same breath whilst it may be true that Einstein formulated, E = Mc 2, our argument rests with the fact that all the three values existed much before Einstein put these together. By that analogy, we discover spaces in the markets and develop markets in such spaces. That is the essence of sustainability. To undertake that task we follow the following two empirical laws: 1. Leverage telephony through leveraging Access, Affordability and Application( the 3 A’s) 2. Leverage employee engagement by de-oxidising their sensitivity and human side. <br />TATA Business Excellence Model Tata Business Excellence Model is a framework which helps companies to achieve excellence in their business performance. This is the chosen model by the TATA group to help in building globally competitive organizations across TATA Group companies. TBEM is based on the Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award Model of the U.S. The Criteria have three important roles in strengthening competitiveness: • To help improve organizational performance practices, capabilities, and results • To facilitate communication and sharing of best practices information among all organisations within TATA Group. • To help in guiding organizational planning and opportunities for learning TBEM Criteria is designed to help organizations use an integrated approach to organisational performance management that results in <br />• Delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organizational sustainability • Improvement of overall organisational effectiveness and capabilities • Organisational and personal learning The Criteria are built on the following set of 11 Interrelated Core Values and Concepts: • Visionary Leadership • Customer-driven Excellence • Organisational and Personal Learning • Valuing Employees and Partners • Agility • Focus on the Future • Managing for Innovation • Management by Fact • Social Responsibility • Focus on Results and Creating Value • Systems Perspective The Core Values and Concepts are embodied in seven Categories, as follows: • Leadership • Strategic Planning • Customer and Market Focus • Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management • Work force Focus • Process Management • Business Results <br />The TBEM criteria are the operational details of the Core Values, applied to the different facets of a Business organisation. The 7 Criteria Categories are divided into 18 items and 32 Areas to Address The TBEM framework has the following characteristics • Focus on Business results • Non-prescriptive and Adaptable • Maintains System Perspective • Supports Goal based diagnosis TBEM instills a process centric approach in an organisation as a means to achieve the chosen Business Goals Tata Teleservices Limited as a part of the TATA Group has adopted the TATA Business Excellence model as an intricate part of its operation structure and uses it to grow from strength to strength, keeping Operational excellence and Business results in focus. Products and services of Tata Indicom Business Plan Building Tomorrow’s Corporates Today We understand your business needs better than any one else. At Tata Indicom we are always gearing up to meet your business needs. In this endeavor we have now introduced a range of PLUS plans bundled with business enrich services. Our range of PLUS plans come bundled with Business Enrich Services designed to make your business ready for the internet age. Domain name <br />registration, Website Hosting, Business Mail, Static IP on demand are just a few on the list. Questionnaire of Feedback survey of exesting customer’s of Tata tele Personal details: Name :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Address:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Occupation:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <br />Contact No.:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Are you satisfy with your current service provider? (a) Yes (b) No 2. What is your monthly current phone bill? (a) 0-200 (b) 200-500 (c)500-1000 (d)>1000 3. Which type of calls you make mostly ? (a) Local (b) Std (c) Isd (d) All above 4. Do you interested in other Tata Indicom Products ? (a)Mobile (b) Photon (c)Photon+ (d)CUG Plan Remarks & Suggestion (If Any) : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Surveyor Name- Customer’s Name- Survey output : 1. Segment according to customer’s occupation 2. Segmant according to bill amount <br /> HYPERLINK "" Gurjeit Singh HYPERLINK "" + Follow <br />6879 views, 1 fav, 1 embed <br /> HYPERLINK "" l "relatedList" Related<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Tata Docomo Report" Tata Docomo Report 1002 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Retail Analysis At Ttsl" Retail Analysis At Ttsl 843 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Understanding consumer behavior in rural market for telecom " Understanding consumer behavior in rural market for telecom 1395 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Cranes project" Cranes project 55 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Cellular Industry In India" Cellular Industry In India 6412 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "6190991 winter-project-of-anurag-sahu-mba-marketing-iper-bhopal" 6190991 winter-project-of-anurag-sahu-mba-marketing-iper-b… 81 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Q1 smm project_iocl&ttml_sarjeevan_20104006" Q1 smm project_iocl&ttml_sarjeevan_20104006 86 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "54424593 tata" 54424593 tata 25 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Mnc, tata motors ppt" Mnc, tata motors ppt 7526 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Financial ratio report" Financial ratio report 494 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Tata Empire Too Good To Fail" Tata Empire Too Good To Fail 3877 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "tata profile" tata profile 24225 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Project report of tata tel" Project report of tata tel 596 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "TATA TELESERVICES LTD" TATA TELESERVICES LTD 431 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Tata indicom project" Tata indicom project 6624 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "indicom project report of tara saini" indicom project report of tara saini 38 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Tata Motors" Tata Motors 270 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" l "moreList" More by user<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Green economy-making-it-work" Green economy-making-it-work 337 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Green growth-and-climate-issues" Green growth-and-climate-issues 287 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Green economics" Green economics 340 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Green economics" Green economics 293 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Green economics" Green economics 492 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Presentation of summer training report consumer perception about travel houses" Presentation of summer training report consumer percepti… 916 views <br /> HYPERLINK "" o "View all presentations from this user" View all presentations from this user <br /> HYPERLINK "" l "cta_removerelated" o "Remove related content" Remove related content <br />About this document<br />Usage Rights<br />© All Rights Reserved<br />Stats<br />1 Favorites<br />0 Comments<br />432 Downloads<br />6,878 Views on SlideShare<br />1 Views on Embeds<br />6,879 Total Views<br />Embed views<br />1 views on<br />Accessibility<br />View HYPERLINK "" l "text-version" text version<br />Additional Details<br />Uploaded via HYPERLINK "" SlideShare <br />Uploaded as HYPERLINK "" Adobe PDF <br /> HYPERLINK "" Flagged as inappropriate Flag as inappropriate <br />Top of Form<br />Flag as inappropriate <br />Select your reason for flagging this document as inappropriate. 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